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BPAL Madness!

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Down Dates a-Gogo


Hello, all! Thank you for your continued patience and support during these Covid times. 🖤

Here’s the ongoing down date list for BPAL’s Limited Edition sets:


Lilith's - Aprill, 2021

Weenies - May 7th, 2021

Yule - June, 2021

Lupercalia - July, 2021


As of right now these are available until further notice but be sure to check back:



I Sit and I Sew

No Coward Soul is Mine

The Rights of Women

They Shut Me Up in Prose

I Want Nothing

No One is Above the Law


Very Stable Genius

Being, Like, Really Smart

White Larry


National Emergency

Abolish Ice

Like a Girl

Nasty Woman

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Alternative Facts

Fake News

Theio Nomioi

Seven Word Story: Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, and Wrath



Irish Coffee Buttercream

Spiced Rum Buttercream

The Nobodies

Aros Morbus: Mors Nigra

The Collective Poetic Works of Antonin Scalia

Blue Bonnet

Flor De Maga

Take a Knee

Douglas Iris

Deliver Them From the Hands of the Wicked

Hym to the Erinyes


JK Men Are Very Good LOL

Peach Chypre

Sustained Boos

Hammy Northern Mockingbird

Judgmental Longhorn

Muddy Armadillo

I hear America Singing

Let America Be America Again

Wisdom, Justice, Moderation

Apostrophe of Time


On Imagination

We Wear the Mask

My Country

The Kangaroo

Waltzing Matilda






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