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  1. Mianjo


    On my skin, this is Tiresias Lite. All the foody of Tiresias, but with much less tobacco. The tobacco is still there, mind you, but in the background instead of being an integral part of the scent. And I don't detect the patchouli at all, unless it is what is giving this scent its depth. Gorgeous scent.
  2. Mianjo

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    How about L'Estate bath oil? There is beeswax absolute in it, which translates to the most gorgeous waft of honey. When I use it as an after-shower moisturizer, that's all I can smell around me all day long. And it's not foody at all. It's more of a sweet floral.
  3. I would see if I could get my hands on some Crypt Queen: As sweet as death, as deep as the grave: pomegranate, raspberry, gardenia, plum, and rose with patchouli, black pepper, rose musk, and a hint of blood accord. I see it here and there in the swaps, so you might not have too hard a time getting a hold of some. Dirt is not listed as a note, but there is a definite "dirt and raspberries" vibe to it. Plus! BPAL rose goes funky/metallic on me in most instances, but I can wear Crypt Queen with no issues.
  4. Bumping this thread to note that Spellbound (GC) reminds me a lot of Blinding Glory of Love, minus the initial rush of mintiness when first applied. As I noted in my review, both my husband and I love this scent on me, but I like the idea of being able to wear an equivalent (and not having to be "careful" whom I use it around) appeals greatly. While I'm here, does anyone know an equivalent for Concentration? I really like that sort of minty, lemongrass-y scent. The suggestions at the beginning of the thread didn't quite work for me.
  5. Mianjo


    I just did a thread search, and I am surprised that no one mentioned how much this resembles the TAL Blinding Glory of Love--minus that initial rush of mintiness that I get from BGoL. My husband loves that scent on me (as do I), but I feel strange wearing it around anyone but him. At least now I have something I can wear whenever I like, without feeling like I have to be "careful". On my skin, roses and red musk. I usually cannot wear rose--it turns into rose-scented nail polish remover on me. In this scent the roses behave themselves and the red musk is tempered by the gentle powder of the amber. Lovely scent for an evening out. The throw is incredible. I put a tiny bit on my forearm to test--two swipes with the imp wand--and I could smell it without lifting my arm. I left the room and when I came back I could smell that the perfume had permeated the room. Insane. It might have been the minotaur who lives in the walls, but whatever. Anywho...those of you who cannot wear rose might want to try it. It might work!
  6. I hate to say it, but: Aged Snake Oil. I have a bottle that's 1.5 years old, a bottle from 2004, and a decant from 2003. As you age Snake Oil, it gets sweeter and deeper and just incredible. And the more you aged it, the better that vanilla gets. There is a BIG difference even between the newer bottle and the older bottle--the spices are almost non-existent in the older Snake Oil. So put some aside and try it again in year. In the meantime, try everyone else's suggestions. I've gotten some great ideas from this thread.
  7. Mianjo

    Anne Bonny

    To quote n3m3sis42: This is exactly what happened to me. Just a really funky, unpleasant wood scent. It stayed that way until I attempted to scrub it off. My skin chemistry disappoints me sometimes.
  8. Mianjo

    Kubla Khan

    In the imp: Opium, flowers...and maybe something a little dank suggesting cave air? Wet on my skin: Really pretty...the opium and flowers play nice! I get a little tobacco, a little vanilla. Pretty. Dry on my skin: Rose. Well, more like ROSE. I can smell the opium and vanilla trying to come through, but that rose has obliterated everything in sight. Too bad, because this was shaping up to be really gorgeous.
  9. Mianjo


    This didn't work on me. 100% juniper and alcohol. There was a little fizziness as I sniffed it in the imp, and I was hoping for a little of that on my skin but no dice. It does smell like a straight martini (minus the olive), so the concept is right on.
  10. Mianjo

    Salty scents?

    Completely seconding this. I'm from the Caribbean, and this reminds me so much of the ocean there. I wore it yesterday and sniffed myself all day long...I was soooo homesick.
  11. I'm always pimping Freak Show...it has that same cocoa note as Boomslang, but all the other notes blend in a way that you wouldn't think from reading them.
  12. Mianjo

    How to make a paypal order.

    Rats! I figured that was the case, since nothing I tried to get around it worked. Phooey.
  13. Mianjo

    How to make a paypal order.

    I have a question: Does anyone know if you can pay with a credit card through paypal if you have a balance? There is a transaction I'd like to make, but I'd rather save my non-cc paypal for forumites who can only accept that form.
  14. Mianjo

    Lady Luck Blues

    This review is more for me so I can remember that I have tried this than anything else. I say that because I don't know how helpful it will be for other folks. In the vial: Lots of florals...a little sweet--honey and plum, defintely. I get a Pink Moon 07-ish vibe from this...maybe the florals with the honey give that impression? Wet: Rose-scented nail polish remover. Dry: More rose-scented nail polish remover. This went spectacularly bad on my skin. The waft from the vial was beautiful...if only I could have gotten that on my skin. Rose vs my skin chemistry...usually never a good thing.
  15. Mianjo

    bay rum scents

    The Sailor's Den has bay rum, as does Isaac, The Living Skeleton--although in Isaac, it's described as "bay rum aftershave".