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  1. marquis

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I've been out of the loop for aggggggges so have no idea what is what any more. Of course all my faves are disconned and almost impossible to get and while I have bottles and backups there will come a day when one runs out In no particular order (ok, that's a lie #1 is #1 for a reason) 1 Quincy Morris 2 The Traveller 3 Rivet Goth 4 Clockwork ♂ 5 Infernal Lover - the heavy on the musk one. Oh, and the Carnaval better come back soon, I'm almost out of Wulric!
  2. marquis

    How full is full?

    Even if they are filled by hand, I doubt they are doing it by eye (not only would it be slow, it would be slightly insane) and would have calibrated pipettes to dispense the oil. Someone further up thread said they'd never had a bottle from the lab be at the TOL. I've had several over the years so it is possible for a bottle to have only been lightly tested once and still look like it has decants missing.
  3. I was trying to remember why this was triggering such strong scent memories for me, and then it hit me, Indian sweet shops, and in particular Soan Papadi. No coconut and rum for me, and the barest hint of ginger when wet. As it dries a bit more of the ginger starts to develop but it is mostly chocolate and cardamom at this stage. I shall see what it is like at the end of a long day, but it is certainly very nice the way it is at the moment.....if only I could stop thinking about sweets now I'd be happy
  4. marquis


    Jasmine. That's pretty much the extent of my review on this one. Obviously it is much more complex than that, and I did manage to leave it on long enough to detect what I thought might be a touch of Honeysuckle in the blend. Unfortunately, despite it being a fairly subtle Jasmine I found it gave me a nasty headache fairly quickly and so I was unable to test it beyond 15 minutes.