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  1. (Jean-Siméon Chardin) Peach with tonka absolute, walnut hulls, velvet red musk, oudh, black patchouli, smoked clove, and a hint of black grape skin. At first I get a bit of watered wine and a bright fruity sweetness from the peach and tonka. Fresh the grape-skins are very prominent at first but this smoky and sort of sexy undercurrent comes up after a while. The musk/patch/clove could have been really overwhelming here but they are really smooth and well behaved ... and more of something where you catch the ghost of musk and a hint of sweet, velvety patch. Beautifully blended, very wearable, somehow both freshly sweet and sensual. My favorite of the Dragoncon hair glosses!
  2. jolarocknrolla

    Ill-Mannered Dragon

    Dragon's blood is pretty overwhelming on me, warm and spicy. I don't get much coconut or vanilla, just neroli, the sweetness it has just sort of supports the dragon's blood a bit (your mileage may vary due to skin chemistry).
  3. jolarocknrolla

    Renoir's Still Life with Peaches Hair Gloss

    Floral & Apricot, light and fruity with an undercurrent of sharp lime. I don't get a ton of red pepper as Hammy did ::shrug:: but i also did not get a ton of musk or vanilla. Fery fresh summery.
  4. jolarocknrolla

    Dragon With a Llama Mohawk Hair Gloss

    I get a lot of nuttyness and warm spice! Delish.
  5. jolarocknrolla

    June 23, 1868

    tons of lily, totally and overwhelmingly floral. I also would have said there was jasmine in this but I don't see it as a listed flower (unless one of those is actually jasmine in disguise).
  6. jolarocknrolla

    Wicked Matriarch

    ok, i'm usually not a rose/floral girl but this is sexy as hell. Very deep dark rose and the patch grounds it ... come to momma! More of a Valentine-s day scent IMHO.
  7. jolarocknrolla

    Peaches in the BPAL Garden Atmosphere Spray

    Like Tativa I also get very little peach - it's all grass, cedar and orange blossom, but it does have a lovely warmth to it that makes me think of Indian Summer. Totmato Leaf adds a tiny touch of green spicyness to the blend and the verbena keeps the florals from being cloying but the sweetness of peaches doesn't really push through those notes at any time. One of the great grass scents however and a very interesting and pleasant.
  8. jolarocknrolla

    Haute Macabre

    dirty leather (this is not a bad thing), patch is very much in the background bit it adds the "dirty" part to a VERY strong leather scent. I also would have guessed theer is vetivier in there due to the woody sort of note, but that is also in the backgound. No vanilla to my nose. Mostly LEATHER.
  9. jolarocknrolla

    The Turkish Village

    Thick Turkish coffee, cardamom pods, Damascene roses, and buhur. Out of the bottle all I smelled was strong, sweet and slightly spicy coffee and that impression carried very much through the wet stage. After a few minutes you get some of the rose but it is not a fresh floral rose to me - it is more like Turkish Delight or arabic rose paste. In the background you get a tiny bit if inscense (is that what buhur is?) and you get more of that on drydown. In the end the coffee mellows out a lot and you get more of that sweet rose paste and inscense ... it is powerful when wet but the throw becomes more moderate on drydown. I know musk wasn't listed as a note but the inscense has a slight muskyness to it i think. Lasts a good long while on me.
  10. jolarocknrolla

    Little Egypt

    Honeyed myrrh and sweet flag. Wow, not a lot of notes here but very unusual and hard to put your finger on. I get a resiny (almost balsamy) sweet scent with hits of inscence and a very clear sweetness? Spicy-sweet, slightly floral honey more like clover honey, resin-woody but overall a feminine scent. Balanced but more resinous out of the bottle and more of the floral sweetness comes out on drydown. I have the feeling this will smell very different depending on who wears it.
  11. jolarocknrolla

    Mother Shub's Stygian Nougat

    it's all sweet rich honey & almond nougat up front, with just a slight hint of something slightly lavender underneath, once it dries, a lot of the sweetness recedes and goes a lot more obviously herbal. Right now I smell a ghost of sweetness behind the lavender and the dry thyme is just a slight thread behind that. It's really almondy and foody when wet but on drydown it's nicely balanced between honey sweetness and herbal. Not cloying or medicine-y. I got only a 1/2 decant of this and i'm not sure if i need it, but it's one of the yule scents I enjoyed as an experience - just maybe not something i would really feel like wearing much.
  12. jolarocknrolla

    The Smilin' Servitors' Hyperdimensional Holiday Hits

    I wanted to highlight this in case any of you are, like me, hating jasmine. Night blooming jasmine really *IS* a totally different floral, thank all that is unholy. In other news, this is a fresh, citrus scent with just a sheer veil or floral - very fresh and bright and sharp but not really "juicy". Amazing pick-me-up scent for the winter and a big winner for me
  13. jolarocknrolla

    Lil' Menes' Feline Entertainments

    Civet, red musk and something herbal up front ... goes VERY sweet on me, not quite foody sweet but the way red musk can sometimes sweeten up. The herbal aspect does down quickly. FYI I also got a slight allergic reaction to this on my skin so watch out if you are prone to that! Anyway, very interesting scent, I think I could do with a partial bottle.
  14. jolarocknrolla

    Madagascan Vanilla Rum

    Who are you people that smell rum??? I smell SPICES like you get in spiced rum and i smell vanilla but i don't get any rum. It figures, i would have been fine w/ rum ... but quite frankly i think this is lovely, very exotic and spicy, deep rich vanilla. No rum though.
  15. jolarocknrolla

    King Mandarin

    Lots of mandarin w/ a lot of rind. juicy and slitly bitter, it really wakes you up - i love it!