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  1. batsy


    In the vial: strong lavender, jasmine, herbal. On the skin: Burning lavender. Which, I like lavender, but whatever else is in this doesn't like me. It made me cough. This is certainly potent in the lavender department, so if that's you, then you'll want to check this out.
  2. batsy


    In the vial: Jasmine and burning. Burning in an unpleasant way. That's probably the myrrh, which usually I like. Bleh. On the skin: Okay, jasmine. I hate you, you hate me, why did I put this on? No, no, bad.
  3. batsy

    The White Rider

    In the vial: SANDALWOOD, then leather. On the skin: hello white leather from a 1980s music video that ran in heavy rotation on MTV. I like this; usually I'm hit or miss with sandalwood but the leather makes this balance out in the "yum" category. I can only imagine this would smell wonderful on a man. It's spicy but the hit of leather makes it creamy (?) to my nose. I might have to invest in a bottle of this.
  4. batsy


    In the vial: Chamomile with herbs. A tinge of rose. On the skin: Yeah, this isn't very pleasant to my nose but certainly makes me think of Rome. The juniper disagrees with me, which of course my skin amps. This is a very clean, fresh scent, not exactly green but in that vein. Very herbal.
  5. batsy


    In the vial: Golden amber and a juicy peach. On the skin: The musk is amping hard, with the patchouli deepening it in a dark way. The peach eventually breaks through and turns overripe, over-sweet, and mixed with the musk and patchouli, it gets cloying. I really hoped this one would work but I don't think even letting it age would improve it for me.
  6. batsy


    In the vial: There's certainly date in this, with a bit of herbs. The longer I sniffed, the fig came out. On the skin: Yeah. That's fig. Fig and I don't play well. There's a bit of honey, mixed with decay (?) as well. Certainly evokes the city when sniffed, but not something I'd actually wear.
  7. batsy

    Blood Pearl

    In the vial: super sweet coconut, with a tinge of something dark. On the skin: Yikes. This went instant baby powder on me. Which is sad, because I've been looking for something with proper coconut in it. Bugger. To the swaps pile.
  8. batsy


    It's been over a month since I got my bottles but being sick stalled out my ability to test them. Before bed, I slathered on Crimson and went to sleep, and I think it was a wise choice. It still smells awesome. In the bottle: red wetness; clove, oudh, resin-y. It does morph, as I sniffed it about a month ago and got a bit of a metallic hit back then. The oil is red, much like my beloved Unheavenly City. As soon as I put it on, it shot my mind right to my great-great-aunt's home in North Seattle. I have no idea how, as I haven't been in that house in over 30 years, but apparently it smelled similar to this blend. On the skin: super sandalwood! My skin really amps the incense in this, so I easily agree with the 'nag champa' comments above. It is a strong scent that morphs (I put it on about 4am and almost 10 hours later it's still going) down to a undeniable resin incense. Only when it's wet do I smell the clove and musk; it reminds me of another BPAL scent that does a near similar thing on me, but I can't quite place it. It has a hell of a throw, too. Of the three Crimson Peak scents I purchased, I think this will be my favorite.
  9. batsy

    Van Van

    In the vial: gun powder. Burning gun powder. I actually coughed. On the skin: Lemon Pledge and burning gun powder. I don't know; I would certainly say this blend does not work for me. Even after dry down, it's a burning, bitter, medicinal herb scent. And that's that.
  10. batsy


    In the vial: Oh, hey, ylang ylang. On the skin: I get myrrh, but it's not strong enough to overpower the florals. And even the ylang ylang is gone. I'm not getting roses, I'm getting flowery baby powder. Sadness. Swap pile!
  11. batsy

    Santa Muerte

    In the vial: Chrysanthemum and cactus flower, the latter being something I love. Also a hint of darkness. Possibly the vetiver. On the skin: Leather, worn leather that's all warm and supple. At full dry down, I'm still getting leather but the floral aspect is coming out. It's not terrible; it reminds me of a western wear store (odd analogy, I know.) After a while it turned to floral hand cream with leather. I just can't see wearing this. Bummer.
  12. batsy


    In the vial: Minty. Fresh. The oil has an actual green cast to it. Neat! On the skin: This is a woodsy green, which is a "green" I can tolerate. I went into this without high hopes, so this is a nice surprise! It's certainly not strong in small doses, and you get a bit of spice in the background as it dries down. I got a whiff of smoke (incense?) as well. It's a sweet green, which is something I don't think I've ever said in any review! Overall, quite a surprise and I'll certainly keep this imp.
  13. batsy

    Ameles Potamos

    In the vial: ....chlorine from a swimming pool? Okay, that can't be intentional, but it's the first whiff I got. On the skin: super wet aquatic, like seaweed on a wet, sandy beach. But not a sunny beach; more like the Oregon coast. On dry down it got "green", so more seaweed and what I would hazard to be verbena. It smells like a hand cream that my mother has. A hand cream that I hate. I think I would like to forget this. Swap pile!
  14. batsy

    The Bear in the Cellar

    A friend procured a 5ml of this for me from NYCC as an extremely early Xmas gift. Just a bit of a preface: I adore Cerberus and Ivanushka, and was hoping that TBITC would be similar. In the bottle: strong but sweet sour whiskey, with a hint of wet fur. On the skin: It smells a lot like Cerberus when initially applied. It has a fair amount of throw at first. After several hours of wear, it dries down into a soft, sweet blend of whiskey - almost like the alcohol has burnt away and left just the sweet sugars - with a whiff of tobacco. This is great because it's got decent staying power, although not a lot of throw; it plays very close after that initial application. Which is unlike Ivanushka, which totally goes powdery and dies quickly, no matter how much I put on. Really, I adore this blend, and the story behind it, and feel fortunate I have a great friend who went after it for me.
  15. batsy

    Pumpkin I (2014)

    In the bottle: strong maple syrup. Much like Cockagnie but without the pancake element. On the skin: The maple syrup factor, which I know isn't actually maple syrup but but more likely to be the ginger milk and cardamom mixed with the pumpkin cream, is super strong on me. Like, I barely put any on and I have this giant cloud of MAPLE SYRUP floating around me. This isn't a bad thing; at least with this it doesn't result in a migraine the way Cockagnie does for me. When I sniff my wrist, I get the black tea and pumpkin. I've been wearing it about five hours now and it's still MAPLE SYRUP but it's very pleasant. It's less spicy than Eat Me, but similar in the "warm comfort" scent way. I'm glad I bought a bottle, although I don't think I'll need a backup one. It will be interesting to see how this settles over time.