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  1. mand

    Body, Remember

    I tried on "Body, remember", I loved it so much I had to read the poem, and it's wonderful - at school I always thought Kavafis was a bore! On me, mostly sugar cane, with an underlying coconut note. Coconut and ambergris as usual working very well with me.
  2. mand

    Sky City (After)

    Shoe polish and piercing eucalyptus. It could sound horrid, but it smells really great to me. Very outdoorsy and free.
  3. mand


    Anise with a toasted note; somehow it reminds me of Le Pere Fouettard, even if they are extremely different in character; Le Pere Fouettard is bold and assertive, while Bread and Butterfly is very faint
  4. mand


    Wet: paper, really assertive and true, it must be the Egyptian musk Later on: vanilla, not foody (which is the one I like), I don't get cardamom, maybe just a faint spiciness, but I guess it's keeping vanilla and sugar from being sweet. Wet: paper, really assertive and true, it must be the Egyptian musk Later on: vanilla, not foody (which is the one I like), I don't get cardamom, maybe just a faint spiciness, but I guess it's keeping vanilla and sugar from being sweet.
  5. mand


    I'm in the same leather fans club - Perversion, Hellfire, Loviatar. I got an imp of Black Rider, and I definitely recommend it.
  6. Nostrum Remedium is to me the best black tea blend. Plain tea, no honey, nor citrus.
  7. mand

    Pink Snowballs

    It's almost identical to Snow White - not as pure, just a vague hint of something else; slightly fruity (strawberry?) when wet, grassy close to skin. No rose, no mint. I quite like it, even if Snow White is my fav, but it's a nice change. By the way, it seems to perform the same Snow White magic, maybe I just feel something in the air that make me reach for that kind of scents: when I wear it, it snows * * *.
  8. mand

    Snow Scents!

    Snow White. Other oils have a snow note, this one is just snow. Sublimating snow, actually: it smells like the haze that sometimes lingers on snow on a crystal clear and cold sunny day. Tested a few days ago; I was wearing Snow White, I already knew it was just like snow, but when I came across that haze I almost startled, I didn't realize before how much Snow White was the perfume version of it. It's snowing even tonight, and my Snow White is being used a lot this winter..
  9. mand

    Aperotos Eros

    Grassy, with a pleasant undertone of resins, a hint of patchouli, and a creamy note. Very natural, easy, relaxed I don't like grassy notes - nor I really dislike them either, but I can see myself wearing Aperotos Eros a lot
  10. mand

    Lawn Gnome

    Fruity patchouli, it reminds me of Dionysia. So autumnal I just can't wear it now, but I'm sure I'll love it in fall!
  11. mand

    An hedgehog in my garden

    Last night, a friend of mine came, we walked around, had an ice cream, and when she was supposed to go home, we stood in the parking area and talked a lot. We noticed an hedgehog wandering in my garden: so cute! It's not really a garden, it's really unkempt and almost wild: but in spring it's covered with violets, and sprinkled with primroses. There are tits feeding on fir cones, and goldfinches on maple seeds, and sometimes a squirrel.
  12. ... and all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree ... It' s not really a tree, it lives in a pot on a southward balcony, where it's almost too hot even for roses, and in winter it is sheltered indoor because it's too cold. This afternoon the lemon flowers bloomed, and their perfume is wonderful.
  13. mand

    Cards swap

    I bought the first postcard, it's a landscape and doesn't look touristy - rather it's something peering out among fog ; it's quite similar to a photo I like. As for the second one, I'm looking for a thing I see from home, Bpal related, and with an Italian flag on top if possible. And it's proving quite hard to find
  14. It has been quite a cold spring up to now, so everything it's budding at the same time. I walked in a wood last weekend, paths were so muddy sometimes I had to make my wa trough the shrubs. I saw (and picked as well, even if I don't usually, I feel flowers belong where they are) violets, primroses, windflowers, periwinkles, jonquils (what a wonderful perfume!) and tulips. There were also many peony plants, their buds were still closed but plumpy and some began to show the red parts inside. I hope in a few sunny days they'll bloom as well. Very happy, and not so bruised and mud covered as I expected. Written a long time ago, and published today, because I forgot to when I posted it..
  15. Peony tour today. Last week it rained heavily, so it was really muddy, and I was very proud of myself when I reached the spots where peonies grow. I almost felt ready for a survival camp! We took a side trail among peonies, far from the main one, then I saw something - big an brown - not that far away. I couldn't make out what it was exactly. Maybe a deer, but usually they're shy and flee before you realize they're there. I should have known better, the trail was covered with two-fingered paws prints, while normally there are only some of them. Quickly back to the main trail: not that ready for survival camp, after all.. No further incidents, picnic among peonies, the water music of many trickles - never seen that many before. Later on, we heard a noise in a thicket, and I saw a deer springing out of it (but judging from the noises, there were two of them); we were heard before. Perfect day, crowned by the first "balcony tea" (I love having tea outside) of the year Photos I've shot today