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  1. Bethany

    Yup. More SW. Tired of it yet?

    If you had to chose one BPAL scent and only ONE to have forever what would it be? Melisande. Because.. er.. I'm on the bottle and it makes me happy just to look at, much less smell. Who here likes Betty Page? I admire what she did, and who she was, and what she stood for. She doesn't do it for me physically, if that's what you mean. I kinda prefer the more classic 'pinup' look than the 'vamp' or 'dominatrix' look. I prefer my women to be soft and cuddly, not scary. How about original Trek Characters? I'd have to say.. either Scotty or Bones. If you were my witchee, would you like a jar of home made apple butter? This is assuming it turns out good... Not only yes, but hell yes. I love home made baked goods. I have made jam exactly once. (Gingered Peach Jam - which turned out to be more of a very good sauce for meats, than jam.) Are you interested in Tarot cards? And if so, are there particular decks you like (or don't or already have or whatever)? I haven't read cards in a really long time. I haven't found That Perfect Deck... but I also haven't been looking. What kind of tea (or coffee) puts you in a fall/Halloween mood? And where do you get it? I drink hot cocoa by the gallon. Year round, because my office is usually so ridiculously cold all the time. When ill, Mint Medley by Bigelow, with honey and lemon. Just To Feel Like Fall: Spiced Cider, using my own mulling spices blend. (I'm making some this week to send to my witch and to my card swappies!) If you were my witchee, would you like dried honey crisp apple slices or other dried fruit? (We don't add anything to it AFAIK -- no sugar or spices.) Honey Crisp Apples are the exquisitely beautiful child of the World's Most Perfect Apple - the Macoun. If I could get my hands on a bag of those babies, I would .. well. I would do ridiculously gluttonish things with them. It is my favorite fruit, bar none. However... since you can only get the Macoun in the Northeast, and I am trapped in the Midwest, and Honey Crisp Apples can generally be found at my grocery store... I will happy take what I can get. So that was a wee bit long and rambly and odd, but the short answer is : YES. (Dried pineapple drizzled with honey is also Happy Making.)
  2. Bethany

    Wish List / Curiosities...

    Well, I got asked recently to put together a wish list... so... er... here goes. The Unreachable Grails: Black Lace. Monsterbait: Underpants, Snake Charmer Halloweenies: Hellhound On My Trail, Samhain, Brom Bones, Fearful Pleasure, Katrina Van Tassel, The Haunted House: The Atrocious Attic Four Seasons: La Primavera, L'estate. Carnaval Diabolique: Mme. Moriarty the Misfortune Teller, Hope & Faith, Agrat-Bat-Mahlaht, Ashlultum, Gwyneth, Inez, Marguerite Good Omens: Nanny Ashtoreth, Pepper, Madame Tracy Lupercalias: Anactoria, Khajuraho, Parlement Of Foules, Smut, The Clod And The Pebble, Her Voice, Longing, Love’s Philosophy, The Presence Of Love, Dolce Stil Nuovo Carnival Noir: Bearded Lady, Gypsy Queen Assorted LEs: Beltane, Sea Of Tranquility, Christmas Rose, Egg Nog, Rose Red, Peacock Queen, Samhain, Love in the Asylum, The Darkling Thrush, Salon: Lady Lillith, Lillith Victoria General Catalogue: Ars Amatoria – Delight, Harlot, Jezebel, La Belle au Bois Dormant, Lucy’s Kiss, O, Rapture, To A Woman Ars Moriendi - Les Fleurs du Mal Bewitching Brews - Kubla Khan, Namaste, Rakshasa Ilyria: Viola Mad Tea Party: Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, Two, Five & Seven, Maelström : Imp of the Perverse Sin & Salvation : Dorian Also curious about what ‘aged’ Snake Oil is all about… TALS: Arabian Nights, Aphrodesia, Fire Of Passion, Helping Hand, Blessing Of Isis, Radiance Of Ra, Peace Haves, And Always Happy For More: Melisande, The Puppet Mistress Morocco Seraglio TAL: Calif’s Beloved
  3. Bethany

    Switch Witch Mega Post

    What are your favorite colors? Blue. Virtually any shade of blue. Particularly a medium light blue, and a dark navy blue. Blue. Strong blue-greenish greens. Black. Nothing with a pattern in it – I don’t know why, they make me uncomfortable. What colors do you hate? Hate’s a strong word… I don’t feel even vaguely comfortable in reds, oranges, yellows. Anything too bright. Anything with patterns. What colors do you have strong emotional connections with, if any? (what do you find comforting, what perks you up, what gives you energy, etc.) Blue. Did I mention… blue? What colors would you never wear in combination with each other? Things that are Not Blue, with other things that are Not Blue. * blush * wow, I’m starting to sound like a total freak. Uh. Yeah. I wear a lot of blue and black, sometimes white and green, once in a while I am brave and venture into brown…. What was the first concert you went to? Hall & Oates, back in 1986. I climbed onto the speakers (got my hands whacked by a security guard for doing so) and actually touched John Oates’s pantleg. Whee! Girl Scouts: Got all the way to Cadette. Was vastly unpopular. Dropped out when the troop dissolved. Fairies vs. Gnomes: Fairies. Though gnomes seem to hang out around me more. Video Games / board games: er, neither. I have a weird problem with my eyesight such that graphical games make me motion sick. I generally suck at games, except text based RPGs. Alcohol: I was raised Mormon, so I never really got into the habit of drinking. I Do Not Like beer. If I drink, I drink a wine called ‘Rosa Regale’ which is very fruity and light and raspberryyummilicious. I do a * lot * of cooking with alcohol, however ; mostly cordials, which I put into chocolate truffles. I'm always curious to try something really interesting and new, like meads or cordials or home brewed things with fruity flavors. Something in wine causes my whole body to shudder in an odd fashion when I sip - Maybe the tannins? So the more mellow and light it is, the better off I am. Deep reds make me look epileptic for all the involuntary shudders. Grandma used to say she developed an allergy to alcohol; I wonder if I have some sort of weirdo sensitivity? Dunno... I don't get the shudder with things like cider (yum) or wine coolers or the occaisional taste of hard liquor, like Jack Daniels. Magazine Subscriptions: Taste of Home. Figure. National Geographic. Shoe size: 7 1/2 women's. warm socks are Very Happy. Not so much on fuzzysocks - texture violation on the feet- but thick boot socks to wear during wintertime is Very Happy. Anything you’ve been wanting to learn? Metal cutwork jewelry making. How to do better detail work in illumination. Calligraphy. Carving amber. How to make pickles and jam. Do you like buttons/pins? I used to have quite a collection back in high school. Haven’t worn any in about 20 years, but might, if it was the right sort of thing… Is there any particular period of history that you especially love or are fascinated by? The culture of the middle east, and the middle ages of Europe. Any one have a favorite poet? Elizabeth Barrett Browning is the closest thing to a favorite poet. Any unusual hobbies? Society for Creative Anachronism: illumination, beadwork, middle eastern dance What is your ULTIMATE comfort food? Either: Chicken Korma from a good Indian restaurant or Chicken Parmesan from Zios . Shoe size: 7 1/2 Do you cook? Yes, and love to do so. Any cookbooks you want? Quite nearly any. Alton Brown, Paula Dean, Julia Childs, Sandra Lee… Car: A 2006 Malibu Maxx, named Gertrude. (after my grandma) Candles/incense/tarts: I prefer candles - I tend to stay away from fruity scents, and love stuff like vanilla or sandlewood. Rubber ducks: er, I have no moral objection to them, but also no particular use for them. BPAL boxes: Mine are currently in used cigar boxes, which make the labels smell like… yep. Cigars. I would love a BPAL box. Favorite Holiday/seasonal music: Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Mariah Carey. Michael Buble. Not so much with the Elvis. I tend to like the classics and shudder away from anything involving people being run over by reindeer, or anything sung by Eric Cartman. Fiber/dye allergies & preferences: Wool makes me itch a bit. Package content rating: I’m .. hrm. I’m a naughty thing, but with my New England background, get easily embarrassed. Probably best to keep it PG 13, if you don’t mind, dear witch! Ornaments: Yes, absolutely. I have a very eclectic tree. My husband loves country kitch, and I love Elizabethan/Victorian loveliness. BPAL in SW box: lovely but not necessary. Organic/indifferent: I buy some organic, but it’s not a big issue for me. Homemade: Love it. Got a lovely choker made by Igloogirl in the Autumn 2007 switch, and just adore it. Bags/purses/etc? No thank you. I tend to be very particular. Favorite artist, both contemporary and classic? Oh my. I do not like contemporary/modern art. It just doesn’t speak to me. However: Waterhouse, Leighton, Bouguereau, Vermeer, Rembrandt, daVinci… these resonate. 1.)Q. Can you cook? 1.)A. Yes. And I’m good at it. 2.)Q. What was your dream growing up? 2.)A. To be a late night radio DJ 3.)Q. What talent do you wish you had? 3.)A. An innate sense of grace and movement. 4.)Q. If I bought you a drink what would it be? 4.)A. Pear Cider 5.)Q. Favorite vegetable? 5.)A Yes. I like many. Asparagus wrapped in bacon slathered in cheese goo sounds pretty nifty right now. I love salads. I enjoy squash - both butternut and acorn. (Not so much with the zucchini - had to eat too much of it growing up) 6.)Q. What was the last book you read? 6.)A. the newest Jacqueline Carey book. 7.)Q. What zodiac sign are you ? 7.)A Gemini 8.)Q. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? 8.)A. Yes. Phases of the moon tattoo surrounded by Celtic knotwork on the back of my neck. Also, my husband's signature on my lower back. 9.)Q. Worst Habit? 9.)A. Taking things personally. 10.)Q. If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride? 10.)A. Probably not; my husband would get worried about my safety. My instinct is yes, but he’s asked me not to pick up strangers. 11.)Q. What is your favorite sport? 11.)A I don’t much like sports. If it's required, then Olympic gymnastics. 12.)Q. Negative or Optimistic attitude? 12.)A. Both. (See above: Gemini) 13.)Q. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me? 13.)A. Pull out a book and start reading. 14.)Q. Worst thing to ever happen to you? 14.)A. Having my husband nearly be ‘the one who got away’. Some painful medical things. Heartbreaks. Being tortured with spiders as a kid by my older brother. 15.)Q. Tell me one weird fact about you: 15.)A I was born with white blonde hair, and it’s gotten gradually darker (and grayer) and is now a non-descript color somewhere between gray and light-brown. 16.)Q. Do you have any pets? 16.)A. Yes: 2 cats: Radar & Bobo. 17.)Q. What if i showed up at your house unexpectedly? 17.)A. Uh. It’s a mess. I don’t like the unexpected. How about we meet elsewhere for hot chocolate? 18.)Q. What was your first impression of me? 18.)A. No idea, this was forwarded to me by someone I don’t know. 19.)Q. Do you think clowns are cute or scary? 19.)A. Vaguely both. 20.)Q. If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be??? 20.)A. My vision: I’d get Lasik. #2 would be to get my teeth fixed. #3: weight loss. 21.)Q. Would you be my crime partner or my conscience? 21.)A. Both. 22.)Q. What color eyes do you have? 22.)A. blue hazel. Sometimes they go light blue, sometimes dark blue, sometimes grayish. 23.)Q. Ever been arrested? 23.)A. Nope. 24.)Q. Bottle or Draft? 24.)A. Neither. 25.)Q. If you won $10,000 dollars today, what would you do with it? 25.)A. Half would go to house improvements. The other half would be a trip to Europe with my husband. 26.)Q. Would you date me? 26.)A. Nope - happily married. 27.)Q. What 's your favorite place to hang at? 27.)A. Home. 28.)Q. Do you believe in ghosts? 28.)A. Yes. Hard not to, when you've seen a couple. 29.)Q. Favorite thing to do in your spare time? 29.)A. Crafty stuff. Reading books. 30.)Q. Do you swear a lot? 30.)A. Too much. 31.)Q. Biggest pet peeve? 31.)A. My boss and my mother - who are remarkably similar both in their good points an bad. 32.)Q. In one word, how would you describe yourself? 32.)A. Addled. 33.)Q. Do you believe/appreciate romance? 33.)A. heck yes. 34.)Q. If you could spend 12 hours with me and ask/do anything you like, what would it be? 34.)A. Dunno, this was sent to me by someone I don’t know. 35.)Q. Do you believe in God? 35.)A. Sort of. Where are a few of your favorite places? ; Otter Cliffs, Maine. In my husband's arms. Out of curiosity, all the fall babies who are celebrating their birthdays during the round - who are you, and when is your bday? - I'm a June baby so this does not apply. What is one (only one) object that you collect, that totally goes against your personality or beliefs? I don't collect many items, and don't collect anything that goes against my beliefs. Are you a soap addict? Anything you like to avoid in soaps (goat's milk, lye, dyes, etc...) or any particular scents you like or brands you want to try? I am really not an 'addict' of anything beauty product wise. I'm always interested in trying new things, though. Do you like kilts and would you wear one? : Kilts on a man who can carry one off are Teh Awesome Sexxxxy. On me, not so much. I have knobby knees. What's your favorite book? Oh lord. it's impossible to pick one. I read a lot of different genres. Sci-Fi, fantasy, historical, etc. I love Dame Dorothy Dunnett, JRR Tolkien, Jacqueline Carey, Spider Robinson, Robert Heinlein, Francis Hogson Burnett, EE Milne, etc. What size socks do you wear? How about hat size? Erm, I wear a 7 1/2 shoe, so normal sized socks. not much of a hat wearer. By nature are you a morning lark or a night owl? Somewhere in between. I can work in either space. What's your favorite type of music to hear live, rather than recorded? Folk. Joan Baez, Indigo Girls, etc. What is your favorite autumnal-seasonal drink? I make an amazing mulled cider spice blend... What keywords do you use when searching for items for yourself on Etsy? I've never shopped there. Money tends to be tight, and I try not to wander in areas that would be way too tempting. Are there any of y'all who are allergic/sensitive to having natural fibers on your skin? Wool makes me itch. What was your favorite ghost/scary/campfire story growing up? I don't like them. I get nightmares too easily. Bugs? Do you like 'em or not? [/b]**N**O**T**!!!!!!!!! Big huge NOT. i haz no imp storage. do you? Currently just a cigar box. Nothing fancy/special. If you have a garden/planter box, what do you grow? I have roses, daisies, herbs, marigolds. Do you decorate for Halloween? What sort of decorations? Dress up for Halloween? A little decorating in my office. None at home. I don't generally dress up unless I'm going to a party, or expecting trick-or-treat-ers Bats, cats, skeletons, monsters, vampires, witches or what other ghoulies do you prefer? Cats. Vampire erotic fiction is yummy. Do you like horror flicks? No. They give me nightmares. Who here prefers stylus and ink to ballpoint? Anyone invested time and effort into calligraphy or proper Victorian writing? I should, but haven't. I have a calligraphy set, but I'm better at painting than calligraphy. What about stationery? Need some? What styles do you like? I'm more of a computer / email girl than a hand writing girl. What Halloween scent are you most looking forward to? I won't be buying any. I'm keeping my 'fun budget' for switchwitching. Reduce - REUSE - recycle. Do others feel the same? I live in an area that has practically zero recycling infrastructure, so that makes it a lot harder. I'm a member of the local free-cycle group, but haven't dived into it just yet. When I lived in California, yes, I recycled a lot. I'm not habitual about it, however. Weigh in...Are you right or left-handed? Extremely right hand dominant. Any period of time that you love? the Rennaissance: both in England and in Florence. I'm also intensely curious about the middle east, Ottoman Empire. What's your favorite part about Fall? The crispness of the air, the scent of the trees. Do you like office/school supplies? One can never have too much of them. What's your favorite Halloween candy? I like candy corn, but not the marshmallowy pseudo-candy-corn-figure-thingies. I like Indian corn. I haven't tried too many other candies that are specific to halloween. Will you be participating NaNoWriMo? Nope. Not enough confidence in my writing skills. Where does everyone like shop for witching goodness? All over the place. I make a lot of my own stuff, too. What is your favorite pumpkin goodness? Pie. Homemade. I don't like it in fragrances, candles, etc. How do you feel about Gaelic Storm and other Irish folk/drinking song bands? I've no idea who they are, but I rather like Tommy Makim and the Clancy Brothers. My parents played them a lot when I was a little girl. They had a lot of fun, rollicking songs that we would play on long road trips. What is your favourite Asian candy/food? Do you have any you want to try? I love vietnamese / chinese / pacific rim / Indian foods. Not big into Japanese (sushi, etc), but I do like hibachi. I haven't tried any of their candies. What would YOU do if your SW offered, all unknowingly, to swap with you? I don't generally swap on the forum. I give stuff away from time to time to newbies, as a means of paying forward some kindness given to me. But if somehow the situation came up, I'd go ahead and make the swap, but use my PO box or my sister's address in Colorado. How do you chat with your witch/witchee without giving yourself away? If it gets figured out, it gets figured out. The 'secret pal' aspect is fun, but if it slips away, there's still the fun of a friendly exchange and interaction. Do you like oddly flavored snacks, like pimiento, Louisiana roadkill, garlic, pepper, etc? Not so much, no. For those from previous SW rounds: What do you do after your witch reveals? Do you say thanks and move on? Do you retroactively stalk her? Become friends for life? Please share any SW etiquette and/or stories of past SW experiences, if you would. I don't spend a *lot* of time on the forum, because I just get wistful about wanting to get things I can't afford. I wander the forums, and when I see the folks I have had positive switch witch experiences with, it makes me smile, and I'll sometimes say hi or drop them a note. How do you feel about homemade pet treats? I would be uncomfortable with that. Gifts for SO? Not neccessary. I think he might find it weird. Lush you are lusting after? Never tried any of it. If you have children, would you want something included for them? I don't have children, so not neccessary. Are you lusting after any of the new limited summer releases from Villainess?. I've never tried any of their stuff. bubble bars or bath bombs? Both? Neither? Bubble baths, absolutely. It aint a bath unless there's silky, lathery bubbles. How you feel about the single mug tea filters? The kind that have a mesh or ceramic filter that fit right it the mug? I'm not a huge tea drinker, and have more than enough specialty stuff for the amount that I drink. Shoe size? 7 1/2. Pet neck size? Pet would be hugely pissed if i tried to put something on his neck. He is, after all, a House Panther. Panthers do not wear collars. How do you reveal? I got guessed both rounds. I guess I suck at the stalking part. BPAL postcards? Lovely. I've given most of mine away to past switchwitches or as freebies in packages. What was your wedding song? "The Weekend" by Steve Wariner Favorite GC/LEs ? I honestly don't have a vast amount of experience with BPAL. I've tried perhaps 100 scents, and really only about 10 of them stuck with me as something I could wear. I rather like Rose Moon, Seraglio, Bagdad, Melisande, and Calif's Beloved (TAL). I have a question: What's your most often overlooked scent in your bpals? Scents you know you should wear, but for whatever reason you can't bring yourself to do it- either it's rare or it takes a few minutes on the skin to smell lovely. Not applicable. Haircolor experimentation: I am strongly considering getting 'low lights' done, with the goal of a richer, chocolately brown. What I covet at the checkstand: Chocolate. Dark Chocolate. What's your favorite theme or characters? For example, do you like gothic looking items or classical? Do you love Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, etc? I'm not much of a theme/fangirl, honestly. I'm extremely conservative in a lot of my tastes. Favorite flavors: Dark chocolate. Orange. Mint. Maple Sugar Candy. Chex Mix or Puppy Chow? Why would I eat dog food? Or is that some sort of snack I haven't heard of? I like the new Turtle Chex Mix... What's hanging on your walls? What do you want hanging on your walls? A lot of art WILL be back on my wall, but at the moment, I haven't gotten my space settled enough for much decor yet (recently moved into my first HOUSE ever...). I have some wedding photos and an illuminated/calligraphed version of my Handfasting Certificate. What are you? CORSET or CAMI??? And....why? Both. Corset for wanting to feel more slender and pretty. Cami for hanging out around the house in. Maple syrup: Y/N? One does not truly live without having tasted real, honest to goodness, not-artificial-anythinged maple syrup. Maple sugar candy is my *favorite*. Undies--- Sometimes! Sometimes not!! I'm a boyshort or bikini girl. Thongs look ridiculous on a girl my size, and I refuse to wear grannypanties. Tattoos: Yes, two: celtic knotwork on my neck, my husband's signature as a tramp-stamp. Piercings: ears: Double pierced. Have thought seriously about elsewhere, but am too much of a chicken. Most Coveted BPAL: Black Lace. It sounds exquisite. How conventional/weird are you comfortable with? I can go either way... What kind of socks do you like and wear? Um.. the comfy kind, without holes in them... Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Both. I strive to be a force of light in the world, but I am very good at being bad in certain private situations... First concert: Hall & Oates, back in the 80s. I've also seen RUSH a few times in the early 90s. No concert going experiences for well over 15 years. Incense: Yummy. Candles: Yummy. Would any of you like to receive plants? If so what do you like? (herbals, florals, houseplants, tree seedlings...) Also if the answer is yes, what zone are you in? I'm past the growing season for my area, so they probably wouldn't survive well. If this was the Spring SW, I'd say yes, unequivocally. I love wildflowers, herbs, daisies. What sort of crafties do you do and what sort of crafty supplies do you like? I love sewing, beading, painting with opaque watercolor (gouache), I do scrapbooking, jewelry making.... I love any form of supplies for anything along those lines. Is there anything that you have been wanting to try/buy but haven't? One of those maginifying glasses with a lamp surround thingies. LJ: bethanyhansen -- though please don't be offended if I don't 'friend' people... the entries that are friends-only usually contain content that's not appropriate for folks who haven't known me a long time and have perspective on them. Are they up to being gifted with anime? I'd prefer not. It just doesn't appeal to me at all. For those of you who play video games, what consoles do you own? My husband has one, and I sometimes play Harry Potter or Viva Pinata with his daughter. I don't enjoy them in and of themselves for my own entertainment. Mailbox situation: I have a mailbox... I also have a PO box... the mail man is pretty good about leaving things where only we will get to them. What’s your favorite genre of books to read? I enjoy supernatural erotica, fiction, science-fiction, fantasy, and some historical stuff. How much do you still enjoy playing with toys? erm... I don't play with children's toys, if that's what the question is. What practical goals to you have for the upcoming season? To get through a really rough time that's coming up at my office, and trying to find a different job. Phobias? Spiders. Bigtime. Things I find offensive? Racism. Sexism. Anyone who is trying to force their own beliefs on me. What goodies do you love that you can't usually get? Spices, herbs, good fabrics, trims... raw materials for arts and crafts... What is the hottest and coldest it gets where you live? Coldest: Winters get down to -15, and summers get up to 105. What's your most obscure interest? The Society For Creative Anachronism. Favourite childhood book(s): The Secret Garden, The Little Princess, Just So Stories, Little House in the Big Woods. Do you still read any children's books? Sometimes - - the Susan Cooper books are particularly nice. Feelings on used books (& CDs and DVDS for that matter)? Lovely : ) Treats to spoil myself: dark chocolate with orange or mint candy bars. Maple Sugar Candy. Books. Pretty underthings. Craft supplies. BPAL storage: an old cigar box. Sports: Preferably not. Pirates or Ninjas? Ninja pirates? Pirates. Is any witchee opposed to "naughty" gifts? Er, depends. I got a e-card of a bunch of penises one time and that was startling and made me blush. I prefer to purchase my own sex toys. : ) Guilty pleasures? see the 'treats to spoil myself'. Handmade jewelry Love it. Witch remain a secret? Up to the witch. I would prefer a reveal of some sort... Soaps: I currently use a moroccan scented body wash, and am (impatiently) waiting for an order from Silk Road Trading Company containing some Seres and some Kashmira. Ocean: Atlantic. Otter Cliffs, Maine. It's beautiful. Rice Krispies treats: Especially the kind with peanut butter in them with chocolate on top. Do you play online games? I did, for about 10 years. That's how I met my husband. Not so much any more. Do you prefer one large package, a couple of medium packages or a handful small ones spaced out? I am happy with whatever my witch wants to do. Favorite Beatle? John seemed pretty thoughtful, but Yoko Ono sorta spoiled him. Hair things/sticks/barrettes: Sure! Floyd or zeppelin? Neither. Nail polish? Not nearly often enough for my husband He'd love it if I wore it more often. Platforms? Shoes? no. Mary Janes with ankle straps. I walk/slip out of any shoes that don't have ankle straps. Salty treats? not so much, no. Purses? I'm _awefully_ picky about them, so no. Scarves? For cold? I have several. For dance/just for pretty - awesome, the more the better. (I do middle eastern dance, so one can never have enough filmy drapy pretty scarves.) If you could design your own perfume oil, which notes would it have? Beth already sorta did that... (Melisande - I'm the label art model.) Morocco / Bagdad have virtually every note I love. Anyone here like pecan brittle? Never had it, but it sounds lovely. What bpal didn't work on you? A lot of them. Out of around 80, only 5 have really smelled good on me. Do you have pictures of your art? http://zubeydah.northkeep.org/projects.htm How do you feel about homemade body care products such as lotion and sugar scrubs? and do you have any allergies? I'm fine with it. No allergies except to cilantro. What chat/im capabilities do you have, or would you be able/willing to chat up your witch?? I would prefer not to. I don't IM much. What sorts of things--products, foods, household items--do you absolutely love and constantly try to enable people with? Heh. Bpal. Silk Road Trading Company. Febreeze Laundry Odor Eliminator. Working Assets Long Distance. What is your favorite beverage (adult bev. if you are of age)? Apple or Pear or Peach cider. Who here reads comics/graphic novels? And Which ones? I don't read any at the current time. I have read some of the XMen graphic novels, and have the Moonshadowe comics. I'm curious about the Anita Blake graphic novel. I've read the Killing Joke, and also the Watchmen -- both were excellent, as was the Swamp Thing: Life and Death book. Board games? Only when forced to do so in awquard social situations. How do people feel about feet? Well, it's darned hard to walk without them. They're extra good with toes. (The usual number, no more, no less). They get cold a lot, so I stick them on my husband's legs. : ) Card games anyone? I'm not much into them, no. If you were to get earrings from your SW, what kind would you prefer? Studs? Pull through? Hoops? Dangles? Yes. : ) So what's everyone's favorite BPTP nail color? I haven't tried any of them. Hubby likes a deep, slutty red. What insects do you delight in where you come from? Insects (do not equal) delight. Butterflies and dragonflies are as close as I get to enjoying bugs. How do you feel about leather/leather scraps? I have a ton already, thanks... Anyone need scent lockets? Who wouldn't? Strange Fondness for: uncooked Chocolate chip cookie dough. Do you like spicy/asian food? Asian food seasoning, anyone? I enjoy eating it. I haven't gotten much (any) experience making it. How adventurous are you when it comes to food/candies? Somewhat. Ok. No. Not really. What websites MUST everyone visit at least daily? CNN. The Armour Archive. Tarot Decks? I have one but I don't generally use it. My Space: myspace.com/zubeydah Who likes hats, and what styles? not so much. My appearance in general: 5'3", 170. Long light-brown hair, blue eyes. Pale skin. My job: Payroll Admin. Dreams I have for the future: Stay at home housewife. Travel to Europe. getting fully unpacked from the move. Having a beautiful space in which to create and make and craft. Issues that I will get on my soapbox about: Sex education & pro-choice. What are the general patterns in your house / bedroom? There's supposed to be a pattern? How important is BPAL in your Switch Witch packages? If I receive some, lovely. If I don't, lovely. I'm easy going. "Used" BPAL? Ugly BPAL? Empties? Sure. deadly sin? Oh dear. Gluttony. Lust. Covetousness. song that when it comes on the radio, you look around guiltily, roll up the windows, and then sing along to at top volume? I'm supposed to roll up the windows and feel guilty? Sorry.... I sing along at will. What did you sing along to in the shower this morning? I'm quiet in the shower - husband is still asleep at that hour. TV shows you wish hadn't been canceled: Uhm..... The West Wing. If you could take on an existing superhero identity... None. I would want to be a healer, and I can't think of any super heroes with that power. Did you ever attend a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Do you know the callbacks? Did you come dressed as a particular character? *blush* Yes, I have gone to Rocky. Yes, I know the call backs. Yes, I have been part of the cast in the front. Yes, I have come dressed as Janet, or as a generic Transexual Transylvanian. If you could meet anyone living and anyone dead, who would it be? Hmm.... Robert Heinlein. Elanor of Aquitaine. Joan of Arc. Artemisia Gentileschi. Webcomics: Nope. Fun fact about me: I bellydance. How much personal swapping/purchasing do you plan on doing this round? None planned. What if your witch gets you something you've already ordered? I don't have any ordering plans for the near future. Hard Candies: Butter Rum Lifesavers. Other Mailable Food Items: Sure! If Your Job had no Dress Code: Jeans and tees. Shirts with cleavage. Scent diffusers? Never tried em. Genetic brushes with celebrity? Genetic? Uhm... I'm decended from Elanor of Acquitaine. I've "met" a couple folks from hollywood (, from having lived there and worked at a fashion magazine. what is your favorite time waster? Painting or playing on my pc. Pictures: See here: http://zubeydah.northkeep.org/stuff/bethany/index.htm
  4. Bethany

    More Switchwitch Questions

    What do you think of Irrelevant Disturbing and Surreal Crawdad Dream? Er, I have no idea. I think I completely missed that one. A forum only, yes? How do you feel about trinkets? My house has SOOO much STUFF in it already that trinkets might be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Or caused the shelf to break. Or the hubby to become irritated. Probably not a good idea. Can melty things be shipped to you, or will they be in puddles by the time you open the package? Unfortunately, they would be melty. Who likes pirates? I have nothing against pirates, but I have no favor for them, either. They’re just sorta … there. What are your feelings about Dia De Los Muertos? Not a day I celebrate. What do you think about the Nightmare Before Christmas? I have a lovely Jack mug I stole from my husband. He’s my favorite character from it. If candy is sent, would you prefer small amounts to a Halloween sized bag? Candy? Candy is dandy in whatever size or shape or amount. Do you like floral bath soaps, shower gels, etc? If so, what florals work on you and what don't? I love florals with a rose or peony base. Many other flowers smell meh on me, but those two tend to work. How do y'all feel about honey and maple? And different flavored honey, not just the standard kind? How does any sane person feel about honey and maple? They are proof that the Divine loves us and wants us to be happy. What is your favorite thing to do on a cool fall day? Sit/lay on the porch swing (if I had one) and listen to the birds sing, while idly swaying along. If you have pets, is there a SPECIFIC toy they like to play with; brand and size? Is there a treat/cookie they eat? What brand and size? I have pets, but they are very meager in their demands.. er.. Preferences. Extra Long Shoe laces make them delirious with joy. What's your ringtone? For the husband: a old-timey telephone. For everyone else, some fairly innocuous chiming. Both are standards on my phone – nothing custom. I’d like to get a specific ring tone for my husband but have no idea how to download one: Steve Wariner, The Weekend (our wedding song). Just to throw a silly question out there...Munsters or Addams Family, y'all? Addams family, of course. What think you about receiving tea accessories and/or miscellany (like mugs, cups, saucers, strainers/filters, honey, natural sweeteners [like stevia])? I haven’t had very positive experiences with sweeteners like stevia or splenda, so I would prefer to steer away from them. Honey is All Good. Agave Nectar is All Good. I have more mugs / cups etc than I can shake a stick at. I’m not a big fan of tea: I only generally drink two kinds, both herbal. I don’t ever drink black, green, or white teas – only herbals, and generally only your standard run of the mill Mint tea. Sometimes chamomile if I’m not feeling well. Sometimes an orange blend. But I’m pretty bland with my tea preferences. How do you feel about copies of music or dvd's that your witch might have that you might enjoy? Not just mixes, but whole copies? Hm. I think that goes a little bit too close to the ethical line for me to be comfortable with. Mixes are good. Whole cds… I would feel guilty about. Say, witches, I have a question about birthdays. do you expect/rely on other people to plans birthday outings and activities? Heh. If I did that, I wouldn’t get celebrated at all. My husband Does Not Like parties. Does not think adults should celebrate birthdays. So if I don’t arrange it, it doesn’t happen. Tarts? Yes/no? – I don’t have a tart warmer, soooooo…. Never tried them. I'm wondering if my witchee would like to try these types of things (like the caramel with sea salts or chocolates with chilis/bacon/salt etc.)? I like bacon. I like chocolate. DO NOT WANT chocolate bacon. (Now, deep fat fried bacon, or chicken fried bacon, all good.) Chocolate should be sweet – with nuts, with fruit, with creamy goodness… it shouldn’t be spicy or hot or with foreign objects, like two bolts which spring through one’s cheeks, or with crunchy frog bits in them. (sorry, couldn’t help the monty python reference). What's your favorite animal? Hawks (in person) make me bounce up and down like a two year old. I adore kittehs and have two. Horses are something I admire deeply. I am enormously amused by Lolcats / Lolruses / cute critters. What one (or two, if you really must) BPAL bottles are you most longing for? Black Lace. Or more Melisande, since I’m on the label. Can’t ever have too much of that, for vanity’s sake – I only have one bottle of it. If you could have dinner/drinks/coffee with any 3 living people that are not your family/friends already, who would they be-? Hm. John Malkovitch. Jacqueline Carey. Bill Gates. If you could bring back any TV show from cancellation what would it be? Carnivale. The West Wing. I wonder if my witchee would like a blanket type thing. Would you? Oh heavens, YES. What's your favorite "I know it's bad for me but I can't help myself" treat? Anything to excess. I’m a sugar addict, and once I get started, I have a hard time stopping until its all gone. I can and will and have made myself sick eating sweets. Favorites include Godiva chocolate with raspberry, any form of dark chocolate with orange, dark with mint, maple sugar candy, etc. Very important question: Are you planning on buying anything off your BPAL and/or other wishlists during the round? No. I’m saving all my money for my SW. Do you wear a watch? If so, what kind/style? Yes – it’s exeedinly plain, white metal, made by Acqua, purchased at WalMart. IT does, however, have the Indiglo feature, which I use. A lot. How do you feel about having a donation made in your name to something?If you like that idea, what types of organizations/groups would you want the donation to go to? I think that’s a beautiful thing. My mom regularly sends me the gift of a bunny being donated in my name to Heifer International. I also strongly support NARAL, but know that might make folks uncomfortable because its so political. Any charity that supports education, children, animal rescue, rainforest preservation, etc… I am not, however, comfortable with religious-based charities… I’ve seen up close and personal the kind of problems / abuse / strings-attached they can come with. What is your favorite art movement and/or style? ie impressionist, surrealist, art nouveau, etc. Preraphaelite. I’m definitely a romantic. I adore Waterhouse, Leighton, Bougereau, etc. Do you have a case for your mp3 player/digital camera? If you would want one, what size is your digital device? I do not have any digital devices except for a camera, which simply sits in my purse 24/7. For tea drinkers, do you bag it or prefer loose: I prefer hot chocolate to tea. Does the weather change where you are, as in, does it get cold in the winter? Yes, it gets down to around -15 or so. Anyone need homegrown scarves, hats, mittens, etc? I’m a glove wearer, over mittens, really. I have two handmade scarves that keep me taken care of, that were custom made for me. Who are your forum buddies? People you know well enough online or IRL to help your Witch pick out stuff for you? I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t have a lot of folks who are really close to me on the forum. Of everyone, I have known Macha in person for a long time – she and I used to play a LARP together for about 5 years. But I haven’t seen her in 8 years. : ( Does your cell phone have a place to attach charms? It does not. If you drink coffee (and make it yourself) do you use a French Press, regular filter basket coffee maker, Espresso Machine, Percolator? I don’t drink coffee. I drink hot chocolate, and have a wonderful device called a Cocomotion. What movie soundtracks (or scores) do you love? Streets of Fire. Braveheart. The fifth Element. Message in a Bottle. The Mists of Avalon. Phantom of the Opera. Bellydance Superstars. Camelot. How do you scent yourself? Do you layer soaps, moisturizers, etc. or do you go straight to slathering your bod with BPAL? I actually use BPAL somewhat rarely – just for SCA events, special occaisions just for me. My husband likes Fredericks of Hollywood’s “Seduction” so I use that on a daily basis. I would love to find a BPAL that is a similar enough match that I could get away from the spray bottle, and stop supporting the big business and instead support the Lab. Do you/how do you scent your world? Candles, incense, diffusers, potpourri? None of the above? Candles and incense. BPAL is such a scent-ual experience. What are your other tactile, aural, or olfactory pleasures? I love to cook, so the scent of food as I am making it is a big thing. I adore flannel as a texture, as well as velvet – soft fabrics with warmth to them, as I’m cold all the time. Music is a huge thing for me. If I have a choice, there is always some form of music playing, and I have a very eclectic range I enjoy. How do people feel about receiving baked goods/kits to make said goods? Or other cooking items? Would you enjoy oil or vinegar flavored with herbs grown at home? Strange and exotic spices with recipes to try? Cookies made with carnation petals? I enjoy receiving home made goods, but shy away from anything like flavored oils because its hard to make them in such a way as to avoid botulism or salmonella or other problems. I enjoy strange and exotic spices, such as saffron and cardamom, and cook with them happily. I’ve not had edible flowers before – that would be new! What are your pet's names, and what are they named for? Radar and BoBo were named by my husband; he owned them before we got together. Radar is a coal black hunter kittie of Abyssinian ancestry, with a narrow, sleek body, regal face, and GIANT radar-dish shaped ears. Bobo is a longhair, pudgy version of cartman in cat form. I think he was named by the ex-wife. Who here is a complete, over the top, Alice In Wonderland fanatic? I am not. Are you a Trekkie? If so, which series do you prefer? Do you have a favorite character? I am not. Of all the characters, however, I like Picard, mostly because it’s Patrick Stewart, who is teh sexy. Do you have phobias? Spiders. Bugs of most sorts I do not like, but spiders… gah. How do you like your mix CDs? Random? Stuff you know you'll like? Hm. I prefer to listen to things I like, but I’m also open to new experiences. Would you rather get food or jewellery? Now that’s a cruel choice to force on someone. Either is welcome. Do you like children's toys, such as jacks, those little things you tilt around to get the ball in the right hold (wtf are those called?), the aforementioned caplet dinosaurs, cap guns, etc?: Not so much. English candy/tea/marmite or other stuff that you love and can't easily get outside of England? Hmm… no. Fanfic as a gift* - yay or nay? Your fandom? Slash preferences?*well, a virtual gift obviously. You know what I mean. Not much of a fangirl, really. Any beaders here? Need beading supplies? Oh, gawds, yes. One can never have too many beading supplies / beads / colored silks / findings / etc. Do you like making up your SW packages around a theme, or prefer to mix it all up? I like to do themes. It’s my anal-retentive / ocd-wannabe self. Band-aids: do you like the fun and funky ones? I didn’t know they made them, until recently. I’ve not explored the full range of options. Though I think they could be very fun. What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you? Nearly losing the one who almost got away. Being attacked by a dog at age 11. Going into surgery for my leg when I was a kid, and not understanding why. Being date raped. What is everyone's favorite Halloween song?! Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo. How many of mah fellow witchies play video games? Platform? Do you like used games? I don’t play video games, because the motion makes me sick. I used to play text based games a lot. What kind of music (genres, please) do you like? Folk. Country. Western. Rock – classical, modern, hard, etc. Classical. New Age / Celtic. Show Tunes. R&B Slow Jams. Electronica. Acid Jazz. Have any of you ever received a book from a Witchy and loved it so much you ended up buying a copy for a later Witchee? Not as of yet. What kinds of eye shadows do we all like? I stick to Clinique in shades of purple, sometimes grays, sometimes browns. Do you like lip balm? If so, do you like tinted, glossy, sparkly, pearly or just plain lip balm? I have only ever used plain ole ChapStick. Am open to new experiences. What are some of the SW gifts/finds from past rounds (or you can just name a gift in general that you found for someone if this is your first round!) that you are the most proud of in terms of your sleuthing skills? I made some custom decant labels once that turned out pretty coolies. I dunno, I’ve only had few rounds, and haven’t gotten a huge amount of feedback on 2 of the 3 rounds. And, secondly, what is something you've been searching for but just can't find? My waistline? : P Do you knit/crochet? Do you need any supplies? No. I fail miserably at knitting. Who here has an etsy shop? I do not. I have been encouraged to do so, but haven’t ever done it. What are your two favorite etsy shops? I don’t have any – I haven’t really visited the place at all. Are you active on any other boards/forums? If so please specify where and your username there. The Armour Archive – Zubeydah. Though it’s really not gonna make much sense to anyone outside the SCA. What would you tell yourself 6 months in the past about 2008 so far? Ouch. That’s a painful question. Relative and Coworker are gonna go psycho – be ready. It’s ok to keep the weight off. Concentrate. Unpack more boxes. If you had one minute of fame, what would you do/say in the spotlight? I would express gratitude and love to my husband for all that he is to me. Robots versus zombies: who wins? Robots.
  5. Bethany

    Yet More Switch Witch Questions

    Speaking of historical fiction, how does everyone feel about Sherlock Holmes? - I have no opinion, positive or negative, about Mr. Holmes, other than the fact he's generally _portrayed_ in films as being quite a misogynist and a twit. Favorite cartoons or animated films? - Films: The Secret of Nimh, Ratatouie, Robin Hood (Disney), Jungle Book (Disney) Lady and the Tramp. Cartoons: Anamaniacs Your take on the election? In other words, would you enjoy campaign related gifts, or prefer to stay neutral? I would prefer not to receive election related gifts. Villians you sympathise with, or are interested in boinking? The Marquis de Sade. The Sheriff of Nottingham, as portrayed in Robin Hood by Alan Rickman. Your stance on the all important peanut butter issue: crunchy? creamy? allergic? chocolate? maple? go directly to nuttella, do not pass go? Creamy peanut butter. Never had chocolate peanut butter. Nutella is proof that our Creator loves us. Who here likes to read historical fiction? If you do, what eras/people/countries intrigue you the most? I *really* enjoyed the Lymond Chronicles by Dame Dorothy Dunnett in a huge way. A lot of other historical fiction doesn't grab the the way her work does. About incense: do you like sticks or lose incense? Have you got one of those devices to burn lose incense over a bit of charcoal? I like sticks and cones and use them both. I don't have any of the charcoal style burners. What's everyone's favorite fairytale and what are your favorite versions of it? Hm. It's been way too long since I read any of my rather large collection of fairy tale books (some of which are antiques, but the one with the coolest name is "A Real Queen's Fairy Tale Book" written by the Queen of Romania, over 100 years ago. I think I'm gonna have to go read them.... So how many imps/decants is officially 'you have gone overboard and your Witchee is going to expire from scent overload'? No idea. I tend to pick them specifically off their wishlist, so it depends on what I can get my hands on and what I can't... Who needs a recipe box? Not I : most of my recipies are 8x11 and not card sized. ANYONE ELSE want a home-made cookbook? Recipes are always enormously welcome. How do you avoid popping an item for yourself into an order you're placing for your witchie? Because I'd rather buy something for my witchie with my Fun Money than for myself. Underpants? Do you like them? What's your style? Size? Er, I'd prefer to buy my own, unless you somehow find Eeyore Undies. But if you must know... I wear size 9s, usually in black or white, generally either a girl or boy short style, or bikinis. I like soft, silky fabrics or lace. I have a mantra: Life is too short to wear ugly panties. What is your favorite? What tea would you love to try but haven't because of price or difficulty to get? I don't covet any particular tea - I drink Mint Medley by Bigelow and that works just fine for me. BPTP Room Sprays...your thoughts? I'd love to try them, but they're simply out of my budget range. Would you like to receive baked goods from your Witch? And if so, are there things you WOULDN'T like? No Crunchy Frog Chocolates. (sorry, monty python reference). Baked goods are lovely. Do you often drink take away coffe in paper mugs? I don't drink coffee. I don't generally get hot beverages at drive throughs / take aways. I make my own hot cocoa from a packet at work and drink it from a mug. At the moment, that's a Jack Skellington mug I stole from hubby, to celebrate Halloween. What would a perfume based on you smell like? Hrm. Me, huh? It wouldn't smell like the things that I LIKE my perfume to smell like...If it was focused on what is pure and ME: soft breezes through an oak's leaves entwined with cool breezes racing over the Maine shore, entwined with the scent of a cat's fur that's been resting in the sunlight, birdsong, old books and quilts, a wood stove, and hot chocolate. If it was focused on my actual LIFE: the catbox that needs cleaning, sweaty sexy sheets, cooking chocolate, my husband's cigarettes, and herbs from my garden. Who here likes Wizard of Oz things? - Not particularly... Though, the line, "Don't make me send my flying monkeys after you" is smirk enducing. Do you like Mystery Science Theater 3000? Have you tried out (and if not, would you be interested in doing so) its weird little brother, RiffTrax? - MST3K is amusing, though I haven't watched it in years. I have not checked out RiffTrax. My humor tends to lean far more towards Monty Python / British humor, rather than American. What will you like from Singapore? Candies? Food? Asian crafts/toys? Oh gawd. Fabric. Fabric. Fabric. What is everyone's "luck" item? My husband's dog tags. Though it's more of a "Love" item than a Luck item. Do you like art deco/nouveau - style prints? Nope. Now, Pre-Rafaelite, now we are talking... What is one thing that, if you received it in the middle of all the hubbub, would make you smile and take your mind off of all you have to do for a bit? A book. How do you feel about Hello Kitty? Death. Legwarmers? Armwarmers? Haven't worn leg warmers since the 80s.. yikes! Never tried armwarmers, but I am growing intrigued. What makes everyone stand out from the Switch Witch herd? I don't honestly know. There's a variety of things about me that are unusual in the 'usual' crowd, but around here.. not so much. I'm in the SCA, I'm pagan, I'm in a power-exchange relationship, I'm a bead artist, I'm an intermitant bellydancer. If you are into the original Nintendo system, what 3 games would you want that you don't have? I do not have such a thing. My husband has an XBOX, but I don't play it. What is your favorite category of the GC? - Love Potions. They're the most likely to have rose scents. Stance on Joss Whedon and his enterprises? - Who? No particular like or dislike. Has anyone tried ice wine before? Do/did they enjoy it? - Haven't ever tried it. What other perfume companies (besides bpal) have you been curious about? - None. Does anyone here do anything with grave rubbings? - Er, no... Mom used to make me go to graveyards as a kid and do them of the headstones of our ancestors (She's a geneologist). Had some very Wierd Things happen on those graveyard excursions. Would you enjoy art based on original Graveyard photography? - No thank you... What's in your Netflix or Blockbuster queue, do you want any new Netflix/Blockbuster friends, if so how do we find you on there? - Don't have one.
  6. Bethany

    Crypt Queen

    There's a story behind my bottle of Crypt Queen. My elderly kitty was very ill. He was crying on the floor, not moving voluntarily, hobbling when he did move. We rushed him to the vet, to find out he had an obstructed bowel. Two vet trips and several hundred dollars later, he was ok.... but that completely blew my chance to order anything from the last update. I posted a note on the update anticipation thread about it, and received an extraordinarily sweet PM from Emu Nymph. She offered to send me a decant of the Crypt Queen, and some of the Halloween soaps. I was completely shocked and surprised at such generosity from a total stranger - we've never chatted or Pm'd or traded before, so this was utterly out of the blue. So when I got home last friday after a really really rough week recovering from my own 'trip to the vet' - a minor surgury - and was feeling all waaah sorry for myself, there was a box on the doorstep from the Post. "That can't be right," I thought. "I didn't order anything." Inside - along with some outrageously generous Trading Post frimpage - was a note from Puddin Himself. "This is a gift from the lovely Emu Nymph." Inside was a large box with the Alchemists Local sticker on it. I opened the inner box, and it was the Crypt Queen in her Crypt in full glory! I was befuddled. I quickly sent off a note to the Post, asking if perhaps I'd gotten Emu's order in error. I tried to PM her, but the forum was down. Then I was out of town for two days. Sunday night, I got a Pm from Emu: no mistake, she'd simply bought me the Queen, because other people had been sweet to her, and she thought she'd pass along the karma. So this review is for Emu Nymph, for such incredible generosity and kindness. I am beyond amazed and grateful. ------------------------------------------- The Crypt Queen: I open her coffin and she is nestled inside, cradled by midtoned gray grasses. The lable shows a skeletal figure, curled on its side, hands clasped as if in repose by her face. I open the bottle. A very rich, dark, earthy scent wafts upward. It smells *DARK*... like the deepest color of a pansy or the tint of an emperor's imperial velvet cloak laying in shadows. There's something slightly medicinal that makes it seem cold, and distant. Perhaps the patchouli and the pepper? There's no flowers here, no prettiness. Just a midnight, wicked darkness. I'm almost afraid to try it on, as it's nothing like the more rich florals I'm generally drawn to. But I touch it to my wrist, and something magical happens. The rose blooms, just enough to evoke the imagery of an abandoned graveyard garden at the stroke of twelve. There's depth and sensuality to it. My husband catches up my wrist and smells, and proclaims it his favorite of any of Mme Moriarty's creations. ------------------------------------------- Thank you again, to Emu Nymph, for allowing me to experience this, and to - just maybe - have found that One Scent that finally convinces my beloved that Bpal might just maybe be ok... -bethany
  7. Bethany

    CCNow or PayPal

    Urk. When I've ordered in the past, I've clicked on the shopping cart links, and it goes through CCnow... but then, it asks for me to choose a payment type - and I pick PayPal. It happily bounces me to the paypal site, and I pay there. The window closes, and I"m back at CCNow, and I print my order receipt. Does that mean that lab is getting charged percentage fees by BOTH CCNow AND Paypal?!?!?! -bethany
  8. Bethany

    Almond and Amaretto

    Seraglio has a scent that goes almost pure almond on me, anyway... Might be worth a try... - bethany
  9. Bethany


    In long-ago Arabia, harem girls rubbed an herbal poultice formed from a blend of sensual, luxuriant herbs and oils onto their bodies to prepare themselves for the Sultan’s pleasure. This lush, indulgent perfume is based on that ancient formula. Sweet almond and Mysor sandalwood enveloped by a heady veil of Bulgarian Rose, neroli, nutmeg, clove and orange peel. Here’s my review of Seraglio; I hope the format isn't too strange. It's what came to mind when I smelled it on my wrist. Candlelight flickered on either side of my mirror as I applied khol to my eyes and carmine to my lips. The dancing light made my reflection seem to shimmer in the polished metal of the mirror, my eyes staring back at me like terrified pools of blackness. Shaking hands made a disaster of my attempts at beautification, and lest the Kapi Agha be displeased at my efforts and beat me, I made quick repair. Tonight would be the first night that I served the sultan, here within the lush cage that is the Topkapı Sarayı. A small bottle carved of precious lapis, inlaid with mother of pearl and silver, held Süleyman’s favorite perfume -- one so precious that it was the form of taxes he demanded be supplied by a certain distant alchemist. Removing the stopper, I was overcome by a complex scent. I closed my eyes and breathed it in, a single tear streaking down my cheek as the overwhelming first note of almond caressed my senses. It was sweet, like the first pressing of oil from the groves in my native Jordan, and blended with the same spices and incense that the winds carried from the markets beyond the palace walls into my gilded prison. I applied the golden liquid to my wrists and the tender spot behind my knees. I knew that if I applied it to all of the places suggested in the Kama Sutra, that I would be punished for waste, but did not want to displease the Sultan by not applying enough. The intensity of the almonds faded into soft sweetness upon my flesh, and a second fragrance, that of lush roses came to the fore; deep, heavy crimson blossoms, like those in the gardens that surround my new home. It called to mind a scene I had glimpsed from the window: the clear, cloudless skies of Constantinople illuminated by a fiery golden moon, its light dappling upon the flowers below. It looked like something out of a dream, warm breezes made hazy with the smoke of the insense burners at each corner of the enclosure, and laden with complexities of scent like the colors of a Bedouin tapestry. It was too easy to lose myself in such a decadent expression of the senses, and ignore my surroundings. Such distractions could prove my undoing, however, so I steeled myself and donned the silk garments provided for me. I could not help but muse that their texture was much like the scents upon my wrists; complex and lovely, with a soft weight that made me feel somehow more feminine. I nervously ran one hand through my hair, and my dark locks hungrily absorbed the perfumed oil. I allowed the strands and their scent to surround me like a cloud, rather than pin them back. Perhaps it would provide an escape from the duties that lay ahead of me… Head bowed, I allowed the Kapi Agha to lead me down the stone passageway that led out of the seraglio, and into the sultan’s chambers beyond… -bethany