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  1. LauraB

    The Byronic Antihero

    I want what everyone else is smelling: I get earth. Lots of earth. There is a slight trace of green at the start. And a faint whiff of anise (eh??!) and slight smell of burning rubber (this is what vetiver does when it Goes to the Bad!). Heaven knows what has happened to the carnation! But mostly my byronic antihero smells of dank soil. Bother!
  2. LauraB

    The Volstead Act

    Pineapple, something alcoholic and something oddly savoury - like lettuce with a salty dressing. I honestly don't know how it happened but I smell REALLY weird!
  3. LauraB

    Spare Change

    Starts with mint (sharp mint, not sweet), then changes to a sweet soapy smell, then vanishes totally. All gone in half an hour (this is what happens to my spare change, so I suppose it's accurate but )
  4. LauraB


    What is it with my skin and curry? I mean REALLY? I get chestnuts, curry and a faint resiny twang. But mostly curry. After ten minutes, its curry with a slightly nutty edge - I smell like I've been eating pasanda or korma and I spillt some. I do not smell like a glamorous literary vampire. I do not even smell like I'm wearing perfume, let alone the fantastic smells described by some of the other reviewers here. I had high hopes of this. Miffed.
  5. LauraB

    Brusque Violet

    In the imp it's all watery violet and mint and quite lovely but on it turns unexpectedly to violet and lettuce and...curry!? There's a definite savoury note in there which is some form of curry spice and it and the violet are fighting for dominance...I smell like a granny in the food tents at a festival! Very weird - I do actually quite like it, but this isn't at all what I expected and I'm guessing Beth intended it to smell different (it's not so much brusque as peckish!) I'll be keeping the imp because it is so darn odd but I have no idea when I'll wear it... Edited for grammar
  6. LauraB

    "You can't afford me" scents?

    Try The Raven - classy violet Alternatively you could try something with a bit of a herbal edge to it, like Villain - the more masculine scents often smell quite "powerful" on a woman because it's a bit unexpected.
  7. LauraB

    The Festival of Anuket

    Sweet aquatic (like Selkie without the saltwater) - there is a tiny note of laundry detergent at the top and a slight hint of something juicy at the bottom (juniper??), but neither is strong enough to dominate. As it fades, it gets a slight metallic edge but again it's just a touch. Unfortunately, it does fade quite quickly, or I'd be looking for more!
  8. LauraB


    Starts, dries and ends as herbal lavender! There is a slight touch of bergamot/citrus in there but you really have to sniff for it. It isn't as sweet as some lavenders, which suits me fine. As a lavender fan, I may well end up hunting out more of this...
  9. LauraB

    Invidia Bath Oil

    This is just gorgeous. Grapefruit rounded out with something sweeter (orange blossom? honey? It doesn't smell like honey). It reminds me of Baobhan Sith (which I also love) and I think they'll go well together. I don't need more bathoil, but I want this.
  10. LauraB


    Hurrah! I am NOT the only person to get celery from this perfume! I put it on and as soon as it hits my skin it smells of celery. I'm holding onto it just because maybe one day I'll want to smell of celery...
  11. LauraB


    Ooh! Pretty! This starts of as a tart, juicy apple. Gradually the vanilla cream (a sweet, creamy vanilla rather than a cream note as such, which is a good thing because cream goes sour on me and this doesn't) and the sweet pea come forward and take the edge off the sharp apple note. It is very "girly" - mine was travelling with an imp of Juliet and I can see the similarity, but Juliet is pear and a bit more aquatic. I'm another one who doesn't actually detect carnation, but maybe as it ages I like apple scents, so this is a new favourite
  12. LauraB

    The Lady On The Grey

    Amber! And florals and something else sweet - I have no idea what, but all in all it's a very classy, rounded out scent and different enough to stand out. Not the greatest wearlength before it fades (I'd guess 3 hours before it fades down to a pretty but fairly ordinary soft floral), but it is noticeable while it's on without being brash or intrusive.
  13. LauraB

    The Magi

    An offering of frankincense, gold, and myrrh, with coriander, cumin, ambergris, white wine grape, and vanilla bean. Ummmmm. Frankincense and cola - then frankincense and curry! I'm assuming at least one of the Wise Men got takeouts on the journey! Seriously weird. I'm holding on to it in case it settles down and turns into something good, but I can't wear it at the moment...
  14. LauraB

    Lines Written Among the Euganean Hills

    Oh wow. Ohwowohwowohwow! I have no idea what is in this, but I get something cold, something minty, something floral and, um, something else that I'm guessing is balsam fir because it's vaguely medicinal (in a good way!) And together it is fabulous. Want more!
  15. LauraB


    As everyone has said, this does smell like really fizzy lemon or lemon and lime. There is something about it that is "perfume" as opposed to "I've just spilled my Sprite" but I honestly couldn't tell you what makes the difference...it is really nice though and I'm holding on to mine BTW, as a Brit, I have no idea what Independent means politically - if this is severely right wing then please don't enlighten me!