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  1. Marblemeadow

    Cacao Pod

    By far my new favorite Holy Grail scent. This is rich, cocoa-y goodness - very similar to well-aged Candy Butcher. This one will age beautifully as well. I can tell. Glad I bought more than one bottle!
  2. Marblemeadow

    Harlequin and Columbine

    In the bottle this was absolutely lovely - fruity and wine smelling to me. Wet it was absolutely gorgeous - the pomegranate seemed very prominent but as it started to dry, the woods and spices started coming out. I'm not much of a woodsy or herbalesque kind of girl. I'm very much hoping for a re-emergence of the other lovely notes. As it sits for a few minutes I'm starting to get the vanilla and what is probably the balsam but the cedar is still prominent. Where oh where did those lovely top notes go? =( About ten minutes after application I'm getting the french vanilla, soft cedar, and the beginnings of mandarin. The mandarin is throwing me off big time. I love citrus scents so I'll wait awhile and see what emerges. Later the citrus notes definitely dominate. Long lasting citrus - lemony mandarin for sure. Its very bright and very "summer". I can still smell the sage, the cedar, and a bit of something else... perhaps the rosewood. Though this blend is beautiful in its initial stages its just not one that I would consider a signature scent. I wouldn't want to get through the dry down stage of woodsy herbalness to reach the citrus ending, and the initial beautiful stages are lost almost immediately. Sad but not for me. =(
  3. Marblemeadow

    Lick It Vigorously

    I had a horrid experience with this. Lick it Vigorously just about killed me. The strength of Peppermint is a lot like sucking on a mouthful of Altoid peppermints. It stung my nose, my arm and wrist where I'd applied a tiny bit, and my boyfriend hated it too. I wear minty smells all the time so this was a huge let down. I love my other Lick It scents and will treasure them but the strength of this one was a complete fail for me. =( There's always next year?
  4. Marblemeadow

    How much is in that imp anyway?

    That's a really terrific idea Sunshine. Makes a lot of sense. Can't believe I didn't think of that! Lol.
  5. Marblemeadow

    Hungry Ghost Moon 2006

    Shocking. I opened the bottle and almost licked it. MMMM. Foodie and yet close to the earth somehow. This is one that I will keep very close to me in my most treasured box. I hope the bottle lasts forever. It might be one of my new signature scents! This one just keeps getting better with age and each time I try it. Truly a masterpiece.
  6. Marblemeadow

    Flower Moon 2009

    WOW. Flowers on parade. This is like walking into a flower shop and smelling all the lovely flowers while the Rose Parade is going on outside and the scent of roses is wafting in. This is super floral but not in an old lady kind of way. This is fresh flowers. It's balanced somehow and despite my not liking florals, I think I actually like this. Unbelievable.
  7. Marblemeadow

    Strawberry Moon 2005

    I only have an imp of this. A teeny tiny imp. I must hoard the precious! Seriously - this is so enticing, so lovely. I love the scent of strawberries mixed with sage and green tea. My skin amps sage which I find to be delicious and the strawberry never goes away. Underneath is a sweet creaminess that I find very pleasant. I can only wish and pray that I find a bottle of this some day.
  8. Marblemeadow

    Bitter Moon

    Kokoro no oni ga mi wo semeru. The body is tortured only by the demon of the heart. Nepal poppy, lotus root, wild rose, and blue hibiscus with blackberry, tonka, sage, lavender, peony and vetiver. This scent is a definite win for me. I was thrown off by the title because I thought it would be too bitter - too herbal for me, but it wasn't. I was also afraid of the rose but I shouldn't have been - it didn't make an appearance. This scent is really lovely in a "weird" sort of way. It is very strong wet and I was almost afraid that it would stay that strong but it didn't. It melted away into something lovely, heady, and rich. A forest at midnight. I can smell the sage and lavender... and a hint of something bitter, almost medicinal - probably the tonka. I have to say though, this is one of my favorite moons and I will be keeping this bottle for special occasions.
  9. Marblemeadow

    Sugar Moon 2008

    Sugar sugar sugar. Then a little more sugar with a dash of sugar. =) Very sweet scent - slight burnt quality to it and a definite hint of booze. Its definitely lickable. Its sexy in a "come hither" kind of way. I can picture a high class lady of the night wearing this. I know my guy sure loves it. Every time I have it on he kisses my neck and says "I like this one." WIN.
  10. Marblemeadow


    Tanuki is an impressive scent. It has serious depth to it. It morphs often on my skin. In the bottle it is a sort of green scent - very mysterious and alluring. On my skin it has some fruity notes but with a darkness underneath that keeps it from being an overly "girly" or lighthearted scent. This is a mystical scent and I will HOARD my bottle.
  11. Marblemeadow

    Beaver Moon 2007

    Beaver Moon is such a sweet smelling scent - and I generally love foodie inspired scents but sadly this one was just not the one for me. For some strange reason I kept getting strawberry/cherry bubblegum. Sad. I'm glad I wasn't able to actually get a bottle - only an imp. This will be going to the swap pile.
  12. Marblemeadow

    Black Moon

    Black Moon is such a delicious all encompassing scent. I really love it. I could bathe in it. I'm so happy that I was able to purchase a bottle on ebay. It was so worth it.
  13. Marblemeadow

    The Malignant Dreams of Cthulhu in Love

    This is the first scent from BPAL that I've ever smelled. I got it as a freebie from ThinkGeek for being a loyal patron. Oh my GOD. This smell is rich and chocolatey at first and it also has this wonderful smokiness from the incense. There's most definitely some saltiness here as well, upon second sniff. I agree that it is a very masculine scent, but its also the kind of scent that I would put on my teddy bear (to remind me of my guy when he is gone). I have informed the FI that he will be wearing this for me. I also told him he better have running shoes on because I am going to be all over him. This would be an awesome purchase for a guy in your life. Yum Yum Yum!