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    Antique Lace, Boomslang, Castitas, Cheshire Cat, Dirty, Dorian, Down the Rabbit Hole, Dungeon, Embalming Fluid, Fairy Market, Hanami, Lilith Victoria, March Hare, Mechanical Phoenix, Midnight on the Midway, The Raven, Rose Red, Samhain, Smut, Snake Oil, Snow White, The Spell of Amorous Love, TKO, Ulalume, Yggdrasil ... and yes, I do like Lenore! ;)

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  1. Lenore

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    Yes! That's clever, I like it! If I ever happen upon an ideal glass version I will *muppetflail* my way here to share!
  2. Lenore

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    Though I typically apply my BPAL favourites from their bottles with my fingertip, I will use a fresh bobby pin or hairpin to cleanly dabble with the rest of my bottles. I do have a couple of my BPALs wandcapped, and I really like the wand application as well. Has anyone come across some sort of thin glass sticks anywhere? Along the lines of the glass wandcap wands, but longer (and without the cap part)? I keep thinking they'd work great as a reusable applicator that could be cleaned with alcohol. The closest I've seen so far were glass drink stirrers, but they were way too thick.
  3. Lenore

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    I don't really use wand caps much (I think I've only got one on a bottle of TKO at the moment), but I really like the thinness of the glass wands on them. I keep thinking it would be nice to have a few 'standalone' thin glass sticks for applying that are like a longer version of the ones in the wand caps. Any ideas? I come across glass swizzle sticks once in awhile but they're way too thick...
  4. Lenore

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Funny this topic should come up... ever since I read lisawoj's review of Mort de Cesar back in March, I automatically think Indyscent! everytime I grab my bottle. I do love the irony of matching him up with one of the snake scents though.