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  1. boxinghelena

    Mother Shub's Toothsome Banketstaaf

    MOTHER SHUB'S TOOTHSOME BANKETSTAAF A treat sure to please even the most finicky cultist! Tubular pastries oozing with spijs, glazed with apricot jam, and dotted with glace cherries. I do believe I'm getting mostly spijs in this mixed with a touch of cherry. I had no idea what spijs was and looking it up, I'm guessing it has something to do with almond paste( most of the websites were in Dutch)? Almond in general is iffy on me. I'm not sure I like it. It smells a bit odd on me. My skin chemistry is so wonky sometimes. I'm really bummed because I was hoping to smell apricot. Pastry & apricot. Darn it! I will try this again another day.
  2. boxinghelena

    Amaretto Macaroon

    No description given Amaretto Macaroon: Oh yum! I actually thought I was going to hate this one but it's really nice. A slight booziness going on with a caramel and slight coconut thrown in.
  3. boxinghelena

    Chokecherry Honey

    So, apparently chokecherry is closley related to the black cherry. In the past I've stayed away from cherry scents but they tend to work on my skin so I've been seeking them out here & there. This is an odd one on me though. I can smell the cherry but there's something trying to push its way in front of it, something green, maybe something herbal/astringent. I just looked up the word "astringent" on wiki and wouldn't you know, chokecherry is listed as one of the fruits with astringency caused by tannins which is bitter. I think that's what is making it an odd smell on me, the bitterness is coming out. I'm on the fence about this one. I'm going to let this sit for awhile. ~
  4. boxinghelena

    Redoul Honey

    Redoul honey. I'm so glad I ordered Redoul Honey!!! Wikipedia states Coriaria myrtifolia, called in English redoul, is a shrub to 2–3 m tall. Myrtifolia means myrtle-like leaves. The fruit is a fleshy black berry achene slightly similar to a blackberry but toxic. I love blackberry scents! Upon sniffing the bottle, I got blackberry right away. And that's what I smell on my skin too. I don't smell honey but maybe it's there. Straight up blackberry on me. Love it!!! ~
  5. BLACK CHERRY AMARETTO CHRISTMAS PUDDIN’ Sweet Christmas pudding with black cherries soaked in vanilla-drizzled amaretto. Black Cherry Amaretto Christmas Puddin': *coughs* Eek! I put my nose right up to where I applied this and got a nose full of cherry cough syrup. I detect a trace amount of amaretto but the black cherry is very overwhelming.
  6. boxinghelena

    Red Velvet Truffle

    No description given Red Velvet Truffle: This one is so odd on me. I actually got chocolate right away and now I can't smell anything. I'm trying so hard to sniff my wrist where I applied it and I get a slight plasticy smell. Bummer man!
  7. boxinghelena

    Chellah v4

    Either I'm blind or Chellah v4 wasn't listed. I looked everywhere for this one and couldn't find it. I hope it was okay to add it here. Chellah v4 is straight up dirt, loam, earth... smells like Graveyard Dirt to me but not as strong. I LOVE dirt scents so I'm very happy I took a chance ordering this off etsy without any reviews.
  8. boxinghelena

    Blueberry Peppermint

    No description given Blueberry Peppermint: I smell no blueberry! This makes me sad. And I get more of a spearmint than a peppermint. I tend to avoid "mint" scents since I amp it like woah. It's a bit overwhelming on my wrist. ick.
  9. boxinghelena

    Ghoul Hooligan

    GHOUL HOOLIGAN The smell of smashed gourds and seventeen-thousand football-frenzied ghouls tanked up on Kadathian Spiced Black Tar Cacao Lager. Oh wow, RED HOTS + chocolate + ginger. First I have to say that my sister loves all things zombies/ghouls so I will have to hide my bottle from her. When I first dabbed this on my skin, I instantly thought of a chocolate harvest scent. The red hot candy scent is very dominate on my skin with a chocolate background. Thankfully, I don't get any lager. I was a little worried about that. I really like this. The shirt is cute btw.
  10. boxinghelena

    Eye of Newt

    EYE OF NEWT King mandarin, ambrette seed, and red sandalwood. Ooooooh! How cute. I love the name. This was an extra in my etsy order. I rarely take baths but I will have to try this. In the jar, it's light greenish-gray in color. It smells very aquatic & herbal-y. Will add to review once tried.
  11. boxinghelena

    India Ink

    India Ink: Smells like resinous paper on me. Sadly, I don't know if this is a scent I would wear.
  12. boxinghelena

    Capela Dos Ossos v5

    Capela Dos Ossos v5: Straight up baby powder. I can't stand the smell of baby powder. I'm going to let my bottle age & hopefully it morphs into something lovely that I can wear otherwise, off to swaps.
  13. boxinghelena

    Annurca Apple Blossom

    Annurca Apple Blossom: This reminded me of the Strawberry Shortcake doll Apple Dumpling that my younger sister loved so much in the 80's. Very pretty & long lasting power on my skin. I love single notes.
  14. boxinghelena

    The Black Temple Burlesque Troupe

    The Black Temple Burlesque Troupe: I knew this wouldn't work on me but thought I'd give it a try. Turned straight to baby powder on me. Yick! Swap/Sales pile for sure.
  15. boxinghelena

    Uncle Travelling Matt

    Uncle Travelling Matt: I bought this one right away since I'm a sucker for dark chocolate & fig scents. I didn't smell fig but the dark chocolate was a stand out in the bottle and something melon-like. Rut ro, kinda went rancid melon or sour melon once I dabbed it on my wrist. But after about ten min. or so, it morphed back into chocolately goodness. I like it and I think it will age nicely.
  16. boxinghelena


    Hoggle: Sniffing the bottle, it smelled like syrup. I asked my husband to confirm, yep, syrup. After applying it to my wrists, It's straight up coffee. No delicious pumpkin, nothing, coffee. I'm going to let this age before I try this again.
  17. boxinghelena

    Candles Moon

    Candles Moon 2010: It's very perfumery floral holding my wrist down at my side but if I actually sniff my wrist I get a slight sour milk. No thanks!
  18. boxinghelena


    Senelion: I need to let this age. The red musks are beautiful but the amber is powdery on me. Maybe combined with the chamomile. So it's a bit too much for me right now. Not a fan of powder at all. I'll try it again in six months.
  19. boxinghelena

    Blood & Champagne

    Blood & Champagne: It's carbonated soap on me. Yuck yuck yuck!
  20. boxinghelena

    Countess Willie

    Countess Willie: OMG! This is Yum!! I definitely get the chocolate right away. The musk comes out a bit, thought for a second it would ruin it for me but it all mellowed out. Sadly, I did not detect plum. Will let this age and try again. Love it though!
  21. boxinghelena

    The Zieba Tree

    The Zieba Tree: Ick ick ick! Lemon & orange blossom do not work on me ever. It smelled like cloying baby powder like woah. Yuck.
  22. boxinghelena

    Le Revenant

    Le Revenant: What the Hell? Where is the gardenia? I like gardenia. The only reason I bought a bottle was because of all the gardenia-love reviews. I think whatever note that ruined this one for me killed gardenia. It was rotting decay on me?? To the point where I had to wash it off. My husband smelled my wrist last night and said it didn't smell like decay to him, that it smelled really nice. I thought I had washed it all off last night but this morning, I did finally detect a faded gardenia.
  23. boxinghelena

    French Love

    French Love: What dragon's blood, others have claimed??? This is straight up flowery powder. Boo!
  24. boxinghelena

    Green Party

    Green Party : Is definitely a green scent. On me, it smells like flower stems. Not really me as I would never wear it but interesting nonetheless.
  25. boxinghelena

    Karmê (Κάρμη)

    Karmê (Κάρμη): This took me forever to find for a review. I didn't realize it was a WC food drive imp. Not liking this one. It's a flowery vegetable garden but in a cheap generic way. ick!