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  1. Maleficium

    A World of Fools

    Figgy pudding with a stake of holly through its heart. I smell like a candle. : ( This is a good smell, but it's way too strong and one of the notes (maybe the fig) turns almost plastic-y and it starts to smell very artificial. Into the swaps with you!
  2. Maleficium


    Tangerine, lemon peel, sugared pink grapefruit, and vanilla cream. Imp: fruity pebbles, lemon bars, aaaargh sweet vanilla citrus candy EXPLOSION. thinking about it further, I can smell a lot of grapefruit. wet: even more sugary. I thought I would hate this, but this is quite lovely. I smell delicious! dry down: sweet, smooth cream. Fades a little quick on my skin. I smell wayyy too much like food. I'm not much into sugary, sweet, bright scents. I am more a musky, pine, woodsy girl. However, this is DELICIOUS and is highly recommended for those who love to smell like delectable sugary treats.
  3. Maleficium


    imp: sharp, astringent, pine and rosemary. wet: evolves quickly. bay and spices, a touch of lemon (but not too much) a very awake, uplifting scent. It is sharp, smoky and woodsy on my skin and jolts the senses, especially in the first few minutes of wearing. LOVE! Impression is of alertness and power. can't wait to put this on my man-friend!
  4. Maleficium


    imp: musky, dry wood and nutmeg and a few spices that I am unable to isolate and name. dry: warm lovely but dry spices! This is an almost dusty smell. Sandlewood makes an appearance. I don't smell any rose (yet). drydown: uh oh it's becoming powdery! I hope this stage goes away soon. It's probably the amber. And I am starting to smell rose! Sometimes it works on me and other times it goes all babypowder. to the swaps, unfortunately.
  5. Maleficium

    Silk Road

    despite my hatred for cinnamon I'm going to try this one anyway imp: cinnamon and orange blossom wet: lots of cinnamon and something musky. cool herbs and spices, but it's hard to pick out which ones! drydown: still way too much cinnamon for my liking. It smells like a stick of big red mixed in with some sharp and pungent herbs. Not for me!
  6. Maleficium

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    The only scents my man has tried and loved are Satyr and Iago. I got him a bottle of Iago for Yule and he wears it daily. Both smell amazing on him. I'm waiting for him to try Odin.
  7. Maleficium


    Imp: immediately reminds me of a dimming fire and an ornate plush chair. I find it hard to distinguish the different notes, but I may be getting a hint of orange peel. wet: amber! Oh! And rose! There is a wee bit of jasmine, but it's faint. Not jasmine-y enough to make me hate it. This scent is rich, and lives up to its name so far. I feel aristocratic already! dry: The jasmine gives way to amber and something wonderful. Just a hint of rose is left, but not something that one would immediately sniff and think "rose". bottom line: Fades to a scent that is soft but commanding at the same time. Golden and regal, this warm scent makes me feel like royalty. I am not usually a fan of rose or florals but this concoction is so rich and enticing that I might even entertain the idea of buying a bottle. Just the right amount of throw, and long lasting.
  8. Maleficium


    Imp: bitter herbs, oak and chamomile wet: becomes more floral. flowering woodland in the springtime. drydown: becomes sweet, but still very herbal. Woody, but a very green and fresh wood smell. Something else that I think is the fig/rhubarb appears (just a guess, I can't recall smelling either. I don't know what else it could be) It begins to smell tart and juicy. very soft throw. I have to hold my wrist to my nose to detect it. What a unique scent! I can't say I've ever smelled anything like this, at least in something wearable. I'm undecided about this one. It is indeed pleasant, but I'm not sure it would be something that I would wear often. My wrist keeps making its way to my nose though, so I think I'll be keeping this imp! (note, this is NOT the alignment that I usually choose...I'm more of a chaotic neutral kind of gal but unfortunately they don't have a scent for that yet!)
  9. Maleficium


    imp: spiced honey and cinnamon wet: cinnamon jumps to the forefront and drowns out everything else. Smells exactly like those little red candies that I've always hated. drydown: after drying a bit, honey reappears but is still overpowered by cinnamon. After a little while longer, a wild ginger appears. verdict: I strongly dislike both cinnamon and ginger, and these two scents are amped to high heavens on my skin. Not for me.
  10. Maleficium


    This has effectively satisfied my chocolate craving. I don't necessarily retract my statements about Boomslang, but I like this one much much better. It is long lasting, has a stronger throw (but not too strong) and is even more the essence of delectable chocolate powder. A warm, vanilla-y, golden amber infused with oodles of chocolate powder. It smells the same in the imp as it does on my skin hours later. I am in love! I will be very sad when my imp runs out.
  11. Maleficium


    in the bottle: luxurious, indulgent hot cocoa! wet: chocolate spice! <3 Smells like how curry infused chocolate tastes, with a hint of warm vanilla. Kind of powdery, but in a good way! This is a very comforting scent indeed! My only complaint is that it fades very quickly and I have to reapply every two hours or so to keep smelling wonderful.
  12. Maleficium

    The Scales of Deprivation

    OH my this is heavenly! I smell the lemon right away. It has a very woody and herbal scent to it. After ten min or so it is a lot warmer and softer. I can forsee myself wearing this often!
  13. Maleficium


    imp: mead and spices. very warm and very fruity. wet on skin: oooh very heavy on the resin. drydown: turns even more resiny and spicy. A very warm and lovely scent.
  14. Maleficium


    imp: I don't smell blackberry at all. Just...herbal soap. wet: lots more soap. drydown: not liking this one so much. It goes intensely soapy on me and stays that way for quite a while. Reminds me of my Grandmother's potpourri dish.
  15. Maleficium


    imp: TRIX! Trix and fruity pebbles were immediately the first things to spring to mind when I opened my imp. wet on skin: Still trix, but something peppery citrus... delicate orange blossom, but mixed with all of the other notes it smells like a sparkly orange-drank. What a strange and very sweet perfume. Evokes bright warm days and the youthful energy of early summer... So not my type of scent, but I can't stop sniffing my wrist. This one confuses me, so I'll keep it for a little while and then decide if I'm going to love and wear it or send it off to the swappies.