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    My top 10 are Loviatar, Whip, Inganok Jewelers, Cthulhu, Rivet Goth, Gypsy Moth, Lust, VILF, Freak Show, Hand of Glory. I like Leather, heavy Musk (especially red), Red Rose, Clove, Stone, Beeswax, Spices, Bourbon Vanilla and Booze. I go for more masculine and spicy scents usually.

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    Ball Jointed Dolls, Ghost Hunting, Alchemy, Painting, Opera, Fashion Design, Old books, Mythology. Various art related things and spooky stuff. The occult is fascinating.
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  1. HighPriestessIce

    Single Note: Clown White

    Did I even receive the same thing? Wet: Chocolate! Cocoa! wat. Dry: It's like a chocolate coffee powder, with something that makes me think of pie cream. There's something almost sugary and reminiscent of sugar skull in here. This is a surprise winner right here.
  2. HighPriestessIce

    Pumpkin Spice Everything

    I have never done well with the lab's pumpkin. My brain registers it as this fake buttered popcorn lip gloss my best friend used to slather in middle school. But I have been hearing how this year's pumpkin was a different pumpkin. A more natural and fresh pumpkin so I was excited. As soon as I removed the cap, CHEESE. I wanted the lid back on immediately but I decided to persevere and pray the dry down was better. It was not. Socks. Dirty unwashed, not bathed in a month socks. Soaked in the foulest cheese from the ass crack of satan and left in the yard to rot. I think I need a moment *stares into the distance* I now long for the buttered popcorn lip gloss of pumpkins past.
  3. HighPriestessIce

    The Bear in the Cellar

    Bananas. The whiskey for some reason smells like really intense banana bread to my brain. WAT. As it dries the bananas thankfully disappear to reveal a smooth musky tobacco with a bit of a bite. The whiskey isn't in your face as usual but hanging lightly in the back ground. It's a bit fuzzy feeling probably from the bear musk.
  4. HighPriestessIce

    Le Père Fouettard

    Disclaimer: I absolutely loathe black licorice with the passion of a thousand suns. Nothing ever makes it tolerable. I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought this decant. That being sad I'm in love. It's so well blended I don't even notice it. I can smell a smooth smokey leather. If I really concentrate I catch just the barest hint of the licorice but it just deepens and spices the leather. It almost has a slight foody quality at first, but that quickly goes away and gives into a dusty spice.
  5. HighPriestessIce

    Eldritch Drunken Constellations

    Right off the bat I can smell s crisp glittery aquatic. The eucalyptus and ambergris are silvery and maybe remind me a bit of grapefruit zest. The white tea gives it a clean edge. Overall it's soft and fresh and will be great when the hotter temps roll around.
  6. HighPriestessIce

    Eldritch Dark

    Strong black leather. There's a sweet smokiness that reminds me of my beloved Loviatar ;^; But also a musk that reminds me of Brom Bones. It's warm and sexy. I get just a slight hint of the rose.
  7. HighPriestessIce


    I smell the cocoa and something kind of sour/bitter that my brain is registering as old banana peels. There's definitely a musty old fruit thing going on here. Then there's something that reminds me of stamp glue. I don't know what's happening here. About 20 minutes later something resiny appears but I'm afraid the musty fruit is still there.
  8. HighPriestessIce

    Corrupt Chancellor

    Did I even get the same perfume? I am getting a strong black licorice with lilac and something that makes me think of pee :c I am not getting any leather at all. There's also something sickeningly sweet in here. I'd like to note I am not skin testing since my skin is actually allergic to perfume. I test on strips of paper.
  9. HighPriestessIce


    I could almost swear I am smelling a Lick It. I am getting a creamy vanilla mint with the barest hint of pine needles and berries. As it dries the pine and berries come forward just a little. I can feel the coolness from the ozone but it stays in check.
  10. HighPriestessIce

    The Spell of the Eastern Sea

    This reminds me of Halloween in Innsmouth but with out the fish note. It's a dark, warm, smokey aquatic with something that strikes me as sugar for some reason. You can almost feel the grit of the salt in your nose.
  11. HighPriestessIce

    Art Supplies

    There are a few off the top of my head that remind me of art supplies. Well for Charcoal Smokestack is great. Creosote, coal, and industrial waste. For Oil Paint I find Wanda smells strongly of it to me. There's also the Orgy from last year's Pickman Gallery: A dissolute fougere with wet honey musk, distilled spirits, rose water, white lead powder, Venetian ceruse, and Spanish leather beauty marks stained with port wine. Definitely smells of lead paint to me.
  12. HighPriestessIce

    Scent for Halloween?

    Tonight it's A World Where There Are Octobers. It's rainy here so I was longing for some real crunchy maple leaves.
  13. HighPriestessIce

    Harvest Moon 2013

    This might just be my favorite Lunacy ever. It's all crisp red leaves all the time. As it dries down the red rose peeks it's head out. It's not a heavy rose, it almost feels like a tea rose. There's a hint of powder I associate with tea roses, yet it's still distinctly red rose. The leaves are still the star of the show though.
  14. HighPriestessIce

    Theme in Yellow

    This is not what I was expecting at all. I was hoping for a crisp fresh pumpkin what I got was foody. For once it didn't turn into buttered popcorn lip gloss like most pumpkin blends. It smells light pumpkin pie filling and there's a hint of crust. There's a noticeable dash of cinnamon in there but it's not overwhelming. I don't get any beeswax at all. Just fresh pumpkin pie.
  15. HighPriestessIce

    A World Where There Are Octobers

    I'm getting crisp dry leaves and a hint of maple smoke. The maple has almost a gritty sugar quality to it, making the blend almost feel crunchy. Then the smell of green branches comes in and there's a coolness. The leaves are still the dominant note though and they seem to be the same type from Sonnet D'Automne.