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  1. Eridan

    Tyche's Kiss

    This stuff is strong. not in scent, in effectiveness. I play the scratch off lotto tickets from time to time... usually i break even, no better, no worse. A little visualisation, a little tyche's Kiss on my hands..... I won 120$ on two tickets, which is just WAY beyond anything I've done before. It's DEFINITELY going on my personal bottle list, as this was from a leftover imp from a decant circle I did. I'm thinking that I need to be doing a little more seriously directed work with this - it's remarkable! I just wish I could figure out the dry down note on this stuff - it's almost jasmine but too sweet for what jasmine usually does on my skin! and I LOVE it. Smells fantastic to me and I can't figure what it is!
  2. Eridan


    Whee, my first review! This one was an odd one, for me. I don't generally like florals, i tend to stick to woods and spicier, herbal scents when I can. But, I'm making myself try the lovely florals, and being surprised time and again by how they end up smelling. So this one, i put on and was very intrigued by the watery green notes from the first. And then on drydown... it shifted. No surprise, right? Except... when it shifted it smelled EXACTLY like Anaïs Anaïs. Hyacinth, honeysuckle, lily of the valley. It took me a couple hours of sniffing my wrist (getting odd looks, too) to figure out what it smelled like, but when I DID finally figure it out, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. See, Anaïs Anaïs is what my friend Kathi wears. Kathi lives in Vienna, Austria. Her apartment has a view of the Danube!