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    rose, jasmine(when it works) amber, sandlewood I love florals,but usually florals I can identify, NOT generic perfumy florals. Some of my favorites are The Gaoler's Daughter,Eustephanos, Xiuhtecuhtli, and my ABSOLUTE fav. so far Bien Loin D'ici.

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  1. kattharia

    Gingerbread Goblin

    OOO, a bottle purchace for sure, Sweet patch. that reminds me of Banshee Beat!
  2. kattharia

    Tried Carnival Wax? BPAL suggestions needed!

    OMG, you are my scent twin! I would also recommend O, Haunted, TKO, and Velvet and Morocco! Gosh there are hundreds more, but those are off the top of my head...
  3. kattharia

    Halloween: Las Vegas

    Something in this oil is not playing nice with my skin. Maybe the wine? In the bottle , I do smell a grapey wine, and it's very pleasant, odd, I get none of the other notes. But when it hits my skin, it screeches a high pitched almost menthol type scent, that gives me a headache. At about an hour this settles down to a rather nice scent, but I have to stick my wrist up my nose to smell it. I wonder if it will get any better for me if I hang on a few months. Odd, by the notes it should have rocked my world.
  4. kattharia

    BPAL Patchouli - there's nothing else like it

    Also late to the party, but had to put in a shout for La Mano del Destino, not impable but still available, and GORgeous!!! Goes on all patchouli, but in about 20 minutes, all the other notes come out to play.
  5. kattharia

    Ranger v5

    Sweet smoky frankincense, not as smoky or heavy as St. John's Eve, but still pretty much Frankincense.
  6. kattharia

    Lady Lovibond v2

    On me, this is a fresh green floral. Lovely, but it turns soapy (on me), then takes me to headache town. On the plus side, it's lasting a long time!
  7. kattharia

    Thirteen (13): May 2011

    I think my nose is brken! I don't get any lemon at all! What I get in the bottle, and wet is cinnamon and I'm a little frightened because cinnamon amps like the devil on me. After about 20 minutes, the spice backs off and the Patchouli steps up. I loves me some good Patch. and this is a very good one. About 45 minutes later a dark rich cocoa comes and sweetens the blend. At this point I can't pry my nose off my arm. It doesn't seem to have a lot of through on me, (dry skin), but I'd be willing to slather heavy. Perfection in a bottle, and only the second 13 that I've liked.
  8. kattharia

    Young Pine Saplings

    Oh, Young Pine Saplings I so wanted to love you! I remember I loved my decant! True, I remember in the bottle and wet, I wasn't happy, but you dried so nicely. What happened?Maybe It's my wonky nose, or my wonky skin, but where did the fruit come from? Wet or dry, what I smell is FRUIT LOOPS? WTF? After about 20 minutes I get the milk that had fruit loops in it. So sad on this, but off to swaps you go!
  9. kattharia

    SAQQARA v2

    I also on first application thought ugh oh pine! I thought I'd written down the wrong proto, But after about ten minutes, I'm thinking more like cardomom. I'm also getting a nice amber which makes me think it will age really well!
  10. kattharia

    Tricksy Bath Oil

    Not being a patchouli lover, I was surprized by how much I love this! I used some in the bath, then some on my arms and legs. The scent stayed with me all day, and my bathroom smelled divine! DH, who is pretty indifferent, asked what I had used in the bathroom and said it smelled really good! I don't get much pine, just lots of sweetened patchouli!
  11. kattharia

    Blue Pumpkin Floss

    This was a surprizing miss on me! I wanted to love it, but it never got beyond CINNOMON!!! Even my Hus commented on it! I cotton candy and pumpkin but sadly they were absent. I sent it on to another who may love it!
  12. kattharia

    Black Death

    I almost passed on this, the notes just didn't sound like me! But for the last year, My tastes have been morphing and I now find I'm loving the darker side! I can smell the Patchouli, but It's so well blended that It's not sour on me. I get alot of citrus, but the peel, not a sweet juice! The clove plays around the edges and lures me in closer. I can't wait til my hubs. is well and can smell again! Definately verry sexy! May have to get a back up before this goes away!
  13. kattharia

    Plastic Pink Flamingo

    I can't imagine why I didn't buy this when it was available, because it's all sorts of yumm! It smells like pink marshmallows and green sap just like the description says! I just wish it lasted a little longer!
  14. kattharia

    The Infernal Lover

    Drop dead freaking gorgeous! Honey and red musk are two of my favorite notes, so this was a no brainer. Not a great deal of throw, but really sexy and warm. I think this may be my first ever two bottle hafta hord it oil!
  15. kattharia

    Anne Beany

    First I just want to say the artwork on this is ADORABLE! Unfortunately it never got beyond really strong butterscotch and rum on me. Even before my dh screwed up his face, I knew that sadly this wasn't for me. I'll just find someone else to love it.