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    Caramel, Smoked Chilis, & Black Vanilla

    If you love Mexican Long Tongued Bat, you will love this. It's a little richer and a tad spicier and the caramel is a low caramel, no high sugar note. I wasn't sure if I would need it or not but after watching Tom and Galen review it on 15 Minutes of 'Fume, I was sold. I might need another bottle...I've already used up quite a lot lol. Crazy throw and long lasting.
  2. Geminirubyshoes

    A Bold Bluff

    I was curious about this one having experienced cherry tobacco in a few other blends that I really loved. In the bottle it is....no pleasant. Kind of astringent and I think that it is the hops being turned up to 11. I decided to put it on anyways because you can never judge a BPAL from just smelling the bottle if it's something you are really interested in. Once applied, it smells like a cigar left in someone's jacket pocket that got rained on. Come on buddy, I don't want this to be a fail... Dry: warm, sweet pipe tobacco!! This is what I was hoping for. It takes a few minutes to get to this point. I see myself wearing this in the fall/winter and hopefully can just deal with the beginning part of the scent because I know the end result is what I wanted.
  3. Geminirubyshoes

    The Unheavenly City

    I have been wanting to try this for years and finally snagged a bottle from the Etsy store. The oil is definitely very red which always means a good thing to me I saw a previous post saying the notes are red musk, gardenia, magnolia and jasmine. I swear I also smell tuberose. These floral notes are pretty much the only ones that work for me so I find this to be very pretty and traditional smelling. I'm also wearing it on a 90 degree day in VT so maybe it will be different on my skin on a cooler day.
  4. Geminirubyshoes

    The Last Unicorn

    THE LAST UNICORN The unicorn lived in a lilac wood, and she lived all alone. She was very old, though she did not know it, and she was no longer the careless color of sea foam, but rather the color of snow falling on a moonlit night. But her eyes were still clear and unwearied, and she still moved like a shadow on the sea. Frosty lilac petals, iris pallida root, orris, violet leaf, white chocolate, coconut, wild lettuce, white sandalwood, and oakmoss. This is definitely a perfume befitting The Last Unicorn. Smelling it in the bottle, the oil smells like a garden..like heads of lettuce nestled in the dirt. There is a freshness, airy and a little sweet also. Upon first application, I get the frosty lilac note. Lilac is a scent that makes me sad for some reason but I think it's appropriate for The Last Unicorn. She is a lonely creature but steadfast and determined at the same time and I think lilac is evocative of that.I can smell the coconut underneath there too. As it sits on me I am enveloped in a soft haze of delicate smells all mingled together. It's hard to pick the other notes out, everything blends together so well. I know there was a concern about white chocolate as a make it or break it note for some, but I can't detect any. Oh wait, there's the sandalwood. This is definitely another scent that makes me reminisce about my childhood. This blend is soft, innocent, fantasy and reality all at once. Beautiful. Just beautiful.
  5. Geminirubyshoes


    I get weird about apple perfume. I am super picky...my favorites are Poisoned Apple, Smahain and Fearful Pleasure. Those are pretty much it unless the note caramel is combined with apple in which case I am more likely to want to try it. This scent was gifted to me and it's a little sharp but I think by fall it should be a bit smoother. If not I will probably just use it in my oil diffuser. I mainly get the hay and sawdust after applying and it's a little weird but I have hopes for the fall time
  6. Geminirubyshoes

    Cacao and Patchouli Root Hair Gloss

    I'm shocked this doesn't have more reviews! I ranted about this on the Facebook groups because it is glorious! My original description was a milk chocolate bar sensuously dipped into a vat of warm patchouli oil and that's what I am sticking too. It definitely clings to your hair foreeeevvveer and that is a quality I want in a hair gloss.
  7. Geminirubyshoes

    Waltzing Matilda

    Wow that's some earthy AF fig! It has a sharp edge that cuts through the dusty vanilla bean. It smells like a fig left out in the hot sun. I think it's a little too sharp for me right now but I bet in 6 months it will be lovely.
  8. Geminirubyshoes

    White Gardenia & Vanilla Cream

    I agree with the other posts. This is almost as magical of a gardenia fragrance as The Eternal Queen from last year's Tarot: The Empress. It's a beautiful, lush, fragrant White Gardenia with the slightly sweet, pretty creamy Vanilla. I cannot wait to wear this in the summer!
  9. Geminirubyshoes


    Because isn’t that what this book is really about? Vampire smut: patchouli-infused honey, red musk, red sandalwood, red ginger, pink pepper, Peru balsam, dark Eastern florals, Himalayan cedar, smoky vanilla, bitter clove, and leather. In the bottle this is sweet, smoky and just a hint leathery. In my happy haze of recieving this, I semi-slathered it on my wrists and was met with MUSKY, SMOKEY, sexiness with the leather peeking through. I would have to say that the red musk, vanilla, clove and leather and the things that stand out to me the most in this oil. VILF is not for the faint of heart! I would say this is a Snake Oil- type scent with leather. I typically cannot wear anything that has leather in it ( they usually just make me nauseated) but I think I have found my diamond in the rough leather scent BTW, the label art is super hot.
  10. Geminirubyshoes

    Luna Azul 2018

    Ted’s interpretation. The ephemeral romance, the fleeting affair: frankincense and blackcurrant, caramelized black amber, and motia attar. So I had to look up what motia attar was and discovered that it's another name for Jasmine sambac I typically love Ted's lunar interpretations because they always have a warm, soft quality to them and this one definitely has it. The frankincense is clean, the black current is mildly fruity and sweet here with the caramelized black Amber giving it a tiny bit of a smoky, sexy quality to my nose. The motia/Jasmine comes through a little bit at the end and makes the whole blend sparkly in feeling, not in smell if you know what I mean. This is really beautiful and will probably age incredibly.
  11. Geminirubyshoes

    Où Sont les Jouets S’il Vous Plaît

    On me, this smells so close to the raspberry pie that my mom used to make from the our raspberry patch that I'm getting kind of weepy over it. It's like raspberry pie with strawberry whipped cream. Wow...just utterly, wow.
  12. Geminirubyshoes


    Wow....this is gorgeous. Creamy, tropical vibe coconut with the slight sweetness of almond milk and the white musk gives it decent throw. Ambergris typically doesn't play well with me but fortunately in this blend it seems to work! Seriously, this is wonderful. I feel like this is the sleeper hit of the Yules this year.
  13. Geminirubyshoes

    The Writing on the Slate

    Yessssss dusty candle scent of my dreams!!!! If you love any of these: Lights of Mens Lives Loi Krathong Ichabod Crane Buy this right meow. If you love the smell of chalk dust in the air, and candles burning in a dusty room, this is for you.
  14. Geminirubyshoes

    Western Bonneted Bat

    Wow this is mellow and rich in the bottle but on me it's a bright, sweet tobacco. Someone asked if this is anything like Bulgarian Tobacco and I would say this is a cousin. The longer it's on I get an earthiness out of it as well. I am doing a bad job with this review but if you like tobacco, get yourself a bottle of this.
  15. Geminirubyshoes

    Mexican Long-Tongued Bat

    I fehking looooove this! Caramelized saffron would be the best single note ever, just saying. The chili peppers and clove give this a subtle kick to the caramel and the saffron just adds this extra oomph that I was raving about online in the Parlour FB group. This is going age into the perfect syrupy perfume and I cannot wait.
  16. Geminirubyshoes

    Ghost Faced Bat

    First try of this smells like Clive Barkers Sweets to the Sweet with Sugary Coconut. The vanilla is buttery or maybe its the condensed milk note I am picking up. Either way it's a rich, almost baked creamy coconut smell to my nose when dry.
  17. Geminirubyshoes

    Zoe and the Goat

    It's like Feed Me and Fill Me with pleasure with cream. Eye roll inducing and is going to age amazingly. I can't even with this.
  18. Geminirubyshoes

    Dignified. Elegant. Sophisticated.

    I have said before in other reviews that I adore Beth's bubble gum note and henceforth, I really need to try this. In the bottle the bubble gum is there but once applied it's a sweeter version of Snake Oil. I do love me all the Snake Oil so I think this is a win-win.
  19. Geminirubyshoes

    Senator Barrial

    I feel like this is as close to a red velvet cake single note as will ever happen. The frosting comes out on the dry down. I am seriously loving this...I think aging will definitely make it richer. I remember how intense Sprinklecake ended up being after some years so I am sure this will turn into something of similar strength
  20. Geminirubyshoes

    Obligatory Peach Perfume Oil

    Something about this reminds me of my childhood...like a shampoo I had when I was a kid that made my hair smell like clean fruit. Obligatory peach is lovely. This would be wonderful as an introductory BPAL for a tween
  21. Geminirubyshoes

    Dragon Eating Bees

    This smells like Lights of Men's Lives with Dragons Blood to me. The honey is mild. I love this.
  22. Geminirubyshoes

    Advice of the Dead

    So I love El Dorado from the Wanderlust collection which is how I know that I love copal. This is soft, gorgeous copal with the soil and myrrh giving it a rich background. I don't get the marigolds really, or that I can pick up anyways. I knew I would love this. If you love copal, get yo'self a bottle of this.
  23. Geminirubyshoes

    The Scroll

    I dont know what is going on here but this smells SO CLOSE to my beloved Mother Ginger from the Nutcracker series. I don't lnow how that is possible but yet...
  24. Geminirubyshoes

    The Pillory

    Hnrrrrrggh this is so good. Its like the sister to Captain Lilith and Her First Mate but with berries and less coconut cake smelling. I love rum caramel I tell you! I dont know how I missed this last year but so glad to have gotten it secondhand.
  25. Geminirubyshoes


    One of my favorite GC's is Knave of Hearts. That one is black currant tarts and crushed roses and this is in the vein of that. Rich, buttery shortbread cookies (crumbs and all) but not cloying. These roses are pale yellow and pale pink and they are romantic and genuine. I am really enjoying this and predict excellent aging.