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  1. fisharescary


    I sniffed this unaware of what it was supposed to smell like. maybe the problem is that I don't really drink gin martinis. Or gin. Or vodka martinis. But I got a wasabiish slightly sweet smell with maybe a light crystalline skin musk. That was the closest I could come to describing it, which is odd, because I do love juniper, and I would think I could have picked up one something in that family.
  2. fisharescary

    The Magdalena

    Struggling to describe this one with my limited scent-vocabulary...I do get some leather out of this one, a lot of resin, kind of a pale churchy incense vibe...something sweet and mildly chocolatey? Or just sweet so it makes me think of chocolate by association? and a hint of something herbal/minty but it might honestly be part of the resinous aspect. a freshness rather than actual herbs or mint. astringency, maybe? not in a horrible way. I agree with an earlier reviewer, it seems...very grown up. good throw. I can't decide if this is a keeper or not for me, but I'm very glad I'm trying it...it's just very interesting.
  3. fisharescary

    Det. Patrick Gleason

    Well, the leather and cologne I think are faintly in the background, but they're really just support for a smoky gunpowder scent! It's very interesting, and something makes me think of sunscreen...zinc? titanium oxide?...not bad, but not the smoky leather goodness I'd hoped it would be. mild throw.
  4. fisharescary


    Smells almost like a really delicious chai tea, but just a little less foody! I don't normally keep a lot of foodie/gourmet scents around, but this one is just beautiful enough I'll at least have to keep this imp!
  5. fisharescary

    Slobbering Pine

    while still wet on skin, I thought this was a surprisingly lovely, sparkling pine candy. After giving it a few minutes to dry, I sniffed again and suddenly I placed the smell: purple (grape) Smarties. (internationals note: American Smarties, not the chocolate ones in Canada)
  6. fisharescary

    Horror Unthinkable and Unexpected

    In the imp: pickle-y! Wet on skin: wax and skin musk and lemon and hints of sweet...cocoa? vanilla? just sweetness? and still a hint of pickle. A little bit of smokiness too. It's fairly strong and very interesting. Despite the fact that my description isn't very flattering, it isn't actually bad, but fairly bizaare perhaps. Sniffing the drydown, it smells to me like the exact moment that a big lemongrass-scented beeswax candle is extinguished.
  7. fisharescary


    This is exactly what it is supposed to be for me! I had a Jasmine Sambac plant once, a couple of years ago, before I lost it to winter. This is exactly what it smelled like. I suppose the 'tea' is the reason that it smells like the scent coming off the whole plant, and not just a handful of the blooms. And honestly the plant itself always had a hint of tea to it anyway....so maybe the tea scent comes from the blooms themselves? Anyway, the lab's SN is just really great and accurate, beautiful and not too cloying, stronger than average throw and longer duration. A real powerhouse of a perfume. So glad I bought this (and of course I'm glad it helped with the relief efforts!) Wearing it on its own is still novel and satisfying for now, but I look forward to experimenting with layering it (maybe with some leather?)
  8. fisharescary

    Hunters in the Snow

    This does, in fact smell like pickles while still in the imp, at least to me. Wet on skin, it is very wet ozone fresh. Maybe a hint of tree and smoke, but just mostly snow-slush-ice. As time passes, it becomes a bit more sharp and bright, like lemon. Still very ozone-water. I wish I got more of the woods and smoke. Seems to have average throw.
  9. fisharescary


    In the imp, I get powdery floral- on skin, super baby wipes.
  10. fisharescary

    The Changeling

    Sweet vanilla bourbon pumpkin rind. A delicious foodie scent, but unfortunately it's been a half hour since I put it on and the woods and linen have yet to show up. I am sad.
  11. fisharescary

    Down the Rabbit Hole Atmosphere Spray

    So, when I first read the description of this, I kinda hoped (mostly by reflex) that the twigs, leaves and dirt would be most prominent, with daisies and marmalade as supporting notes. That's just the kind of scent I like. Delicious earthy masculine goodness. I sprayed this, and it was the other way around- mosty what I assume is daisy and marmalade. I'm not even sure I can pick out the other notes- I just know they must be there because this isn't too sweet, fruity, or floral- they tone things down, that's all. But you know what? I love it! It's just so good and so pretty, it makes me stop thinking for a moment about leather and smoke. And honestly for an atmosphere spray that's probably for the best. I just think this conveys a very nice impression of open-windowed cleanliness-without-sterility. This is one I'd want people to smell when they walk into the house. I think it has decent potency, a little bit gentler than the only other atmo spray I've tried (Maj. Andre's Tree) which is also a good thing. Just very, very perfect. This was a frimp from the lab but I could see myself getting more next time I order from the Trading Post.
  12. fisharescary


    Wet on skin, I pretty much got sour green apple out of this one...very sharp, very green. If SGA didn't have enough apple for you, this would be the blend for you... My daughter says she smells lots of cinnamon out of it. A few minutes later, I smelled rose coming up from underneath the apple...I know, none of those are listed as notes, but that's what I got. Throw was perhaps a bit stronger than average. Duration was average. Not bad, a very nice blend actually, just not destined to be one of my favorites when there are so many good bpals out there.
  13. Lovers in a Rice Field! I guess for me it was like a perfume version of boozy rice pudding, but if you can, give it a try. Everything smells different on different people, and possibly as it ages.
  14. fisharescary

    The Ninth Cage

    In the imp, I couldn't identify the smell other than 'I've never smelled anything like it.' I look up the description, and things click into place-it seems I have finally met the lab's metallics. On skin, the iron is still there, but the oak does come through. Like the sweet tree smell in Blade of Grass, TP'ed Trees, and this year's October. It's really well done- in fact, I'm not sure I can wear it. The sharp tang of iron makes *me* feel a little claustrophic and threatened. It is, however, incredibly intriguing. I'd be fascinated by smelling this on someone passing.
  15. fisharescary

    The Lilac Wood

    In the imp: Lilac! lots an lots o lilac!Nothin else I can find. A few moments after hitting skin, fresh new growth of trees, flowers and grass poke their way through. Somehow it manages to be fresh yet feminine and floral yet spicy in a green and floral way. Reminds me of lavendar but it's not. That kind of herbal-spicy floral. Delicate yet not too weak. Maybe that's some mosses? I'm not very good with individual notes yet, not by a long shot. It's got a little bit of high-pitched white/floral/powdery feeling to it later, but very subtly so it's not a bad thing. Although I'm not sure it's 'me' enough to order a bottle (got this from the 'horn pack' of imps)I will certainly keep and enjoy what I have, and it's really very well done.