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    Theodosius, Doc Constantine, Hellboy, Two Headed Goat, The Bow and Crown Of Conquest, Brom Bones, Sin, Toad

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    Star Trek<br />Mustaches<br />Natural Food<br />Smelling Good
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    If anyones really that interested (and i doubt they are) 3:35pm Berlin VT
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  1. Phaedrus

    The Chicken-Legged Hut

    The Chicken-Legged Hut In Bottle: Mostly a firm but not overwhelming burned sweet smell, like burnt sugar or syrup, then after hits of dusty hay Wet: Same as in bottle, I see the connection with cream of wheat but it reminds me even more of a hot cereal my mother used to cook called Maypo Dry: More of the same with a stronger note of hay but more of a dirty unclean hay I suppose thats the chicken connection, just a hint of a chicken shack. I bought this because, well how could I not with a name like that. While the novelty factor of this sent is huge the smells just not for me.
  2. Phaedrus

    Deep in Earth

    Deep In Earth In Bottle: Moist Basement with strong over tones of generic floral sent, reminds me of my grandparents basement in late spring. Wet: Florals not as strong as in bottle, earthy tones come to the front Dry: On me this mellows out a lot pretty quick to a nice light floral with only slight hints of earth. Over all i really like this sent, being a guy I have to watch what i put on (or suffer the ribbing from my co-workers) there are a lot of sents that I like but wouldn't wear, this is one of the exceptions, and is the most feminine of my collection. So far I have gotten away with it with no ribbing and I like to wear it any time I am pining for warmer weather.