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    John Barleycorn

    JOHN BARLEYCORN There was three men come out o' the west their fortunes for to try, And these three men made a solemn vow, John Barleycorn must die, They plowed, they sowed, they harrowed him in, throwed clods upon his head, And these three men made a solemn vow, John Barleycorn was dead. Barley, beer, blood, and whiskey. In the bottle, beer. I like the sheaf of grain on the bottle as well. Wet on me, beer, barley, the whiff of whiskey, and just a slight tang of salt that might be the blood. Drying, the scent settles into mostly barley and beer.I do get a whiff of the whiskey every once in a while though. The whiskey is more apparent in the throw, and the barley is most apparent on the skin. It's a simple scent, and basic. Also very very tasty. I'm a sucker for the scent of beer, grains and breads. I like this scent, and I only have two complaints. One is that it could be stronger. I suppose this might be a good thing if you didn't want to smell too strongly of alchohol. The second is that it doesn't last nearly long enough. But, long enough would be all day long for me. I suppose I'll just have to slather and reapply.
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    GUNPOWDER That he might make his appearance before his mistress in the true style of a cavalier, he borrowed a horse from the farmer with whom he was domiciliated, a choleric old Dutchman, of the name of Hans Van Ripper, and, thus gallantly mounted, issued forth, like a knight-errant in quest of adventures. But it is meet I should, in the true spirit of romantic story, give some account of the looks and equipments of my hero and his steed. The animal he bestrode was a broken-down plough-horse, that had outlived almost every thing but his viciousness. He was gaunt and shagged, with a ewe neck and a head like a hammer; his rusty mane and tail were tangled and knotted with burrs; one eye had lost its pupil, and was glaring and spectral; but the other had the gleam of a genuine devil in it. Still he must have had fire and mettle in his day, if we may judge from the name he bore of Gunpowder. He had, in fact, been a favorite steed of his master's, the choleric Van Ripper, who was a furious rider, and had infused, very probably, some of his own spirit into the animal; for, old and broken-down as he looked, there was more of the lurking devil in him than in any young filly in the country. Carrot peelings, hay, chaff, molasses, maple oats, red apples, stable wood, and musk. I love the label, but, I am still horse crazy to some extent. In the bottle, grains, maybe the carrots. On me, wet, I smell the molasses and maple oats, and then the apples. These are nice apples; they smell crunchy, and I don't know how that is managed with just a scent. Drying, the scent is all wholesome grain mash. I imagine it would be even more foody to a horse. There's still a whisp of sweetness from the carrots, apples, and molasses. Of all of those, the apples fade first. After a couple hours, the foodyness of it fades and I am left with mostly the hay, chaff and stable wood. The chaff and wood, though, last for hours on my skin.
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    Iron Phoenix

    IRON PHOENIX Blood and fire: a magnetic metal that burns brightly and easily. Iron illustrates the metabolic process and the need to control primal, brutal urges without quelling the fire of passion. Dragon's blood and dark, dense metal, black pepper, clove, red ginger, basil, and myrrh. This smells like iron... or possibly steel. On my skin I can also smell the myrrh, but the myrrh loves me. It's a colder scent than I would have expected from the list of notes. I'm not getting warm spicy resin. I'm smelling metal. It's smooth, solid, dark, metal. The images I am associating with this are steel swords. I have been to booths at the Ren Faire, or at SCA events where people are selling very nice swords and knives...or nice solid armor that someone actually pounded into shape. This isn't so much the scent of the heat and shaping, but, of the finished solid form. This is that gorgeous damascus blade as you handle it and test the wieght of it. To be clear, I ordered this partly because I thought all those resins and spices would love my skin and I would love them back...and they do and I do. However...as a scent this is a really wonderful interpretation of a gorgeous piece of patterned, layered steel.
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    Mead Moon

    The moon was but a chin of gold A night or two ago, And now she turns her perfect face Upon the world below. Her forehead is of amplest blond; Her cheek like beryl stone; Her eye unto the summer dew The likest I have known. Her lips of amber never part; But what must be the smile Upon her friend she could bestow Were such her silver will! And what a privilege to be But the remotest star! For certainly her way might pass Beside your twinkling door. Her bonnet is the firmament, The universe her shoe, The stars the trinkets at her belt, Her dimities of blue. MEAD MOON Golden mead, fermented with gruit, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, ginger root, sweet-briar, rosemary, and lemon. This ended up being a tasty mead. I can't really differentiate all those notes, so to me the scent is more like a mead that was brewed with all those things in it, into one intoxicating but deceptively innocent smelling drink. This is a really well blended scent. It has a presence like some of the vanilla scents...but, it isn't really like them? It just feels subtle and warming, like how I perceive the vanillas to be. When I sniff closely it is a very complex scent, but close to my skin. It did take a little while to get to this point, though; when I first put it on, I thought I smelled root beer or cream soda. =) I suppose that's appropriate enough. My first experience with drinking mead was with a really lovely home-brewed mead that tasted like it was about as alcoholic as a soda pop. Whhooo! Intoxicating stuff, but lovely and innocent tasting. ------ This lasted more than 6 hours on me, and the scent kept getting more complex instead of going single note like so many do on my skin. It didn't have a lot of throw, but, I do like this and I am happy that I purchased the bottle unsniffed. ---- I'm just going to add this clip from Wikipedia in case anyone was wondering what gruit was. I didn't even know it was a word 'till I read the lab description, and then looked it up: Gruit (or sometimes grut) is an old fashioned herb mixture used for bittering and flavoring beer, popular before the extensive use of hops. Gruit or grut ale may also refer to the beverage produced using gruit. Gruit was a combination of herbs, some of the most common being mildly to moderately narcotic: sweet gale (Myrica gale), mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), yarrow (Achillea millefolium), heather (Calluna vulgaris) and Marsh Labrador Tea (Rhododendron tomentosum, formerly known as Ledum palustre). Gruit varied somewhat, each gruit producer adding additional herbs to produce unique tastes, flavors, and effects. Other adjunct herbs were juniper berries, ginger, caraway seed, aniseed, nutmeg, and cinnamon or even hops in variable proportions; many of these ingredients may have psychotropic properties too. Some gruit ingredients are now known to have preservative qualities.
  5. greenranger

    Pumpkin III (2008)

    PUMPKIN III Pumpkin with pink grapefruit, lemon verbena, yuzu, lime, parsley, and mint. In the bottle it smells tart. On me, wet, the pink grapefruit shows up first. Oh, yummy citrus! My mouth is watering. Lemon, lime, and grapefruit, with the lemon verbena backing it up. I can't smell any pumpkin yet, or parsley, or mint, and I have no idea what Yuzu is...*goes to look it up* Ah, another citrus, similar to a grapefruit with overtones of mandarin. So far this is all citrus on me, but, very tasty citrus. Moderate to strong throw.
  6. greenranger

    Thirteen (13): February 2009

    Considering the state of the economy and other worldwide woes, I think we all need a little extra dose of good luck. A sweet, comforting base of dark chocolate and brown sugar with thirteen herbs of good fortune, including nutmeg, Tonka, allspice, star anise, Jamaican and African gingers, devil’s shoestring, lucky hand root, and thyme. Am I the first because the color of the label is a bit indeterminate? I was wondering if "Navy" covered it or not. This is verah verah nice...but, chocolate is only present in the background on me. I have the impression that this is going to last well on me, as well, though it may change a bit over time. Mostly this is spice, with a base of brown sugar and chocolate. The dominant notes are a medley of the star anise, allspice, nutmeg and gingers...plus all the other spicy herby things that I can't identify yet. The brown sugar and the chocolate are merely adding sweetness and tying the rest together a bit. Six hours later, what I have left is a brown sugar and tonka scent. I like this. It is very different from all of my other spicy scents. I'd still classify it as foody partly because of the brown sugar drydown, but, I don't think I'd classify it as a chocolate scent. Chocolate was only a background note in this for me. ~edit~ Second wearing. Throughout most of the day the two most dominant scents are the ginger and the brown sugar. There's enough kick from the spices to keep the sweetness from ever aproaching cloying (on me, anyhow). For a good long while I was thinking this smelled<i> just a little bit</i> like those Japanese ginger snacks...the ones I just spotted in Trader Joe's...gingery and crusty with sugar...IF the sugar were brown instead of white. Don't buy this expecting the chocolate to be dominant! It is very much a background scent, and chocolate and my skin get along great, just so you know. If, however, you are hankering for GINGER, this might be right up your alley. I have occasional ginger cravings, so I think I will be holding on to this, very tightly. =)
  7. greenranger

    Pumpkin V (2008)

    PUMPKIN V Pumpkin with cranberry, strawberry, red musk, red rose, rosehip, frankincense, fig, jasmine, and carnation. I was worried about the rose, and all I can say is if the rose is as quiet in the rest of the Halloween blends as it is in this one I will be a very VERY happy sniffer. Ten minutes in and no rose screaming. No jasmine screaming either. What I have on my skin after ten minutes is a well behaved whiff of berries, frankincense, and just a little rose. I think I may even be able to smell the carnation. I can't seem to find the pumpkin, but, I don't mind. This is a rule breaker scent on my skin, as I should NOT be able to wear this and it seems to be behaving. So far. *crosses fingers* This is a very nice, subtle, mostly berry and fruit scent. Light to moderate throw. I can't say what it reminds me of because I don't have anything like it...or nothing like it that I could wear. =)
  8. greenranger

    Quicksilver Phoenix

    QUICKSILVER PHOENIX Mercury exists in three states of matter, just as Hermes, its patron, was the one deity that could move freely through the three classical worlds. In one of the alchemical processes, nitric acid, also called aqua fortis, is combined with Mercury, which then separates into a bed of red crystals and a cloud of red vapor. This experiment symbolizes the soul's transcendence over the polarities of mercy and severity, heaven and earth, light and darkness, life and death. Mercury is capable of forming complex compounds and amalgamating with elements that normally will not bind with others. Combined with phosphor and charged with electricity, it produces light. Cinnabar and silvery liquid droplets of mastic, white sandalwood, elemi, and lavender. In the bottle, I smell Lavender. On, as my skin warms it it blends into a silvery, almost bubbly(?) scent. It seems high and shiny and bright. Like the other metal phoenixes that I have tried so far, I can no longer pick out individual notes. I can feel and smell this almost bubbling off my skin into an airy light scent. After it's dry and has had a chance to settle a little, I can smell something a little more grounded on my skin if I get really close. This is a shiny scent, an airy scent, and the far drydown has just a touch of earthyness...not dirt. I can't do dirt on my skin, but this? This is magical. Shiny silvery magic!
  9. greenranger

    Pumpkin I (2008)

    PUMPKIN I Pumpkin with mango, persimmon, coconut, and myrrh. I imagine this is a bit different than pumpkin one from last year that had pear, white wine grapes and jasmine laced tea notes. With as much as I liked this years pumpkins so far, I should probably track some of that down too, if I can. Anyhow, on with the review. In the bottle(and I love the bottles!), pumpkin and myrrh. Wet on me, I can smell the persimmons and mango...and then the coconut. Then it all blends into a lovely sweet spicy scent as the myrrh warms on my skin and does its usual magic. It isn't *quite* foody on me, possibly because as much as I like the scent of myrrh it never smells edible to me. I like this very much. The scent lasts a really long time on my skin, and the throw is moderate to strong.
  10. greenranger

    Pumpkin II (2008)

    PUMPKIN II Pumpkin with black musk, leather accord, tonka, teak, orange wood, and opoponax. I think I could sum this up with: Pumpkin Perversion. Well, minus the wine. Perversion is the closest general catalog scent to this, though. On my skin, this is a rich, decadent, smooth, tasty scent. Even with the wood and leather, it smells like my arm should taste excellent. I adore it! My only problem is that it doesn't last as long as Pumpkin I. That lasted over 12 hours on me, and this one only lasts 4 or so...but, mmmm. I do smell the pumpkin as well as the leather and woods. On me, the black musk and the tonka are sweetening and giving the scent a lovely rich layer. On me, medium to strong throw. Rich and sweet, bordering on foody, even though the only edible ingredient is the pumpkin.
  11. greenranger

    Hay Moon

    The moon was but a chin of gold A night or two ago, And now she turns her perfect face Upon the world below. Her forehead is of amplest blond; Her cheek like beryl stone; Her eye unto the summer dew The likest I have known. Her lips of amber never part; But what must be the smile Upon her friend she could bestow Were such her silver will! And what a privilege to be But the remotest star! For certainly her way might pass Beside your twinkling door. Her bonnet is the firmament, The universe her shoe, The stars the trinkets at her belt, Her dimities of blue. HAY MOON Hay absolute, tall grasses, dry honey, mallow, cardamom, amber, and wheat. I didn't see this one up, so I suppose I am the first? Oh, the pressure! I had to get this one, partly because of the hay absolute. It's been a note I was looking forward to trying, and this blend looked like the perfect chance! This didn't change much from the bottle when I put it on, and it hasn't changed much in the two hours that I have had it on. It hasn't faded much at all, either. I think this one likes my skin. I smell hay...dry hay on a really warm afternoon. All the scent of walking through a ripe grainfield, without the prickles of straw in your socks. I can find the hay scent, rounded out by the amber and sweetened by the honey. It's a warm, relaxing, summer scent. I want to go curl up in a hayloft. ---------- The first time I tried this was right after I opened the package...This time it has had some time to settle. This time, I smell the cardamom and lemon in addition to the hay. Mmmmm. It is even more yummy than it was.
  12. greenranger

    Gold Phoenix

    GOLD PHOENIX La Lumiere sortant des Tenebres. The noblest of the alchemical metals, representing the splendor of the Sun. It is the essence of pure consciousness and represents the divine, creative force present in all spirit and all matter. It is the symbol of the goal of perfection, and is capable of radiating all the colors of dawn and dusk while still retaining its unblemished purity. Three ambers representing common gold, astral gold, and elementary gold, with verbena, angelica, and heliotrope that has been purified by frankincense and Gum Arabic. This is a bright and energetic scent. It's not strong, but, it seems fairly penetrating. I suspect that is the verbena at the forefront that is providing that bright citrus note. I get no flowers, but, this isn't a straight resin scent on me either. It's golden, but, it isn't a mellow gold. There are no dark corners, and everything been swept clean with bright energy. As it dries, it isn't changing much. The verbena might be stepping back a little to let the other notes shine. This reminds me of Sol Invictus, and if you liked that you will probably like this as well. They are both very clean, bright, golden scents.
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    E Pluribus Unum

    E PLURIBUS UNUM Out of many, one: a bouquet of the States' flowers. Out of many, one indeed. It is soooo well blended. I like it more than I really expected. I'm just geeky about the election and had to try it whether it worked or not. I really can't identify any individual notes in this. Absolutely nothing is amping on me. One, unified, floral scent and not FLOWERS OMG at all.
  14. greenranger

    Golgothan Myrrh

    GOLGOTHAN MYRRH I send thee myrrh, not that thou mayest be by it perfumed, but it perfumed by thee. Myrrh is a sacred plant whose power has been explored for over four thousand years. It is an ingredient in the Kyphi of the ancient Egyptians and in Ketoret, which was used in the used in the First and Second Temples of Jerusalem. Myrrh was also one of the gifts that the Magi were said to have brought to the infant Christ. This tremendously potent and protective plant resonates with the Crone, and is utilized both to explore the Crone's spheres of death and wisdom, and as a tool to help lead the proverbial child of destiny through darkness to a place of enlightenment. Myrrh, whose name means Bitter Tears, exists within the auspices of both Saturn and Luna, and represents loss and grief as well as the ability to heal and learn from painful experiences. I love myrrh. I knew that I had to get this. On me, warm, sweet, resinous, and deep. There's an almost floral bit to it, and an almost coconutty sweetness hiding in the center of it, though I don't find it to be either floral or foody overall. Lovely and complicated and it is lasting and lasting and laaaasting.
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    Silver Phoenix

    SILVER PHOENIX Lustrous, pliable, delicate, and malleable, silver is as mysterious and radiant as the moon. Silver requires darkness in order to react, and receives light passively. Opalescent orris shimmering through a blend of mallow, moonflower, wild pear, iris, starwort, juniper, and mugwort. Sweet, sweet, sweet. This is a fruity sweet scent that is reminding me of something from very very long ago that I have forgotten. It's so familiar...and yet not. Maybe I only encountered it in a dream? It's a white, sweet, rounded scent. It's full, and luminous, and It's reminding me of a place my parents took me on vacation during summertime when I was about eight? It's also vanishing really fast on my skin. On a piece of paper, it lasts longer. It's also less fruity sweet, and more...elegant...? Smoother, more grown up. I'll have to wear this in a locket. It vanishes too fast on my skin, and I prefer the version I get without my skin chemistry playing havoc with it. It's still familiar from somewhere....
  16. Hay absolute, sun-baked pumpkin rind, twisting vines, and the tiniest sparkle of gleaming metal. The sun baked pumpkin is the most apparent scent, but the hay and the vines are definitely there. I don't detect the tiny sparkle of metal till I've had the scent on a good long while. On me, this is definitely the most pumpkiny of the pumpkin patch. Throw is light to moderate. Much nicer than actually sorting through a haystack for a needle. I have been desperately seeking Hay Absolute, so I blame that for my splurge. I have enjoyed every single one of the pumpkins! They were all very different from each other, and even the ones I feared would not work on my skin, worked mysteriously well. I regret nothing!
  17. greenranger

    Shadowless like Silence

    SHADOWLESS LIKE SILENCE I saw old Autumn in the misty morn Stand shadowless like Silence, listening To silence, for no lonely bird would sing Into his hollow ear from woods forlorn, Nor lowly hedge nor solitary thorn;-- Shaking his languid locks all dewy bright With tangled gossamer that fell by night, Pearling his coronet of golden corn. Where are the songs of Summer?--With the sun, Oping the dusky eyelids of the south, Till shade and silence waken up as one, And Morning sings with a warm odorous mouth. Where are the merry birds?--Away, away, On panting wings through the inclement skies, Lest owls should prey Undazzled at noonday, And tear with horny beak their lustrous eyes. Where are the blooms of Summer?--In the west, Blushing their last to the last sunny hours, When the mild Eve by sudden Night is prest Like tearful Proserpine, snatch'd from her flow'rs To a most gloomy breast. Where is the pride of Summer,--the green prime,-- The many, many leaves all twinkling?--Three On the moss'd elm; three on the naked lime Trembling,--and one upon the old oak-tree! Where is the Dryad's immortality?-- Gone into mournful cypress and dark yew, Or wearing the long gloomy Winter through In the smooth holly's green eternity. The squirrel gloats on his accomplish'd hoard, The ants have brimm'd their garners with ripe grain, And honey bees have stored The sweets of Summer in their luscious cells; The swallows all have wing'd across the main; But here the Autumn melancholy dwells, And sighs her tearful spells Amongst the sunless shadows of the plain. Alone, alone, Upon a mossy stone, She sits and reckons up the dead and gone With the last leaves for a love-rosary, Whilst all the wither'd world looks drearily, Like a dim picture of the drowned past In the hush'd mind's mysterious far away, Doubtful what ghostly thing will steal the last Into that distance, gray upon the gray. O go and sit with her, and be o'ershaded Under the languid downfall of her hair: She wears a coronal of flowers faded Upon her forehead, and a face of care;-- There is enough of wither'd everywhere To make her bower,--and enough of gloom; There is enough of sadness to invite, If only for the rose that died, whose doom Is Beauty's,--she that with the living bloom Of conscious cheeks most beautifies the light: There is enough of sorrowing, and quite Enough of bitter fruits the earth doth bear,-- Enough of chilly droppings for her bowl; Enough of fear and shadowy despair, To frame her cloudy prison for the soul! Dry leaves and white sandalwood, rock moss, cypress, and dry, lifeless roses. Imagine, if you will, a garden. Fenced in wood, but untended, as the weather has been too hot. There is no scent of turned earth or the sap of cut stems. There is no dust in the air, as the garden is deserted, except for you and maybe a lizard dozing on a stone in the afternoon's heat. Imagine an overcast but hot day, and a need for solitude. Sit on a bench in the garden and lean back against the rough cypress trees. Inhale the hot air, and close your eyes. You are alone, the world is silent, and the air is still. Later, as you rejoin the rushing crowds, you surreptitiously sniff the skin of your hands where you ran them over the rough, hardy greenery. You wear a reminder of the still silence as a airy talisman to carry you through the teeming, chattering night. **** You might be able to tell that I liked this scent very much. It starts off as heated bare dry stone, like a rocky path. The wood and the greenery take several minutes to show up. The cypress and sandalwood take over the scent slowly, like the heat seeping into the greenery or the sun passing overhead... It is lasting very nicely on my skin as well, with the sandalwood and a faint hint of cypress as the last notes hanging on. The roses never showed up, on me, which was fine. I amp roses, though I have found blends where they work on me, and in this I couldn't even tell there were any there.
  18. greenranger

    Lead Phoenix

    LEAD PHOENIX Solid, heavy, and resistant to corrosion, lead is the first and oldest of the Seven Metals. It is the metal of ammunition and tombs, radiation shields and solder. Though it represents limitations and boundaries, it also transcends them when combined with other elements to create Philosophical Mercury. A dark and lusterless scent that contains the potential for limitless spiritual radiance: tobacco absolute, hemlock, plum, cypress, styrax, olibanum, and wild lettuce. I can't stop smelling my arm. Dark and smooth and not shiny at all. This has a few of my very favorite plant notes, and I'll include the tobacco in that statement. I adore cypress, and olibanum. Hemlock is often present in the green scents that I love. Styrax I have found in favorite blends before. I can't really pick anything out at all, but, the amazing sweet darkness on my arm.... Mmmmmmm. As it warms up it just keeps getting better. I was looking forward to this one. I just knew it would be wonderful for me. *sigh* It just needs to stay just like this forever....
  19. greenranger

    Copper Phoenix

    COPPER PHOENIX Copper's lustrous, rose-tinted Venusian energy inspires creativity and assists in balancing spiritual polarities. It can be utilized as a literal mirror, and a mirror reflecting the beauty of the soul. Rose-infused dark amber, with sweet orange, honey, cardamom, patchouli, apricot, pink pepper, and red sandalwood. This is a smooth, polished, calm scent. The scent notes do not stand out individually. They meld into a lustrous smooth polished whole. I get no ripples or bumps. With as many spices and woods, the orange and the patchouli, smooth wasn't really what I was expecting. I was expecting warm, orangy, spicy and resiny...and it is, in a very, very smooth way. A polished smooth coppery orange substance. Very lovely, and very much not what I expected from those notes.
  20. greenranger

    Tin Phoenix

    TIN PHOENIX A malleable, pale metal with a flexible, crystalline structure that speaks out with a thunderous voice when bent or shaken. It is representative of the breath of life and the storminess of the spirit. Pale metals, crackling ozone, hyssop, white mint, tonka, and lemongrass. With a little bit of trepidation I try the Tin Phoenix. Some of the listed notes don't always play well with me. A white scent, and there's a slight sharpness to it. Maybe not so slight; there are definitely some high sharp things going on. It's airy and high. I can pick out the lemongrass, but, it isn't too TOO far forward. Yet. Darn, there it goes. Darn skin chemistry. Lemongrass sharp enough to cut myself on. Dabbed on a piece of paper, the scent stays more blended: white, airy, and crystaline.
  21. greenranger

    Pumpkin IV (2008)

    PUMPKIN IV Pumpkin with white sage, cherry tobacco, honey, smoky vanilla, cedar, and pine. In the bottle, honey. On me, honey at first. Then the pine and cedar take over and it becomes very pine for a second. The trees settle down, though, as the rest of the notes come forward and blend. This is very different and interesting. None of the listed notes are missing. I can smell them all, but, they are blended into something new and unlike anything else I've sniffed so far. The result is moderately sweet and sort of earthy and leafy. The throw is moderate.
  22. greenranger

    The Phoenix in Spring

    THE PHOENIX IN SPRING Newborn, with flecks of myrrh still dusting its wings, the Phoenix emerges: dandelion florets, cherry blossom, spring wildflowers, and myrrh. I'm not usually a flower girl, however, cherry blossoms and dandelion florets? And myrrh? I think I can do this. This is a very tender new growing thing scent. This is the scent of those gorgeous green spirally magical plants that are suddenly THERE climbing the walls and fences and making the world beautiful. The green growing things that you could have sworn weren't there yesterday....or maybe even an hour ago. Jack's beanstalk could smell like this. As the scent dries and settles in, it is less dewy and green, and more like the cherry blossoms. It is still gorgeous. The myrrh is beginning to warm it up, just slightly, almost like the sun warming the scent of the plants. I really like this so far.
  23. greenranger


    It's a complicated smelling scent, and it has a sophisticated feel to it. Classic, expensive, and outside fashion just enough to never be trendy. It has a more "perfumy" feel to it than I am used to liking....at least when it is first applied. But, it is musky and salty and sensuous, once it dries down and settles in. Date night scent, to be worn out on the town with a fantastic dress and sexy underthings.
  24. greenranger

    Peony Moon 2013

    It starts off green and slightly wet smelling. Refreshing but not watery. Once it is on a while it settles into a lovely soft floral that reminds me of my sweet peas, without actually smelling exactly like them. It smells like a slightly warm April day, outdoors in my yard. I like this. It is a gentle scent, stays close to the skin on me, and would be easier to wear to work than many of the scents that I like. It's a little bit like bringing the scent of the garden inside on your clothes, rather than a more obviously perfume scent.
  25. greenranger


    Rock the protester cliché! This is a filthy friggin' patchouli, dark, deep, rooty, and strangely sexy, with cocoa absolute, tobacco absolute, and bourbon vanilla. I love this scent, and I think I will love it more once the patchouli really settles in. I may have found my holy grail of patchouli/vanilla/chocolate/tobacco rich scents. On me it isn't doing anything sharp. It's just really strong patchouli to start, with the other sweeter scents tempering it as it dries. I could roll in this. However, the absolutes have absolutely settled to the bottom of the bottle and are resolutely not mixing in. I'm working on it, but, it's like convincing my tea party friend that the corporations don't have his best interests in mind.