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  1. bookishbunny

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    This is so beautiful! I, too, have my own spreadsheet, but I may use this database, also. I love to catalog!
  2. bookishbunny


    in bottle: This is a heavy aquatic. The full-bodiedness is unexpected for a "water" scent. Ambergris gives it an oily, but not overpowering, density while salt and eucalyptus add a tingling contrast. wet: Very salty marine notes emerge. It's the scent of the deeper, dark blue layers of the ocean. A creamy, animalistic tone lurks below. 15 minutes: The oily weight of the ambergris has spread to a soft musk. The nose is tickled by a sharp oceanic note. As a whole, the scent rises and lightens at the same time it deepens. It's pretty intriguing in how it maintains that balance. dry: All has blended into a musky, warm aquatic. Much of the "tingling" sensation is gone except for a hint of salty breeze. I get the image of large, dark, silent beasts gliding through deep, cold water.
  3. bookishbunny


    In bottle: Heavy white ginger blooms (not to be confused with the root, which is an entirely different scent). Also, some unknown mixed bouquet of warm florals. The muget lends a hint of "powderiness" in the background. Wet: The ginger begins to back down and blend with humid jasmine and rounded floral notes. The muget begins to peak and lend the mix something just on the floral side of powder. 15 minutes: This has turned to a clean, slightly aquatic floral, much lighter than it was at application. It's not soapy, per se, but it does remind me of certain artisan soaps I've ordered. Very tropical, with humidity and breeziness playing off each other. Dry: The muget has returned as a bottom note, but in a lighter form than before. The warm floral tones have also returned, anchoring the clean, tropical air of the earlier heart notes, which still persevere.
  4. bookishbunny

    White Chocolate and Strawberry

    White chocolate and strawberry. The strawberry in this reminded me of the Ethel M strawberry buttercream chocolates I used to get (they had real strawberry bits in them). On me, it stayed sweet and true to its name, but my skin amplifies sweet smells. Because of that, I was afraid the white chocolate would be cloying (I don't like it as a candy), but I loved the creaminess it added to the fruit. I didn't notice much change from application to dry down. It's a simple, playful scent. I loved it and had to make it mine.
  5. bookishbunny

    Al Azif

    Out of the bottle it is almost airy but with a sandalwood anchor. Later, this is very sandalwoodsy with a touch of warm apricot. It reminds me of some kind of wonderful massage oil. I do not get any "incense" but maybe a touch of maple.
  6. bookishbunny

    Drink Me

    Out of the bottle, it's a buttery-rum cake with that burnt sugar smell you get from a day of holiday baking. On the dry down, I had my partner sniff it. I said it was toasted almond, but he pegged it, being the good southern boy he is, as pecan. It is like a pecan sticky-bun. Any pineapple coming from it is of the upside-down cake variety where the sugars are toasted and delicious. And heartily boy-approved.
  7. bookishbunny

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    Another vote for Golden Priapus. I just melt when I come home and smell this on my lover. And, really, it smells nothing like a penis, but maybe it smell like a golden penis? I don't know. Never smelled one. Anyway, he also likes Tombstone, but it's a little too licorice-sweet for me. I'm also dying to try Severin on him (which I'm wearing today). He is usually partial to more spice, but I think Severin would make a great part-time summer scent for a man. ETA: I'm also curious to see how Juke Joint would smell on a guy. (I like it on me.)
  8. bookishbunny


    This was my first true love from BPAL. A spring breeze passing over a meadow two weeks before school lets out for summer. This fragrance was so nostalgic, but I couldn't put my thumb on the time or place I became nostalgic for. It's youthful and subtle, natural and serene. Come to think of it, it's not at all what I'd heard Amsterdam to be!
  9. bookishbunny

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    ^^^ Thank you for the link. However, I think I like mine more. I just need to figure out what I'm doing wrong with the drop-down list. Also, mine is not going to have descriptions, just the collection name (that's what's going in the drop down list). Oh, and I did keep the "how many you need to smell a year before you die" calculation.
  10. bookishbunny

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    I looked, but could not find this, so please pardon me if this has been brought up... Has anybody thought of creating a simple Excel spreadsheet with the names of the scents, so one can check off what has been tried and what hasn't? I'm kind of a list/catalog junkie, and thought it would be great to have one for such a large collection of scents. I have a list for the 1001 Books to Read Bewfore You Die that calulates how many you've read when you check them off with an 'x' (it will also calculate how many you need to read a year before you die, but that's another matter altogether!). Just wondering if somebody has already created one they could share before I make one myself.