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  1. prrrplegrrrl

    Berry Scents - Blackberry, Red Berries

    I second Bewitched. The musk does tone it down, but it really reminds me of a lush forest. Lady Una is a bit of an amped up Bewitched with more honey in it. Rosalind and Glasgow are two of my favorite springtime scents... Rosalind is a little closer to Bordello, and on me it ends up drying down to smell like berry hookah smoke! If you can get your hands on some, you also might want to try Irrelevant and Disturbing Surreal Crawdad Dream. It's CRAZY yummy blueberry. Lampades is absolutely my favorite scent. It -is- a bit similar to Bordello.
  2. prrrplegrrrl

    Gingerbread Poppet

    It's not -exactly- what I thought it would be (which was more along the lines of Villainess's Gingersnapped), but it is the perfect holiday scent for me. It's more spicy and less foody than I had expected, but I still had people sniffing me all of December!
  3. prrrplegrrrl

    The Death of Autumn

    This name is dead on (no pun intended). At first, both in the bottle and on me, it is VERY pungent. Scarily so. Not a nice scent, actually a lot closer to what I thought Bonfire Night would be, but that's a different story. Luckily, I gave it a chance. This one's a grower, not a shower, and it turns very dark and smoky, but a bit flowery, too. Perfect for late November!
  4. prrrplegrrrl

    Pumpkin V (2007)

    I was excited about this the most out of the Pumpkins last fall, and it turns to a foody vinegar on my skin. What is THAT all about?
  5. prrrplegrrrl


    When I put it on, I get the sufganiyot (which I know now, thanks to wikipedia)... beeswax... olive oil... and THEN the pomegranate comes out. It's such an interesting scent, certainly appropriate for the holidays. I was worried that I wouldn't like it after I spilled it all over my desk(!!) but I do!
  6. prrrplegrrrl


    This is a lovely clean-laundry scent. It's similar to Rosalind, but greener, and I think it's more accessible than Dirty, in that it could work well on many people.
  7. prrrplegrrrl

    Dana O'Shee

    In the bottle it's ALL almond, but on me the almond takes a back seat to pretty milk and honey. A lot of the milky scents seem to go rotten on me, but I wear this a couple times a week, in the daytime. It's so yummy and pretty without being overwhelming, so it's perfect for work. It's a good alternative to a vanilla-scent if you like that warm lightly foody style but want something different.
  8. prrrplegrrrl


    This is the first scent I tried that made me sneeze! I was so sad, because I love autumn scents, but I just can't keep this one on Sensitive noses may want to beware.
  9. prrrplegrrrl

    Pirate Moon

    It's piratey alright. It smells very manly, and reminds me of the open sea. As far as pirate scents go, I don't like it as much as Port Royal, but it's certainly a keeper!
  10. prrrplegrrrl

    Bon Vivant

    In the bottle: Hee! Champagne and strawberry! Reminds me a little of Strawberry Shortcake things that I had when I was wee. On me: Ooh, very fruity! It's not something I'll wear everyday but it's cute and will be nice on a warm summer night (if I'm feeling adventurous around mosquitoes).
  11. prrrplegrrrl


    Yep. Pencil shavings.
  12. prrrplegrrrl


    In the bottle, it smells straight up like a [clean] hamster cage... all cedar. I'm so glad I gave it a chance (as with so many other oils!) because it dries to a delicious vanilla cake scent! It's not too sweet either, I think the cedar mellows it out.
  13. prrrplegrrrl


    In the bottle, it's very pretty: springy and herbal. On me it dries into a lusty but light scent, very herby and lightly flowery. It reminds me a bit of a hookah lounge, actually---something maybe about the kind of shisha I usually pick.
  14. prrrplegrrrl

    Black Phoenix

    At first it smells just like amaretto, but turns into almost pure baby powder for me on the drydown. Weird...
  15. prrrplegrrrl


    This is ABSOLUTELY the fruity I was looking for! It's dark and lush and lusty. At first it smells like a Starburst, and actually made my mouth water. After a bit, it mellows into a deep, gorgeous scent, and it lasts all day for me.