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  1. poofie

    Ghosts at Aldershot

    I couldn't resist this one because it sounded like it might smell like one of my favorite local treats, Lemon Sticks! Sweet, minty, and lemony is such a nostalgia bomb for me. In the bottle, it smells weird. Like beeswax or some other animal product. But once one, it is a little minty and mostly marshmallowy, but almost no lemon. Pretty and pleasant but I was hoping for some more lemon. This is a soft, cozy scent, nice for days when you need something pretty and unchallenging. It will be nice for summer, too, and maybe will have more staying power when me and the air aren't so dry.
  2. poofie

    Scarecrow Turned Philosopher

    Once I said to a scarecrow, “You must be tired of standing in this lonely field.” And he said, “The joy of scaring is a deep and lasting one, and I never tire of it.” Said I, after a minute of thought, “It is true; for I too have known that joy.” Said he, “Only those who are stuffed with straw can know it.” Then I left him, not knowing whether he had complimented or belittled me. A year passed, during which the scarecrow turned philosopher. And when I passed by him again I saw two crows building a nest under his hat. – Kahlil Gibran Corn husks waving on an autumn breeze, beams of amber sunlight, hay bales, and late summer wildflowers. This is very pretty! I expected it to be fairly dry, but smells pretty creamy to me. Sweet and ambery, I don't get any hay and I can't say if I smell corn husks either. Three hours in and it's hanging on pretty well, which counts as fairly long lasting on my skin.
  3. poofie

    White Fir

    Sweet and cool and evergreen! Not sharp at all. It's very pretty and uplifting.
  4. poofie

    Snake Skin

    I get whiffs of tempera paint when this is freshly applied, but I'm not mad at it. After it dries it's much more subtle than regular SO is on me, which is what I love about lots of Snake-Oil-And scents.
  5. poofie

    Dead Leaves and Lavender Buds

    I blind ordered this, along with two other dead leaves blends, before I remembered that I have NEVER had success with dead leaves. In the bottle, this scared me. Really sharp and aggressively leafy. I finally worked up the courage to try it on after a nice bath and a glass of wine... and it's pretty gentle? I get a powdery, fresh kind of scent from this, with gentle lavender and crisp leaves. It's pretty unisex, I'd say, which I tend to enjoy. I'd say don't let other reviews scare you off if you're thinking about dead leaves and lavender buds; I think it's nice and fresh and kind of soothing, despite how shouty it is in the bottle.
  6. poofie

    The Haunted Beach

    I've worn this a couple times so far and have really enjoyed it, but I haven't really put much effort into thinking about it. I suppose that's because this scent isn't really a challenging blend; it's a lovely aquatic that is kept from getting screechy or soapy by the musk. I'm a late convert to aquatic type scents; A Vast Similitude Interlocks All from last year's Liliths rocked my world, and really, Haunted Beach is similar to it, but not similar enough to get away with only keeping one. This is a low throw perfume without much staying power, but really lovely and light and clean smelling.
  7. poofie


    In the bottle, this was awful to me. Really sharp and almost like pee or something? But on the skin, it is quiet and soft and fresh and a little smoky. I don't find it especially mentholic or piney. I suppose mostly it feels very evocative and atmospheric, like standing in a forest with clean woodsmoke hanging in the air.
  8. poofie

    Sanguinem Menstruum

    The loveliest fairy picked this up for me, and I've just put it on. It's mostly my frenemy RED MUSK first and foremost; I struggle with red musk because it's just so powerful. One little dot of this oil pressed between my wrists is plenty for me to wear! Once it starts to dry and settle, I smell what may be beeswax - it's not sweet enough to be honey, I think. I also get a bit of down and dirty smell that reminds me of patchouli, but I wear patchouli so infrequently I'm not confident in identifying it. I'm not getting anything that says 'poppies' to me, which is kind of a shame because I love me some opium smells and I was wondering if the poppies would be in that vein. Overall, it is powerful and sexy and a little smutty (literally Smut-ty, with all that red musk). A fun perfume that's good for staying in, and for such a good cause!
  9. poofie

    Somewhere or Other

    Simple and lovely! It's a gentle rose made fresh by the aquatic note. I really enjoy how soft and fresh it is, it feels very feminine without being sweet. Fairly low throw, probably office appropriate. It's a scent that isn't challenging, just pretty and fresh. The rose doesn't go soapy or sour on me, and the aquatic stays fresh without getting sharp or harsh. So nice!
  10. poofie

    Blossoming Vulva

    This one is an interesting morpher on me. I agree that in the bottle it is especially creamy or even buttery, which was worrying since dairy-type notes don't do well on my skin. Once on, it's a delicate floral with a bit of vanilla. Now that it's dry, I definitely get the oak and some amber, and I suppose the lotus? It has a sort of similar feel as pink pepper on me, sort of sweet with an underlying zing. I don't get tea at all, and I can't say I know what tea blossom smells like - perhaps it's much different than the tea note I'm familiar with. It's very close to the skin, and may be one that needs reapplication? I put on a decent amount two hours ago and while I can smell it easily when I put my wrist to my nose, it's not throwing much beyond that. It might be just because it's winter and I'm super dry, though. Overall, it's soft and pretty and kept from being sweet by the oak; really lovely! I'm pleased I sprung for a blind bottle.
  11. poofie

    Drunk Uncle

    Super boozy, obviously. I wanna say this uncle is drunk on mulled wine or spiced and spiked hot cider, I'm getting some of that Christmas-spice feel under the alcohol.
  12. poofie

    A Vast Similitude Interlocks All

    Crisp from the aquatic note and warm from the amber. Simple and pretty and easy to wear. I really like it! I'm enjoying the contrast and that it's uncomplicated.
  13. poofie

    Apple II

    I loved the idea of this and it smelled lovely and fresh in the bottle but on my skin it gets a sort of bathroom cleaner smell. Not for me.
  14. poofie

    Startled Toad

    This was unsuccessful on me. Rigorous Love is one of my favorites for the coconut/lemongrass/vanilla combination, and I'll buy pretty much anything with coconut in it, but the notes in ST were too muddled together for me. I wanted something fresher, but the amber and patchouli made it a little potpourri-like to me, and as much as I want it to, carnation doesn't seem to work for me. I swapped it away; Rigorous Love will be my go to for my coconut/lemon fix.
  15. poofie

    Rigorous Love

    I'm wearing this today and I love it so much. It's lemon and creamy coconut and a bit of anise and vanilla. This is perfect for a spring day! It is a little like Startled Toad from Luper 2015, but this is fresher and less complicated (ST was muddled on me).