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    Schwarzer Mond
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    CROWLEY ;D The Masque, Polyhymnia, Samhain, Berenice, Melpomene, Yggdrasil, Rose Red, Snow White, Lenore... Myrrh, amber, resins in general, wood, leaves & herbs, leather, moss, earthy stuff, some flowers & some spices.

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    Arts & Crafts, enamelling, mythology & legends, fantasy & fairytales, books in general, music, antiques, corsets, vintage & antique styles, make-up, you know, those girly things.


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  1. medvssa

    The Little Wooden Doll

    Ancient, golden, gleaming wood, polished by ages of loving hands, doesn't smell like this. But it should.
  2. medvssa

    German Expressionist Horror

    Black Forest + Schwarzer Mond... I LOVE this one very dark, yet soft, enveloping and velvety-smooth. As good as it gets :D
  3. medvssa


    A soft and warm musk like that of Ivanushka, sweet pale amber, something spiced, that actually reminds me of carnations... it must be some spices with the rose, but I wouldn't have been able to tell it is rose, it is so soft and pale. In fact I would describe it as something between Ivanushka and Brisingamen. The general impression is pale, delicate, femenine, lightly sweet and languid. To me it has a dusty, peachy, muted color, like that of silks discolored by the sun, but the scent itself is not too powdery. Old fashioned, but not musty. I really like it, I am going to get a bottle of this one.
  4. medvssa

    Julia Stone

    Well, I was surprised too although on drydown the description doesn't seem so wildly off anymore. Soft, green and a bit sweet, damp when wet. Linen, and, perhaps cucumber, or lettuce? Wet it is like a cross between Frenum and Berenice (I love both). When it dries out it becomes more floral, in fact something in it smells like Abbaye de Flavigny violet drops so I do get a quite dry, a bit powdery violet too. The general effect does smell kind of like old haberdashery shops. The combination of damp and dry is perhaps what is intended to evoke mold. And definitely old fabric. It is very faint on me though, and has virtually no throw but I really like it, maybe I must slather. I will wear it a few more times to see if it does really agree with my skin enough to buy a bottle, I am not sure yet.
  5. medvssa

    Countess Dolingen of Gratz

    At first I do smell the cypress (I love it), and water and ozone. No olibanum unfortunately. In fact I couldn't have said it better: But I do quite like it. In fact, to me it smells quite similar to Selkie... go figure! I didn't think I would like it, I expected to be sharp and gritty and grey, but on dry down it is very fresh and quite green, a bit like freshly cut grass... Another bottle to consider.
  6. medvssa

    Perle von Mauren

    This scent is soft, creamy and sweet, just a little bit powdery. The soil is very soft, not at all smoky or gritty earth, but a sweeter note, like that found in Death Cap. And the blood note, is fortunately not Dragon's Blood which I don't like, but a slightly metallic and salty note. Soil and blood are not the protagonists of this blend, at all, but they do a great job darkening the otherwise bright and sweet floral, heliotrope. I really like this blend, I thought it would be flatter but it is quite deep & dimensional. Very interesting, I will consider purchasing a bottle.
  7. medvssa

    The Girl

    I ordered one decant of each of the Literary Vampires, and I am glad I did because if I had waited to read the reviews, with all the mentions to vanilla, I wouldn't have tried this one as I can only take vanilla in the smallest of doses. Well, I do not get vanilla, although the blend is certainly sweet, but I do not find the sweetness to be foody at all, but instead floral (in the way of lilies or lotus) and a bit resiny (from the amber I guess). In fact, to me the most remarkable aspect of this scent is the paleness of the resin. It certainly is white, the scent itself is immaculately white. Not a blindingly bright white, but pale rays of light through the darkness. The jasmine/ylang-ylang are very soft, not sharp at all. It doesn't feel cold or even cool to me though. Not warm either, due to this white hue, but, well lets say lukewarm at skin temperature, and for me the subdued musk stays behind as in a backdrop. I wouldn't describe it as crystalline (but perhaps opalescent, since it has an almost creamy feel to it) on me there is no sparkle to it. I think if the birch would be more noticeable, perhaps I could call it crystalline. The birch is there though, and although it is difficult for me to tell it apart from the other notes, I have to take a deep breath and concentrate, I still suspect that the very subtle "mintiness" of it balances the blend out, and actually makes me really like this blend... this is so not the kind of scent I normally like! I like dark and warm scents, but this one is fascinating in its own way. It is what I hoped "Brides of Dracula" to be. Pale, at the same time heady and transparent, and hypnotising. And I wanted to add: this one is powerful. Funny how big a difference chemistry can make, because several people remarked that it dissapears on them. Well, I often have scents being swallowed up by my dry skin, but this one is quite potent, with a decent throw (which is almost always very reduced for me), and a very long wearlenght.
  8. medvssa

    Which oils say, cool detached authority?

    This is what I was going to suggest, I think Berenice is perfect. I would also second Pollution.
  9. medvssa

    Imps galore

    Glad to hear Rose Red seems the only rose that has enough green for me to wear, hehe. Well, togheter with The House, a very gloomy rose with green and rotted wood. Oh and Madeline, where the rose is white and ther is also rot, I think.
  10. medvssa

    Imps galore

    Btw, Medvssa ™?
  11. medvssa

    Imps galore

    Hmh, have yuo tried to apply body lotion (and let it sink for a while) before you try scents on? I find that when my skin is dry (and it tends to be) it eats up the perfume, and sometimes it smells a bit weird. I also think for this reason I use more perfume than other people.
  12. medvssa

    Why I'm so crazy about BPAL again

    Ugh, LOL I cannot get over the smell if I do not like it. Oh, and I am not superstitious I think that smells can have an effect on people, but this can also be affected by their personal experiences in life.
  13. medvssa

    Addiction hits home

    LOL, no I didn't realize
  14. medvssa

    Why I'm so crazy about BPAL again

    You like Love Me? I think you will like Brisingamen it is very soft, feminine, sexy, and it has carnation.
  15. medvssa

    Addiction hits home

    Hehee this really rings a bell