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  1. lefthandmade

    The Poem Cloud Hair Gloss

    I also get the similarity with Smut here, without the booze, and also Womb Furie, so that's probably the honey coming though. I love this one and will wear it often. It's absolutely gorgeous, and, as someone else said, goes with so many of my perfumes, since I'm a huge red musk fan. Mmmm... <3
  2. lefthandmade

    The Love Swing Hair Gloss

    I also get Antikythera Mechanism from this one, which is sad since I couldn't wear it. I will give it time and see what happens, but I was disappointed.
  3. lefthandmade

    Sentimental Initiation

    This is a spicy blend on me and I was thinking ginger there for a second but it’s probably the clove/myrrh/patchouli combo. The clove is bitter and there is nothing sweet about this at all, actually if I have to compare it to anything, SUNBIRD comes to mind. I do get a little citrus though, and the musks are coming through loud and clear but not too much. It’s a stayer though, after 24 hours it’s still detectable on my wrist, definitely a cousin of SUNBIRD now only sweeter.
  4. lefthandmade


    Wow, this is fruity! I get mango, but a perfectly acceptable mango, kept in check by some greenery I just assume is the tomato leaf. And it works very well. After it dries a little I get red musk when I put my nose close to my skin. I bought this unsniffed from the lab as my only luper and it was a good choice. After a couple of hours it's so gorgeous it's almost a little painful. In the very best sense of the word of course.
  5. lefthandmade


    It went on pretty strong and the champaca is probably to blame here, I know I have been shying away from it in the past but then it's been coupled with jasmine which is an absolute no no for me. But there is absolutely no jasmine here, and when this one mellows, it mellows good, and there is a soft (in a good way), slightly sweet and very complex blend sitting there on my wrist. It's been an hour or so and I now have a Snake Oli/ Snake Charmer/ Boomslang vibe going on. Gorgeous!! If I had the money I would get a back up!
  6. lefthandmade

    Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

    Wow! Pine, amber, rose peppercorn rush up from my skin and my eyes water a little, but at the same time this is both bright and gentle. Blackberry, yes, over there, but no ylang ylang and that's okay. That was one of my worries. Two mins in and it's calming. Calming a lot actually. I'm not used to the red musk calming down this much and being this light. It's more amber-y than musk-y on my skin after a while. It works though. And it's not like the red musk is gone, I just have to snuggle my own skin a little to get to it. Gorgeous scent! I love it!
  7. lefthandmade

    The Hag

    Dark and spicy, this one is bottle worthy. It's got it's very own brand of rummy spice. Usually bay leaves and black musk will have me running but not here. Love the hag!!
  8. lefthandmade


    Wet and in the bottle I'm thinking HARVEST MOON but on my skin it has an extra something i'm not sure how to describe. It's good though. Very october, very autumn and no kidding with the leaves.
  9. lefthandmade


    It's sweet and smooth and I get the honey and the red musk. I'm looking for the sharp edge that has ruined a lot of red musk blends for me lately but I can't find it. This is very smooth, with maybe a tiny touch of citrus, in a fire phoenix kind of way but not at all with the same force. The sharp cedar I got from the first test I did straight from the mailbox is gone now. I have to work to locate the leather but the clove is dancing a fiery tango with the cedar in the back. After drydown and for the rest of the day this is pure vanilla honey and red musk. It seems to last forever and it's absolutely gorgeous. edited because of some strange formatting that took away the space between some of my words
  10. lefthandmade

    Egg Moon

    Spicy in the bottle, and on my skin the frankincense comes out to join the party. It goes a little sour on me and I blame the frankincense but it's early days so let's see what happens. It's a very dry scent though, no sweetness at all even if the description says sweet cane. When it starts to dry down the sour (that touched on jasmine sour/sharp for a second) goes away and it's cinnamon now. It's a very faint and I have to put my nose close to my wrist to notice it after just half an hour. I'll age it a bit and see what happens, hoping the frankincense will mellow a bit.
  11. lefthandmade

    The Zadok Allen Vineyard

    This is nothing short of amazing. I get a hint of vetiver at first and then it morphs into a deep dark red wine with a serious but gorgeous twist. Oh man bottle here.
  12. lefthandmade

    Womb Furie

    honey is usually not one of my favorite notes on my skin but this combination is amazing. it instantly became a permanent member of my top ten list, and I know I have to get a back up bottle if it's the last thing I do.
  13. lefthandmade

    Countess Willie

    Hm. I get no chocolate. Her first impression is strange and makes me think about vegetables like celery or something like that. It didn't take her long to melt into my skin in heavenly fruity red musk though. Mm Gorgeous is your name, countess.
  14. lefthandmade

    Now Winter Nights Enlarge

    I was a little scared of the ylang ylang but luckily I had no reason to. At some point it reminds me a little of Bien Loin D'ici but it's smoother. This is caramel but with a serious twist. Oh yes. Yes yes.
  15. lefthandmade

    Diable en Boîte

    It smells suspicious in the bottle and I'm a little suspicious at this point, but once it hits the skin it's buttery and smooth red musk just the way I like it. When it dries it's a little like a masculine Pôthôn Mêtêr on me. Powerful and maybe a little screamy but definitely gorgeous. No scratch the screamy part. It's just downright gorgeous.