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  1. DurAnorak

    Peach Candyfloss Atmosphere Spray

    I did not have a good time with this - I'm glad to see someone above mention coconut, because I thought I was losing my mind when all I could smell was extremely sweet sunblock! not what I was hoping for, alas, which is maybe what I get for leaving it until 2020 to test...!
  2. DurAnorak

    Survival horror!

    I know it's harder to find but my absolute #1 Silent Hill hospital scent is Kinnabari v4 - I wish I could decant things so I could send you some! it's a terrible cold medicinal stone sort of scent and I only wear it at Halloween :x I hope you can turn up some somewhere because it's really perfect Silent Hill perfume to me~ I'd also suggest the possibility of Rumpelstilzchen for Pyramid Head - there's not enough blood in there but there's a good amount of nastiness all the same. A++ for Smokestack too, & at least those are both GCs!
  3. DurAnorak

    Sweet, manly woodsmoke scent

    another vote for Rumpelstilzchen, Bonfire Night and Agnes Nutter - which has a definite masculine leather/smoke combination on me, more so than Bonfire Night which is more bonfire smoke and sweetness. they're all gorgeous though
  4. DurAnorak

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Have you tried Third Charm,The Arrival at the Sabbath and Homage to the Devil, or Red Lantern? Your faves seem to be complex with a hint of sweetness. Those might be worth at look. Or maybe Butterscotch Balls and Black Beetles? thank you! <3 I LOVE Arrival at the Sabbath - Red Lantern was just a combination of notes that aren't great on me, unfortunately. the other two I haven't tried; Third Charm is definitely on my list but I hadn't considered Butterscotch Balls and Black Beetles - I think based on reviews that it would probably be too cloying for me, but I might see if I can pick up enough to test from somewhere thank you though! I will move Third Charm up the list :x
  5. DurAnorak

    Dramatic bpals evoke theaters and operas

    The Smiling Spider from the discontinued Salon series, and Arachne of Lydia from the Last Unicorn series, both have the kind of clove note that makes me think of thick velvet curtains the BPTP scent Helpful Crone also might fit what you're looking for...I wish I could think of something more available from the GC but I'm drawing a blank!
  6. DurAnorak

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    this is a really neat idea - to make it harder for y'all I have tried...a lot of things over the years so I'm really curious as to whether anybody can suggest something I wouldn't have thought of, or confirm some of the things I'm still desperately seeking :x my top five : 1) Glühwein 2) Black Pumpkin Floss 3) Story Time at Dark Delicacies 4) Egg Moon 5) Shub Niggurath tried to do some honourable mentions but it just devolved into a list of everything else I own :x
  7. this thread is talking my language :x my creepiest and best beloved : Kinnabari v4 - absolutely smells of like, hospitals in Silent Hill to me, I only break it out at Halloween :x Hand of Glory - sometimes I see people writing about how comfy and warm it is to them and marvel at the wonders of skin chemistry, because on me it smells like exactly what it says and it's truly horrible :x in a way I really appreciate, but still Pain - will second what Balame says above, it's sharp and screeching and very cruel indeed Sarah - nasty stuff, just like it says; stone and blood and fluttering dead things In His Hands Thy Cruelties Thrive - I'm not saying I don't like smelling like an experimental villainess in her dungeon, mind Rumpelstilzchen - what everybody else seemed to get from Gore-Shock and I didn't (because Gore-Shock was all bacon) Theodosius - truly grim in a white kid gloves, sharp razor, Jack the Ripper sort of way Bezoar - I couldn't have it in the house :x too creepy even for me, which is really saying something. or creepy in the wrong way for me, anyway~ U Mutter Museum - oh my god, yes, it really is the smell of a wunderkammer it's SO AWFUL, I love it so much :x also I've yet to try it myself but Black Annis on my flatmate is the creepiest most amazing awful magic :x
  8. DurAnorak

    Where is this scent?

    Some creative Googling for the other two suggests that they might both have been scents by Bombshell Bath/Fyrinnae (who I think don't make perfumes any more? but I could be wrong) - I can't find notes for either of them, though, just a description of O'Hara as being similar to BPAL's Miskatonic University, and of Pint O' Stout as being indescribable :x Not too helpful - I hope that at least helps place them, though!
  9. DurAnorak

    Bocal de Sang

    I was scared by the reviews of this because 'cherry' and 'blood' kept coming up and I know what that usually means - my arm smelling like I've plunged it into a pool of melted cough sweets. But the spice and wine comments made me curious enough to try it in spite of all scents with 'blood' in historically being a spectacular failure - and it is GORGEOUS *_* Deep, heady honeyed red wine with heavy spices - everything I've wanted in a really thick honey scent but hadn't yet found. Far, far too much for a sunny day in August, but definitely something I'll wear clubbing or walking around graveyards in October.
  10. DurAnorak

    The Elephantine Colossus

    I've been SO excited to try this one, but when my decant of it arrived yesterday and I opened it to sniff I said '...that's a lot of red musk' and put it down again making worried noises, because heavy red musk generally just smells like artificial cherry cough drops on me and it was so strong I doubted anything else would be able to fight through it. Oh me of little faith :x Even in the first few seconds of the wet stage when I was expecting it to be red musk and nothing else, there's a glorious halo of sweet and salty popcorn over it, and now it's drying into something complex, savoury and utterly wonderful - the kind of grand guignol carnival scent I could never find in CD or CN (much as I love all the scents that are in those!) but have also found in Black Pumpkin Floss, which despite not officially sharing any notes with this is for me in a similar family. A performing family in a slightly unnerving circus I LOVE it.
  11. DurAnorak

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    First may I say : hi & welcome, you sound seriously awesome :x As for recs, I'd definitely second Bonfire Night, and if you can track it down also St. John's Eve which is much gentler but has a real scent of old England about it, like being in a manor house kitchen at night after everyone has left with the fire just dying down. GC-wise, and in an entirely different vein, I find Athens is very much what I reach for when I'm having ancient Greek moments these days I've just got an imp of Ekhidna and although all the notes led me to believe it would be dark and nasty (in a good way), and it is, to me it smells of nothing so much as theatrical makeup - evil theatrical makeup :x & if you like Rumpelstilzchen you might also like Agnes Nutter for similar smoky goodness + bonus Pratchett reference<3 Also seconding what other people have said - Yorick, Black Annis and Voodoo would all be things I'd have recced as well (I have quite a lot of Potter-based possible suggestions but they're all more in the line of 'I've spent way too much time thinking about which house this perfume belongs in/who would wear what' than actual...useful...anything :x That said, if you can wear coffee scents (which I can't, so this one never worked on me, but others love it very much) I'm pretty sure Miskatonic University is a good place to start for Hogwarts :x) I hope you find something new to love!
  12. DurAnorak

    Non-BPAL wishlist

    ...easily as long as the BPAL wishlist. I love perfume ;_; Arcana Alec d’Urberville Avalon Black Maria Black Pepper LN Black Tea LN Bonfires at Dusk Brighid's Well Caffeinated Death Chai LN Chicanery and Chimeras Cinnamon LN Clove LN Comfort Me With Apples Derby Lollies Edict of Worms Eggnog LN Estella Feast of Fools Fire of Water Hive Honey and Milk Holy Terror Inclement Infamy Joy 2012 Lady Lamb Love Marshmallow LN Mulled Apple LN Mutiny Ooomph Pumpkin LN Pure Vanilla LN Skipping Vespers Smoked Vanilla LN Snug Swashbuckler Sweet Cream LN Tess Three Bears Venus Return Walworth Castle Yellow Cake LN Yule Goat Blooddrop A Pony by the Tree Apple Cider Doughnuts Apple Crumble Applewood Bacon Arabian Musk Ash Assam Black Tea Barn Owl Black and White Pixie Stripe Stocking Black Fishnet Stocking Blessed Boo Bees Bookish Buttercream Candy Corn Caramel Apple Casting a Spell The Cat Cauldron Cavaleras Ceremonial Musk Cinema Noir Clary Sage Cocoa Absolute Coffee Condensed Milk Contempt 2009 Cozy 2010 Creme Caramel Crepe Paper Heart Desert Musk Disintegration Durprise (I have some but I would love more *_*) Fascination Street Frankenstein's Bride's Kitchen Frau Von Schtinklestein's Partially Completed Barvarian Love Essence French Vanilla Garland Grass Graveyard Dirt Hallowmas Happy Halloween The Happy Hex The Horned God I Had a Pony Il Inebriati Il Possessore Il Virtuoso Just Like Heaven Kestrel (American) Kitten in a Doll’s Dress La Danse Orientale d'Allure et Bien Risque de Madame Collant-Bas La Recolte La Tasseographie Labdanum Lantern Lavender Le Jardin Le Palais Lemon & Lime Soda Les Catacombes de Paris Lime Lips Like Sugar Maid of Autumn Maple Sugar Marshmallow Miss Amnesty Mapleleaf Mourning Dove Moving Objects Naughty Naughty oh so Naughty Ne Mangez pas L'enfant Jésus! Nutmeg Oona Swindlehurst, The Womb Pictures of You Pink Vanilla Pumpkin Pie The Restless Mare Rice Milk Sheer Pink Stocking Snow Pony The So Help Me Invocation Spun Sugar Strawberry & Lime Spritzer Strawberry Cream & Chamomile Hard Candy Sugar Cone Uffington Horse The Ungraciously Gratuitous Guild of the Gilded Gown Untitled Vanilla Latte Vanille Noire Very, Very, Very Good Waes Haeil Wild Lavender Zennadu The Zodiac Club Conjure Oils A. T. Olsen Bavarian Custard Paczki Comet 2012 Curly Locks Demeter Diéterle Earl Black Goth Chick Pride Hansel Und Gretel Harlequin L’Egyptienne La Douleur Exquise Lammas Little Boy Blue May Daye Midnight Chair with Kali Ma The Naughty List 2012 Ol’ Scratch Pirate’s Breakfast Plague Doctor The Queen of the Mists Snake Eyes Tempus Fugit Torte What Are Little Girls Made Of? Solstice Scents Basilica Black Leather, Red Lace Blackburn Farmstead Blossom Jam Tea Cakes Cafe Mallowmel Caramel Apple Cardamom Rose Sugar Chiffon Conjure Courtyard Dellamorte Devil's Millhopper Devil's Tongue Garden Gate Gingerbread & Vanilla Cream Gulf Breeze Halloween Night Harvest Moon Inquisitor Lavender Vanilla Linen & Ivy Monster Mash Night Star Old Cedar Magus Pumpkin Spice Latte Rice Pudding & Rum Soaked Raisins Roasted Chestnuts & Marshmallow Rose Mallow Cream Russian Caravan Sirocco Smoky Mountain Mallow Spellbound Woods Spiked Nog & Nutmeg Thornwood Thicket Travelers Vanilla Pipe Tobacco Witch's Cottage Violette Market A Merry Life Akita Inu Black Apple Café Pumpkin Caramel Sugar Kettle Corn Fireflies Fireside Chat Granville the Galvanized Robotic Cat The Happiest Day Haunted Corn Maze Honeyed Wind Horror Night at the Movies Journey to Zanzibar Library of Alexandria Lucy Albert Mackenzie River Husky Martin Chen Milk Maid Morgan's Cider Pumpkin Mrs. Fezziwig's Eggnog Nagini’s Curse Oaxacan Hot Chocolate Of Cathedrals and Christmas Pink Fire Pumpkin The Plague Of 1348 Pumpkin Chai Raven's Midnight Pumpkin Patch Rip Van Winkle Spider's Design Splendor and Magnificence Vamp Lounge Vintage Beekeeper White Ghost Pumpkin
  13. DurAnorak

    Quirkiest, most bizarre oils

    Sometimes I buy BPAL oils because of how strange they are, so in my collection - definitely BTOD1, which really does (as per its reviews) smell of roast chicken and pencil shavings; I also find Kinnabari v4 absolutely extraordinary as it absolutely smells of something mineral and unsettling and I will never understand how the Lab achieves that kind of thing! Outside of prototypes, Hand of Glory may be comforting candles and spice to some people but for me it alarmingly does what it says on the tin; I also find Pumpkin Smash quite gritty and disturbing. Also I'm currently waiting on a decant of Halloween In Innsmouth because I couldn't resist something people said genuinely smelled like fish and incense I kept Gore-Shock for a while for its novelty value as well but eventually traded it away because it was more like bacon than anything else and I wanted it to be creepier :x
  14. DurAnorak

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Oh my god I would so love to know what is on your list if you felt like sharing, that show is the most amazing thing *_* I totally agree with Dorian as a Draco scent conceptually - unfortunately it's a complete disaster on me, but yesterday I did try Theodosius again (after several years of not wearing him :x) & when I was looking at the reviews they all said how much like Dorian it is, but it's a) a much better scent on me and something adult Draco would also wear, I think. Similarly refined, but also subtly nasty Then I started trying to figure out which Hogwarts house my perfumes are in. It's possible I need more sleep.
  15. DurAnorak

    Egg Moon

    Oh, my god. I would move mountains for this thing. I would marry it and build it a shrine and sing its praises in interpretative dance. Short of being able to do that, I am writing a review, which I've always been too shy to do very often, but sometimes something's just so amazing I can't help wanting to :x In the bottle it's a heady, resin-y, creamy spiced work of art that reminds me of Bengal without the dry notes that make that go so powdery on my skin. Wet, it spends a while being dead-on perfect crème brulée - which I would have been more than happy with, as I've been searching for something like that for years :x As it dries, though, it starts to become more about the resins, and this is where my review is going to lose all coherence and usefulness because all I can tell you is that it is so beautiful that every time I breathed in I found myself on the verge of tears. I'm totally given to hyperbole - I won't pretend otherwise - but I really mean it. It's like being in the oldest, most peaceful places on earth, and it made me cry, and I am going to hoard it forever I mean, honestly, from the reviews I was hoping for custard tarts, but I'll happily pass that up in favour of what was basically a religious experience :x