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  1. JLostein


    In imp: HELLO roses and honey, nice to make your acquaintance! Those are the strongest notes I'm getting, and they actually blend together beautifully! All good so far. Wet on skin: There you are, apple blossom! It comes out to beautifully mingle with the roses and honey, and oh Lord, it is divine! The sweet apple blossom nicely balances out the roses. Dry: This actually made me say out loud, "Oh JESUS, that is good!" Ecstasy indeed! It's all blended together so beautifully now... The ylang ylang and apple blossom seem to pop out the most and float around on top, while the roses and honey give the most amazing base for this. I am in LOVE
  2. JLostein

    Blood scents

    SOLD Thanks everyone!
  3. JLostein

    Blood scents

    Bumping up this thread a bit to ask... does anyone have any recommendations for scents that smell like absolute REAL blood? I've gone through the reviews for The Chilling Cellar and might try it out, but I was wondering if a scent that smells like 100% real blood, or at least pretty darn close, exists somewhere in our little BPAL universe
  4. JLostein


    In decant: This is another one for the 'How DOES she do it?!' family. Seriously, how does one bottle the smell of the autumn leaves damp under snow? But this is exactly it. Exactly. Wet on skin: Mmm, there's a nice icy quality coming out, me likes! Drying: The leaves are getting colder and wetter, as if a fresh, but light, fall of snow just happened. Dry: Oh! Sweet wet icy leaves! Lovely! Everything has just blended together so perfectly, I can smell leaves, snow, ice, and a cool breeze all at once. Lovely!
  5. JLostein


    In imp: Musky, almost very slightly smoky, but not quite. Also a hint of something sweet in the background. We're off to a good start! Wet on skin: Aha! There's the plum leaping out! The musk is swirling around but the plum still dominates. Drying: The plum and musk have mingled together beautifully. I think the carnation is hanging around in the background, but very slightly. Dry: Ok, wait... there's the carnation after all. Strange how these three notes blend together so incredibly beautifully! I would never have expected to like this but I DO and I'm so glad I got a tiny bit as a frimp It's sensual and very slightly fruity but there's also a strange (yet beautiful) smokey quality around it on my skin. Oh yum
  6. JLostein

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Sorry! I'm rather new and I didn't realize all the GC labels looked the same...
  7. JLostein


    I simply have to recommend Sea Of Glass and Danube, especially the latter I'm in Heaven right now wearing it
  8. JLostein

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I wonder... is there a picture of Danube lurking around anywhere? I ran a few searches, even on Flickr, but nothing seems to come up
  9. JLostein


    I was very intrigued to try it out and boy is it lovely! In imp: Lovely pile of fresh, clean sheets indeed! Accented with a lovely sweet note on top of all that freshness, yum! Wet on skin: It's pretty much the same as in the imp, not much noticeable difference. Drying: The sweet perfumey (in a good way!) note comes out a little stronger. Dry: Lovely! The perfumey note has blended in with the clean smell. A simple, fresh, clean uplifting scent. Very comforting and cosy to me. I just want to fall into a big soft pile of new bedsheets now and spend the day there in new jammies cuddling
  10. JLostein


    I got this as a frimp and it certainly is interesting! In imp: Yup, floral. It's light, a bit salty, and slightly musty. But it definitely works! Wet on skin: It still has a bit of the salty tang, but other than that, nothing's changed much. Drying: Salty tang going away! The sweetness comes out now, and it's nice and refreshing in an almost cold way. Dry: It has now calmed down to a very neutral floral, and fading quite a bit. The slight tang is now very faint but accents the light sweet floral smell in a lovely way
  11. JLostein

    The Unicorn

    Ok, I have no idea whatsoever when it comes to notes, so bear with me here In imp: Sweet, airy, ethereal... makes me think of the colour light grey. I'll admit I immediately thought of bubble solution (?!) but strangely, that doesn't make it bad whatsoever. It's like a nice, sweet, classy, fancy... bubble solution. And I love it. Wet on skin: Aha! No more bubble solution! More florals come out to play, there's this very sweet, almost cold, light note. Lovely! Drying: Getting a bit faint. Aww. There's that elusive unicorn. I could bury my nose in this all day. Dry: It ends up very cold and sweet on me, but wow, it's running away fast. Misty is the perfect word for this! It's absolute love, except it disappears so fast
  12. JLostein


    In imp (or is it decant? I can never remember!): Wow. Very rich, thick, and nutty, yes, NUTTY chocolate. Almost cocoa-like in its' thickness. On skin: The cocoa thickness comes out and the nuttiness dies down a bit. Drying: There's something very slightly perfumey that's lingering around very very faintly in the background, but doesn't mess up the chocolate Dry: Nuts! The nuts have come out to play again! And they mean serious business! I get no milk chocolate from this, just a big wafer filled with nuts, very crunchy. My skin must be mad. This is one for the scent locket!
  13. JLostein


    This one scared me at first... In the imp, I got cherries... way too strong and overpowering. On my skin, it immediately settled down so that the cherries died down more and a smoky, metallic smell came out. Drying: Metallic cherries, yup. But surprisingly lovely, I can really see myself wearing this a lot, it's very unique and strangely draws you in more and more. Dry: Something sweet-ish comes out and balances out the metallic smell very nicely. This has turned out absolutely lovely! Definitely a lesson to me not to judge based on how it smells in the bottle :nod:
  14. JLostein


    Danube was one of the imps I was most impatient for, and boy, does it deserve it! In imp and wet: Oooh... SPARKLY! This is both calming and revitalizing to me at once. I definitely associate it with the colours blue and green swirled together. Drying on skin... definitely can smell the floral notes coming out to play, there's a lovely balance between light fresh flowers and beautiful blue waters. I see a beautiful deep blue pool surrounded by beautiful white flowers in a peaceful wood... I think I'm in love Dry, the flowers are coming to the front more than the water now, very soft and sweet. Like they're actually growing out of the water. I think I've just gone to Heaven. ETA: My scent locket arrived today and Danube gets first honours as it looks like it's going to top the favourites list! And wow, does the grapefruit smell come out to play or what! It's even more lovely than before, mingling very nicely with the fresh blue water smell. Oh Lord, now I need a big bottle. Or ten.
  15. JLostein

    Sea of Glass

    Sparkly and shiny indeed, I LOVE this! Hmm, when wet, there's almost a very slight citrus tang to it, but it's definitely being swamped by all the water action going on there! It's fresher than fresh itself, pretty amazing. Makes me think of fizzy bubbles on the ocean surface Drying... the sharp freshness that was there earlier is calming down, softening, giving it a very watery, yet slightly flowery scent, but still lovely and fresh. Dry, it becomes soft and subdued, but still very revitalizing and oceany. I LOVEEEEE this and wish I had a 10ml!