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  1. annapramirez98

    Aoede, Melete, Mneme

    I LOVE this scent! It is so so creamy and just enough sweet, without being overly sugary. Buttery, almost. It reminds me of the smell of mixing butter and caramel to dip caramel apples, just no apples of course. If anyone has smelled the mainstream perfume "Lait Sucre" I would compare this to that, but better. Much, Much, better.
  2. annapramirez98

    Leptodirus Hochenwartii v1

    I got this as a surprise free bottle from an Ajevie flash sale, so it’s about 6 years aged by now. It reminds me EXACTLY of the smell of animal kingdom at Disney world in the best way possible. I know that’s not specific notes but wow did the perfect warm nostalgic feels hit me hard!