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October 22, 1975
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The Cure, Tori Amos, Nightmare before Christmas, Mini Coopers, Tank Girl (the comics not the movie), Cats (the real things, little weird 50's-60's ceramic ones and other kinds too), Heather's (the movie), tattoos, reading, writing, Renaissance faires (I am not a geek though I just like the free beer) and more!!

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Edge of the Deep Green Sea (ok I live in the California Desert I can dream)
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  1. In Topic: What do bottles and labels look like?

    12 August 2008 - 03:29 AM

    Can any one help me figure out what year night's Pavillion I have?? I need images of the labels if anyone has them. Thanks!
  2. In Topic: Abramelin

    04 April 2008 - 08:20 PM

    This oil is based on a traditional Jewish ritual blend, used to heighten magical work. This scent is firey and powerful. I have not used it yet in ritual but the scent from the bottle makes you want to get to work! Add it to any ritual use that you feel needs an extra boast.
  3. In Topic: Intergalactic

    28 December 2006 - 10:33 PM

    In the bottle; My first thought is wow this smells like something I have smelled before, but I can't place it. But it reminds me of the holidays. It has a light musky, spicey, floral scent.

    On: This maybe one of the few slightly citrusy scents I can wear for that reason I am thinking this has bergamot or something similar (no orange since orange goes :D on me), it also has something like maybe sandalwood or something in that arena. Making this scent a lovely blend of spice and sweet. I also feel like there is something almost aquatic in the back.

    Final Thoughts: I will first admit this is not the first time I had tried this one and I had already come to a decision about this one so this review is quick to reflect it. While I like this scent there is something that just makes me feel like it should be on a guy (much in the way I feel Wilde is the ultimate men's scent). I am very girlie in most of my BPAL choices so this just isn't quite me, but I am so lucky cause it is swoon worthy :D on my guy!!!

    Thank you again Beth and everyone at the lab, I get the best gift of all a great smelling guy :P
  4. In Topic: Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    31 August 2006 - 10:21 PM

    My two (VERY high numbers)

    CMLXII- 962

    In the bottle- OK this is strange, I get a tingle like of menthol I believe from eucaluptus (like my nose actually tingles like from Vicks though lightly) but there is also a spice here ginger or a dusty cinnamon its not clear what that spice is. I don't know why I feel like at least in the bottle this scent should have been included in the Arkam series as it reminds me of some ancient dark Lovecraftian monster.

    First on- The tingle is still there but the actual scent of the ecualuptus is gone this has a dusty tone of a slight spice with just a tinge of floral coming up at the back as it rests on my skin. But not a girly floral a darker floral in perfect balance with the now slightly resiny scent.

    Changing spiral of scent- OK I think that this scent was designed to exibit almost every style of oil Beth has ever done. I have seen aquatic and slightly ozone with a slight spice in the bottle, visted menthol (ok while not mint it still has that tingle), slightly resinous, floral, a sweet almost fruit :P, then what comes up but a light wood and who knows whats to come. None of the stages are of the heaviest of the catagory but they clearly are defined.

    The drydown- This is a hard one to peg because I think the drydown on this is going to take a long time to settle. I am still getting changes with the spicyness coming and going and mixed with either a slight floral or a light resinous scent.

    Overall- I think in the end this is almost aquaticy but with a slight tinge of spice. This one is so hard to explain but was so fun to experience. While I don't know if I would wear it I would love to have everyone get a chance to play with it to see what exactly it does on others. Because this one sure made my head spin and was FUN!!!!

    MXIV- 1014

    In the bottle- Is that cherries? Not cough syrup cherries but bing cherries with some other slight sweet and maybe a wood behind. This is a bit like my CT2 but at the same time very different.

    First on- Sweet, Tarty, with a slight touch of maybe spice. The wood like scent is showing up as it sits. Though changing this is not quite the same as the last this one has toned way down, the its getting deep and dark. The sweet is mostly hidden under a layer of light dark woods and something else.

    Drydown- For a second I thought this had vanished but no its there slightly exotic and just a hint of sweet. It is very hard to explain except to say it is sexy as hell.

    Overall- I am so on the fence about this one. I think it might grow on me but I will have to see. But let me tell you this is one of those naughty CT3's that really gives you no hints in the bottle . None at all.

    eta: darn you lil' 1014 why do your woods have to rise up. Why? It has a slight cedar scent. I don't much care for the woods so this one might go to a new home :D
  5. In Topic: Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    16 August 2006 - 08:10 PM

    In regards to bottle DCCLXXXIII (783?)

    How can I love someone so much and hate them at the same time? Beth how could you be so cruel? This small bottle here has complete control over me and is sending me into a Libra Balance freak out. This little bottle numbered DCCLXXXIII is almost exactly what I have been dreaming about for over 10 years (closer to 15 but I can kid myself) I thought it was Numb that had brought me close to remedying the problem of a discontinued long remembered and impossible to replace "me" scent but now I see I have kidded myself. It is not Numb that has brought me close to the original scent but this DCCLXXXIII with its Violet and Roses and something slightly spicey (White Ginger???) and maybe a sweeter white floral. While it is not an exact match it is so close it doesn't matter.

    Or maybe it is not a closeness but a strange hold this bottle has one me. It has made me apply it every single day since I got it (over a week). While I have two other CT2's on the way I am afraid that DCCLXXXIII won't even let its hold go in order for me to sample them.

    This is why I both hate and love you Beth you have given this bottle so much life that its grip will not let go of me, normally that wouldn't be so cruel but this is the only bottle, this is it. I know when this bottle is down to its last drops it will sit in a worshipped place with its kin and make me set out on another search in the future for a lovely scent such as this.

    Sincerally the worshipper of bottle DCCLXXXIII

    (Yes this is a strange review but blame the DCCLXXXIII. I also know about 90% of you are out there gagging at the thought of violet or anything similar in Numb and how you didn't like its skin reaction on you. But this review is for those of you that love Numb, you will understand and I think many of you would drool over this one. I am so happy this one landed in my hands! Thanks for the 3!)


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    22 Oct 2009 - 07:38
    Happy Birthday fellow 10/22 Libra!
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