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    top 10 LEs: Devil's Night, Doc Buzzard, Lick It, Love In The Asylum, Luperci, Madame Moriarty, Noir, Pumpkin King, Schwarzer Mond, Treat #2 top 10 GCs: Alice, Brisingamen, French Love, Juke Joint, Lyonesse, Phantom Queen, Ravenous, Robin Goodfellow, original Shub, Sudha Segara


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  1. themast

    Three Jacks

    on me this smells a lot like Tombstone without the sassafras - all rich cedar and warm vanilla. I think it's wonderful, an opinion in which I seem to be a minority. I don't gamble so I won't be able to test if its voodoo properties work. I'll try to remember to put some on the next time I play cribbage with the boyfriend, maybe.
  2. themast

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    my first review! DCCCLXXXIX - I didn't review any of the CTIII decants from the decant circles I joined because none of them really worked for me. This my first bottle (3 more on the way - I wish now I'd gotten more). in the bottle: fresh, green herbal with a slightly bitter tinge to it. on skin, wet: the same on skin, dry, after about an hour: the bitterness starts to mellow and it reminds me very strongly of a Lush bubble bath, which eventually helps to me to place the note that's coming out - violet! after a few more hours, this changes to violets with a lovely array of spices behind it. Initially I wasn't planning on keeping this one because I don't like the herby bitterness, but I think the drydown might be worth it.
  3. themast

    What Scent Is This?

    I have another imp of White Rabbit coming so I can make sure, but I have a lab imp of White Rabbit that smells so much like apricot that I'm wondering if it could be March Hare. anyone else?