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#1 Nadirah


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Posted 18 January 2004 - 12:33 AM

Deep, mysterious, and full of dark portents: oakmoss, juniper berry, myrrh and patchouli.

Out of the bottle I smell some kind of sweet juniper, as I put it on I find it to be very Earthy almost worthy of being a dark element kind of Earthy. The juniper & patchouli really stands out in this one, I love how it also has a smell that I just can't place. Mysteriously addictive stuff. I might just buy a big bottle.

#2 quinkel


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Posted 03 February 2004 - 08:53 PM

Like this one a lot!

In the bottle it smells like a 'sauna', must be the juniper I guess. It's deep dark smell that I want to keep sniffing all day. really clears my head

On the skin: becomes softer, more roses. It lasts quite long. Somehow on the skin it's a little like Burial.

ETA:one year later.....
since this week i have rediscovered Omen, as i got an imp from a swap

Really like it all over again, only in this year my nose has developped. Now i don't smell roses in this anymore, It's all Incence and Juniper. Love love love, and i will not let it get out of sight again, its a sure 5ml order in the next update

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#3 Tesseljoan


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Posted 20 March 2004 - 09:55 AM

O boy.
Definately not my thing. The earth and the roses just stand out immediately, and I dislike roses with a vengeance (yes, even BPAl roses. If I even catch a faint hint of a rose (whether real or imaginary) I'm just not able to like a perfume :P )

#4 paperdoll


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Posted 05 April 2004 - 06:57 AM

Initial sniff: Oh Boy is right! This stuff is beyond earthy. In the bottle the juniper really stands out, with the patchouli close behind. But I will put it on, because that is my policy. Try Everything Once. Even This.
Wearing: Wow. This is STRONG. And Earthy. It is like dirt with a sharp edge to it. I wear it for about 40 minutes, during which time it fades not a bit, before I get out the soap and scrub. After washing, I can still smell Omen on me, and still 12 hours later it remains (though it is very faint now).
Final Impressions: Once I washed it off, the smell was quite nice. It reminds me very much of Middle Earth soap from Lush. I'll be passing this one along to the boy, who has expressed interest... if this is as sexy on him as ME soap, it'll be a definite keeper!

#5 jj_j


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Posted 18 April 2004 - 02:53 AM

Naturally, juniper's sharp and pungent aroma takes over the scent and needs a few minutes to settle in and back off. The oakmoss comes along and plops down at the bottom of this all, and uses the patchouli to help anchor the bright, fierce tones of the juniper and myrrh - kind of like a balloon weight.

When it's all said and done, though, this is a crumbly wet earth smell, complete with a rosebush nearby sending the scent of its flowers on the breeze.

Nicely done, but not a standout considering how it feels enough like Zombi - and not much compares to Zombi. :P

#6 allamanda


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Posted 22 April 2004 - 04:10 PM


First reaction was old, lovingly-polished wood.

It took a few minutes before I could catch the juniper, in the background there.. but as a gin drinker I can't miss it.

I must investigate Oakmoss. I am not familiar with it, but have a much-loved (and polished) 100+ year old piano made from oak. I wonder if this is why I smelt wood? One of my favourite smells is when I open that piano, it takes me back to babyhood.

As this is drying I can smell the patchouli and the myrrh.

Once dry I can still smell my piano and the combination of myrrh and patchouli gets the vintage note just right. There's a sweetness that rises above the earthy smells though, light and almost like a pale citrus, not sharp citrus, this just floats.

Well what a surprise. An hour or so later this has changed totally. You know the crisp, clean smell you get near a waterfall? Well that's what I'm left with. Very clear, clean and refreshing, still with that very faint citrus whiff.

Nadirah got it right, " Mysteriously addictive stuff".

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#7 octopusgrrl



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Posted 11 August 2004 - 11:52 PM

In the bottle: incense and patchouli

Wet: a spicy and earthy aroma, very masculine and “dry”

Dry: dries to a spicy powdery fragrance which I really don’t like – smells like talc mixed with dirt, or like patchouli with all the interesting bits taken out. Ugh!

Verdict: This might possibly work better on a male, but it really doesn’t do much for me. I'm a bit disappointed, as I really liked how it smelled in the bottle :P

#8 Alice Aforethought

Alice Aforethought

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Posted 15 August 2004 - 09:51 PM

I love this!

The juniper is strongest at first, but fades to reveal the patchouli and myrrh. This is a robust and selfcontained scent which has a dark earthy dryness, with a hint of gin from the juniper. Fierce summer sun, dark shadows.

Anyone who likes patchouli should love this.

#9 Splendid Molerat

Splendid Molerat

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Posted 01 September 2004 - 02:08 AM

I'm finding Omen a very compelling fragrance -- it has the juniper and moss creating a dark green setting, but I'm also getting a note that reminds me of lake water.

Do you remember the time you waded out from the shore, misjudged your footing, and inhaled some of the lake? Forget the panic and the pain, but recall there was something in the displacement of air with water that created a phantom scent.

The feeling is a black forest and blacker water, with heavy silence all around.

#10 serafina pekkala

serafina pekkala


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Posted 17 September 2004 - 01:26 PM

A green herby woody pine in the bottle.

Strong hippy patchouli,something dry and crumbly, is that myrrh? No, it's earth! ofcourse! This smells like walking through a forest. The juniper gives it a gin-y, tar-like note.

I do not always get the same feeling with the scents as the descriptions give, but this one really is slightly ominous. Omen has a dark, mysterious feel.

It lightens up after a while, though, with a whiff of what I think is orange, or rose? Definately rose. On the spots where I applied Omen it's mostly gone after an hour and a half, yet I still smell the haze of roses (handcream with earth) around me, getting more incensy gradually. I really like the dry-up, but it's a bit pungent after a while, and a slightly too masculine for me.

#11 Penance


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Posted 29 October 2004 - 01:38 AM

First sniff:

Juniper. Very strong juniper. Very woodsy smelling. It reminds me a lot of Burial right out of the bottle, but without the earthy undertone. This smells like the deep woods to me, serene and untouched. I love this sort of scent. :P

Wet on skin:

The juniper is still predominating. This stuff is strong. I can also smell the patchouli a tiny bit now that it's on my wrists, but not enough for my taste. I love patchouli even more than I love juniper. This is nice, but it's not going to be able to replace Juniper or Loup Garou as my favorite woodsy scent, I can tell it already.

Dry down:

The juniper is still predominating, but there's a rising baby powder scent that I got very strongly in Black Forest, too. I'm thinking my chemistry is turning juniper to powder lately, there's just no other explanation for it.

The bottom line:

I really like this. A lot. But it won't be replacing my other favorites. Might have to try it out on the boy and see if it works on him. :D

#12 rollergirl


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Posted 22 November 2004 - 06:33 PM

Hmmmm...did not get along with this. Polished wood & something like dried flowers & herbs in a box...very musty on me.

Didn't work out... :D

ETA: It gave me a massive headache...

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#13 surf-tormented


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Posted 10 January 2005 - 04:52 AM


This oil smells like attic to me...old books, steamer trunks and secrets.

Real old decaying books, trunks and moldy secrets.

My grandmother's attic where my mother grew up.


#14 sarada


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Posted 12 January 2005 - 05:32 AM

Omen is just like Burial, to me, and Burial is one of my very favorites. The juniper is sharp and piney --greenery buried beneath layers of moss and dirt. There is a rosey scent which must also be how my nose interprets the juniper, but it's not as rosey as Burial. Burial has the strange tendency, after some time, to turn into a smell resembling nail polish remover on me, which is the only strike against it. Omen does not turn into nail polish remover. It stays mossy, dirty, piney and woody. A hint of dried, dusty herbs and flowers hung from the rafters. These are a few of my favorite things! I fear that since it is SO much like Burial and some of the other mossy scents that Omen may become lost and forgotten...but I think I will buy a bottle, for when I run out of Burial...this may replace it as my favorite moss scent, because it stays true even after it's been on for awhile.

But what IS the Omen? I see someone who has wandered too far into the forest and fallen off the main path into a dark, overgrown hollow thick with mosses and vines. A pitch black crow flies in her path and a strange wind rises from the depth of the forest, carrying the warm breath of decay. That's just the kind of thing that I like! :P

#15 TheDarkMother


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Posted 31 January 2005 - 04:27 AM

In the Bottle: Moss and patchouli mostly, with the hint of sweetness from the berries in the background. It reminds me of Darkswan's Witches Brew.

On Me: Delicious and mossy, very nearly with a black pepper scent to it. Heady and earthen and spicy all at once. A lovely fragrance that is sensual and unisex, not too mossy to be feminine and not too berry to be masculine.

I must have a bottle of this! Must Must Must!

#16 Gin


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Posted 06 February 2005 - 04:55 AM

Poor Omen shouldn't have a chance with me. Every note listed is something I tend to avoid, but once again, Beth has worked her magic. I can clearly smell the juniper, over an "earthy" scent. As it dries, the myrrh and patchouli peek out, lending an incensy tone. I think this would be fabulous on Mr. Gin.

#17 Elanya


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Posted 13 February 2005 - 01:40 AM

I thought I'd reviewed this here, but realized the other day that I hadn't. However,. I was having one of those days where my skin was turning *everything* to powder, so I had to wait.

I got Omen in my first order, and it was the first scent that I bought a bottle of. I loev it dearly. On me, is smells very 'woodsy'. The juniper berry and oakmoss reign supreme. I remember the first time I put it on.... I thought "hey, this smells kind of like Deep Woods Off..." (a mosquito repellant :P And then I had to add "only *SEXY*!" There is something very sharp about this scent to me, like a warning should be. When I sniff it, it commands all my sense to attention, and also other parts of my body chemistry. My ex could not stop sniffing it and said it made him want to ravish me on the spot. Of course, that never took much with him, so, take that as you will!

This is still in my top favourite scents, and is the one I wear most regularly. I find that it lasts quite well on me and is not too overpowering even though it is quite sharp.

#18 shelldoo


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Posted 23 February 2005 - 02:06 AM

antique wood, patchouli, dusty dark....and i am getting a headache

#19 gdogs


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Posted 26 February 2005 - 12:37 AM

i thought i would like this one a lot. . . it has some lovely notes.

it starts out green, in a sharp way. when it was wet i distinctly smelled the oakmoss and the juniper.

as it dries, however,the scents weave together, and i can't pick out any signular note. it becomes brittle and harsh. i don't know what it is that does that on my skin. . .

this is not bad on me, but not noteworthy, either. into the swap pile it goes.

#20 Shollin


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Posted 17 April 2005 - 06:42 PM

First sniff: Holy patchouli, Batman! And something cooler and green-tingly above, like mint or pine.

Wearing: Another one I’ll have to try on my guy… strong evergreen juniper with the happy earthy patchouli underneath. Omen is quite a bit warmer than I expected, especially considering the juniper – evergreens usually smell like crunchy snow on my skin, but this is a lot more relaxed. Sadly, it turned into green baby powder over the course of the evening. :P

#21 slave1


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Posted 13 May 2005 - 10:33 PM

In Bottle: Patchouli and moss.

On Skin: Very smoky and dark. The juniper berry gives it a crisp pine scent and the myrrh warms it up. I like the oakmoss, but I dislike patchouli and it overwhelms this scent for me. This one is going to the swaps.

#22 JazzieCazzie


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Posted 15 May 2005 - 02:45 PM

Received as a frimp ...

Hmmmm ... sharp, shiny and clean are the words that first impressions bring to mind. Slightly astringent with spicy incensey notes. VERY promising.

It's got some serious green to it and my only concern is it may be too "guy" for me to wear ... not in a bad way though. I think I would find this unbearably sexy on a hot guy.

It's kind of like Spellbound for guys ...

#23 Orodemniades


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Posted 10 June 2005 - 09:17 AM

This reminds me of a musty old book.

Which is one of the things I love in life...and while I actually quite like this perfume - it's soft and gentle, yet at the same time has presence - I don't want to smell like a musty old book. Well, I might if I worked in a library. :P

Oro, who otherwise loves musty old books!

#24 Aurelius


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Posted 23 June 2005 - 11:35 PM

Huh. For some reason I could swear I smelled chocolate in my gimp from the Lab. At first this smelled thick. The juniper was present, but not overly loud. Drying it morphed into a thick floral. Nothing cloying or overly loud, just something dark and rich with a sweet edge. This behaved nicely on my "florals, goodie!" type of skin.

Very nice. :P

#25 Kaygee


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Posted 25 June 2005 - 10:25 PM

Does anyone else get a feeling of alienation from this one?

I mean, it's a fascinating blend, so subtle--I get the earthy, mossy thing right out of the bottle, and on dry down the myrrh really pops on me, and finally after a couple of hours that sweet juniper that masquerades as old rose--kind of a spicy green medicinal thing--and I don't dislike the smell at all--it's just not only does it not smell like me...it doesn't smell like anything or anyone I know...

I sniff and sniff my wrists, and it is such an unexpected scent.

Maybe this is perfume for another planet...a dark, old place...or for when you feel like you're from one.

It's going on the No pile--but not because it isn't really interesting, just... I think someone out there with more alien DNA than me might appreciate more.

:P added to June 6, 2005

Re-think: Put it away for a couple of weeks, and then today it was soooo hot, soooo muggy (we're having monsoon season in the Great Plains, go figure) and I just wanted to try it one more time, and hallajuah, it is now I who has sufficient alien DNA to wear Omen.

There was something about its dark, green coolness that I just craved...and now...I think its perfect....just goes to show, never swap or sell too fast...might not be the oil...might just be the time of season that makes a scent seem like it doesn't suit...

Off to sip iced coffee, and sniff my wrists--got to remember to stick to the wrists in public, got caught sniffing my own shirt at work today...and actually no one seemed very surprised...note to self, work to reduce reputation for eccentricity at work.

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