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    right now, chaste moon, snow white, and snake oil are my most reached for oils. also love skadi, o, dana o'shee, alice, sybaris, and samhain. . .

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    smellie stuff. and dogs, plants (esp. herbs) gardening, being outside.
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    pisces sun, libra rising, capricorn moon. . . .
  1. gdogs

    Red Phoenix

    this starts out highly remenicent of blood moon, spicy. but as it dries, it becomes much softer than blood moon. more organic. i get a sense of spring air in this. . . soft floral wafting over sweet, wet dirt. i'm guessing i'm getting the plum and patchouli. this is lovely. i'm so glad i got a bottle!
  2. gdogs


    mmm. yep. hairspray. and bad booze. until about an hour later. then it just smells stale on me. what is it in there that smells like hairspray?? i got hairspray from hollywood babylon, too, but i don't see any common notes. . .
  3. gdogs

    Midnight Mass

    OMFG. i didn't have MM on my list to get, for some reason i thought jacob's ladder would fill the bill. but when the reviews started coming out, i realized i needed to try this. this is heaven. this is beautiful. . . i don't know what catholic incense smells like. this is sweet myrrh, thick resin. . . .this is twitch in a bottle for me. seriously. . . its like there's amber under the myrrh, and honey under the frankinsense. .. (i know. . .my spelling is attrocious. . .) this is what i hoped jacob's ladder would smell like. . . and like someone else said, it has evokes cathedral, penitence and aureus for me. i love all three of those. i've only ever got two bottles of one thing - snow white. i'm considering getting 3 of this.
  4. gdogs


    ok, what's going on here??? when i tried this on two days ago after getting my box, i thought it was orange cream-cicle ish. ..but brighter and less fake than kunstenkammer. .. (sp. .. ). . . now i open it up to to reveiw, and right off the bat i get pickles. . . .so much so that i don't want to put it on my skin. but i do. and it is pickles. . . after about 20 minutes, still pickles... . eventually it softens down to baby powder pickles. if i try really hard, i can turn it into orange. but as happened once before with a blend, once i had the pickle note stuck in my head, it stayed there. . . i'll try this again in a few days. .. .too bad, because i liked it the first time i tried it on!
  5. gdogs


    usually, orange blossom goes way funky on my skin. not so with ravenous. i don't pick up on the patchuli at all! it starts out as soft orange blossom, then settles down to the way my fingers smell after i have peeled a very sweet naval orange. kinda that bitter rind/zest scent (i can actually taste it in my mouth!) along with the juice of the orange. but, in the background, i can smell the blossom of the tree the orange came from. .. . very nice. i'm glad i have the imp, but won't be buying a bottle.
  6. gdogs

    Jacob's Ladder

    oh, thank god! i was wondering the same thing. .. i got a sharp, dry, perfumey cologne smell. it ia a cold smell. no sweetness. no spiciness. no creaminess. nothing like snake charmer, no tonka, and no golden amber. and i LOVE amber. .. . after a while, it dries to a white musk on me, but still nothing like i expected. however, i am going to blame it on my hormonal skin chemistry, and will be back to give an update in about 5 days. . .
  7. gdogs

    Beaver Moon 2005

    once upon a time, there was a lovely girl named snow white. one summer, she went to the county faire, and there met a dazzling young man called midway. they fell in love, got married, decided to reproduce. they soon were expecting their first offspring. they named their beloved child beaver moon. and it was good. . . . .
  8. gdogs

    Pumpkin Patch V (2005, 2006)

    pp#5 is so different from the other 4 to me! in the bottle, i smell the pumpkin, but when that oil hits my skin, the pumpkin disappears. no butter smell that some others got. this is sharp, woodsy, and dark green. i can't identify the types of wood, but i might find juniper in there. . . . ? . . . whatever it is, its very nice. after about 2 hours, it turns more musty, but then some spices also come out. i would consider getting a bottle of this, because it is so different from the other types of "woodsy" smells i've tried.
  9. gdogs

    Pumpkin Patch IV (2005, 2006)

    i think this is my favorite of the pp blends. at first, the pumpkin is overly sweet, but as it dries down, it becomes very centered. the sandlewood is just perfect here, with the pumpkin keeping the sandalwood from going powdery. and i get just the perfect touch of floral underneath. . .if i try hard enough, i smell violet, but i don't know if that's just my imagination. love this oil.
  10. gdogs


    i can't decide if corazon is a bright scent, or a dark scent. the mango is a mouthwatering, juicy scent when this is wet. almost overwhelming. but the fruit fades as this dries, and the dry herbs come to the forefront. i can't pick out the lavendar or sage specifically, but it is definitely herbs. as it settles, it becomes a beautifully blended scent. what i get with corazon is a feeling, that feeling of isolation and desolation that i get in the desert, the longing that comes from being able to see from horizon to horizon. the color of this scent is a pinkish orange, that color that i get to see sometimes at sunset. i love corazon, but forget to wear it much. which just means that when i do remember to pull it out, i get to be re-amazed all over again.
  11. gdogs


    in the vial, i get cinnamon and dirt. . .hmmm. . . starting out, wet on my skin, this is the darkest, the dankest, patchouli i have ever smelled with cinnamon sprinkled over it. i didn't like it at all. it was just too much. but then it dried down. the patchouli settled. the cinnamon settled. and this wonderful spiciness came through. . . .interestingly, not a foody spicy on me. a sexy spicy. i think the remnants of the dark patchouli kept it from going foody. i couldn't pick out any of the spices. didn't smell like cardamom until it had been on my skin for hours. . . .but it is nice. and it lasts forever. plus, i love the concept of a scent called alone.
  12. gdogs


    i was going through my swap pile the other day, and saw penitence. i couldn't remember it, so i gave it another run. . . oh my god. this is pure and sweet. i've never smelled frank. or myrrh on their own, so i can't be of any help there. . it starts out spicy, peppery, and woodsy. like my grandpa's woodshop. but also golden and clear. very heady. the spiciness settles out a bit as it dries, but it remains woody and thick. this scent fills my lungs. it settles and centers me. it makes me feel safe. after a few hours, this disappears almost completely into my skin, but while its here, i want to close my eyes and dive into this smell.
  13. thank you, sweetie! and thanks for the suggestions, everyone! i'm going to try all of them. . .
  14. when your head feels like a melon that's been dropped on the cement??? sometimes i find that somnus, rubbed into the spot on the back of my neck where my headaches originate from, helps. i don't know if it is the lavendar actually working on the area, or if it helps me to relax. but for the last 3 days i've had a headache and i just KNOW there's a bpal out there somewhere that could help. . . . . ideas???
  15. gdogs

    Pumpkin Patch III (2005, 2006)

    this is my least favorite of the patch, which i expected it to be. pomegranite is usually too tart on my skin for my liking. wet, this was some sweet pumpkin (more dominant than the other pp's) and cat urine. seriously. my skin turns the pom into cat urine. as it dries the pumkin fades, but the pom doesn't. i woulda been happy if the pom had just been too tart. ....