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  1. quinkel

    Any Amouage fans?

    Hi, I have Amouage gold (a very little bit left) never occurred to me to research a BPAL equivanlent but now you have triggered me ;-) From the commercial scent i found that Joy by Patou reminds me a bit of Amouage. In 2 weeks i am going to Dubai again and for sure going to buy a new bottle :-) I can't get it anywere here in Ireland...
  2. quinkel

    The blown-out candle smell...

    Darkness!! I even wrote that in my review 2 years ago :-) quote of my own review: Candles, blown out by a sudden chilly wind on a dark, dark night, that exactly how this smells to me. Candle smoke. It's too heavy for me, to wear but it makes a great roomscent if you want that spooky feeling.
  3. quinkel

    Hollywood Babylon

    It took almost 6 months before i got to try this impie, so its aged i guess Lovely sweet incency. I dont get any seperate notes and no strawberry, only warm sexy sweet. This captures almost the BPAL 'Box' scent, you know when you sneiff your box full of impies Like it! not enough for a 5 ml, but still, the imp will be used
  4. quinkel

    Midnight Mass

    I am not catholic but this scent might turn me into one, HOLY SWEET! I live in a very catholic country now so next Sunday I might go and attend a Mass. I love wandering around Churches and Cathedrals, it so calming. The scents is soft, embracing and sweet, woody and almost licoricy
  5. quinkel


    a new love! The peppermint/spearmint stage is what i deeply love. It was exactly what I hoped to find in Lick IT! Oh and I love Pine too so all stages what this scent goes through are covered
  6. quinkel

    Fenris Wolf

    Exactly Spellbound, a bit more bite maybe. It was great to wear today as we got a massage at the office, it was a complemetair scent to balance me. I would not buy a 5 ml of this but I keep the imp around
  7. quinkel


    my top 10 had a new member, and even my top3 had a new member.... no actually i think i have a new no. 1. Eden is all the perfect BPAL combined. It has the good parts of O, Dana O Shea, Kali, Alice and Perversion! oke, I am to much stunned by this scent that I am off th sniff my arm:-)
  8. A line of similair scent to me are Haunted, Snake Oil, and Snake Charmer Haunted is the strongest and to me a bit too 'Shalimar' like, Snake Charmer is the softest and sweetest to me.
  9. Ultraviolet is the most close to Gratitious soap to my nose, and it has a bit in common with Nocture but none at all with Numb, I did't even get violets from Numb.
  10. quinkel


    To me It smells a lot like Velvet, thus pencilshavings, not in a bad way but not the popcorn I was expecting. I will try layering(for the first time) with some sweet scent to make a balance:-) I suppose the misconception I made with this was to expect it to smell like SWEET caramel popcorn, how i am used to eat it. Instead It smels of salty popcorn when i was buying a bag of micowave popcorn, (salty) then it occured to me
  11. quinkel

    Fruit Moon

    At first MELON and oh no...Blue moon! But as soon as it touch my skin, the melon fades and there are the berries, yum, I love berry scents. It has a lot of throw, because i am walking with a colleque outsite and she said, oh some thing in the air smells nice! I was hoping to find some banana it this, but the way it is now is lso good, as long as the Blue moon smell doesn't come back!
  12. quinkel


    Oh, this is a yum scent! I love it already to bits!. Om me it is egg nog but 10xstronger. And that;;s a good thing because I swapped egg nog because it was to weak on me. It's warm vanilla candy scent, melted sugar and honey mixed with vanille and cream! I have never been to a Fair, but if this is how it smells like i will book my tickets today! ETA> It stays really close to my skin but last a full 24hours
  13. quinkel


    got it as a frimp from the lab. Hoped to love it(Irish queen...I am in Ireland, good match) but somehow (actually just discovered)I hate Sweetpea. It reminded me of Julliet a bit, also not a huge favorite. Never mind, I keep the Imp around and look to give it a good home
  14. quinkel


    As soon as i read it contains violets I became very very happy although a little afraid it would be like ultraviolet. No on the the review, I love this scent, it smells different than every other BPAL I smelled before. It smells like a metal table in a morque, cold and clean and a bit medical, or like a OK(ER) in a hospital before the make you sleep, but really in a good way. I am wearing it today and i feel clean like i have been sterilized(s that a English word?) no microbes can live where Numb lives... Will wear this a lot to the office because it's a busineslike scent. edited because OK is not an English abbreviation
  15. quinkel

    If I love O - tell me about Haunted!

    I adore o.. I don not like Haunted so much, to me it's to similar to Guerlain's Shalimar