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  1. TheDarkMother


    Leather and basil...Oh I hope that it turns out this good on my skin! In the Bottle: Basil and grass, a very green scent that is just very masculine and lovely. On Me: Actually, this isn't as totally masculine as I thought that it would be. The leather has a sweet scent to it, which could be with the addition of the frankensence. The basil and grass add to that with an almost sparkling quality, if you can understand what I mean. I love this fragrance and this would be an excellent bottle to get.
  2. TheDarkMother


    Uhoh...dragon's blood. I must share this with LadyofDarkstar! In the Bottle: Dragon's blood and a little musk with the rose geranium. Mmmm... On Me: OOOOH! I can't get my nose off of my wrist! The Rose Geranium in this is subtle, more on the wind than on my wrist, but on the wrist is fruity, cherry-like dragon's blood with a dark musk, a black heart! It makes it sort of charred, burnt, and broken. All around me is life and beauty, but on the wrist is charred and bitter. Too Cool! I'm not quite certain if I will want to wear this on a normal basis, but I will at least use the imp and then see how things go from there.
  3. TheDarkMother


    Violets, Cloves, and tonka bean...oh my! In The Bottle: What an odd combination. Its fairly soapy and incensey. How did that happen? On Me: Um...ew. This smells like stale rubber gloves on my wrist, but the air has a beautiful aroma! But on me....just ew. I'm not going to keep something just because the air around me smells nice, while I smell like a used condom. No thanks. Off to the swap piles.
  4. TheDarkMother


    I have so been looking forward to reviewing this one! I'm really hoping that the horror writer in me will just gush with ideas from this one! In the Bottle: A dark orange and and cloves mixture, maybe with some musk or amber in there as well. On Me: *droop* Lemons. ARGH! *shakes fist as sky* Why do you torment me so, you stupid body chemistry?! THE CRAWLING DARK SHOULD NOT SMELL LEMONY FRESH!!!! *Ahem* Sorry about that. So...where was I? Ah yes, lemons. That was what it smelled like on me. Although its actually morphed already into a darker and smokier blend. The lemon is still slightly in the background, but now there is a musky, smoky blend that I can only describe as the smell of destruction long after the physical evidence is gone. This is the reminder of violence from before, perhaps the hint that the cycle will once again start soon. Even with the lemons this scent is just awesome! I will have to buy a bottle of this one when the imp runs out! This is very, very nice.
  5. TheDarkMother


    In the Bottle: Cedar and deep, dark florals. *faint* On Me: Oh! Oh! I think I found my signature scent! White floral, innocence, and yet, at the base is the black orchid and cedar, earthy and sinister. This is simply gorgeous, sophisticated, and sexy! This really pegs this character very well! I think I'm in love. I definately have to get a big bottle of this, and soon!
  6. TheDarkMother


    In the Bottle: Sweet, rich, creamy coconut! This is like I had just cracked the coconut in the kitchen (or the workshop which power tools seems to be the only way I can crack one open). If I hadn't been craving coconut before, I really am now. On Me: VERY moisturizing and VERY coconut! I thought of Hawaiin Tropic immediately and just purrred. This is so dead on coconut! I feel really tropical, like I need to be wearing a grass skirt, a lei, and a hybiscus in my hair. Well, here I can do the hybiscus at least. I wish that I could still get this in a 5mL. This is a perfect oil for summer.
  7. TheDarkMother

    The Caterpillar

    In the Bottle: A little iris, but very incensey. Very hard to pull out exactly what notes, but somehow a little buttery. On Me: Mmm....carnation, iris, neroli....it all combines for a heady floral scent. The velviter isn't very chocolaty in this at all, and instead this is just a thick floral that I am just totally falling in love with. The neroli gives it just enough to make it exotic. A big bottle must be had of this.
  8. TheDarkMother


    In the Bottle: Thick violets! Especially since I spilled some of it on the keyboard. Oops;) On Me: Violets and Tuberose make an excellent combination! This is thick and somber, sorrowful, and depressing! WooHoo! My kind of oil! This reminds me of a large mausoleum with multiple violet pots in front of coffins. Totally lovely! Must get a larger bottle. This is too lovely for words.
  9. TheDarkMother


    After trying Hellfire yesterday, I think the only natural progression is Hearth! I got a decanted imp...purr! In the Bottle: The thick smell of cherry tobacco. On Me: Very, very, very cherry, and I'm talking marachino cherries! The kind that I can put in my mouth and tie multiple knots into the stem with my tongue....ehem. Sorry. To tell you the truth, there is really only the barest hint of tabacco, and the leather is almost imperceptible. On me it is very cherry, which is a smell that I adore no matter what silly jokes my friends make of it. There is a slight smokiness that is coming into the fray now, and now I wish that I had gotten a 5mL of this when I had the chance! I will have to be very, very stingy with this imp, as I am really falling in love with this one! Maybe I should start putting monwy aside now for the next batch of LEs. To get all of them at once was a hefty sum, but I just can't bear not having them!
  10. TheDarkMother


    Leather, leather, leather. I love the leather scents! YAY!!! In the Bottle: Leather and incense. Oooh! On Me: Mmmm....leather and cherry wood tobacco! Maybe even a hint of cinnamon in this one. Oh this is womderful, but in a totally different way. This reminds me of an older man sitting in a large, comfy leather chair next to a roaring fire in a large library with a fez on his head, a pipe in his mouth, and a large book in his lap. Brandenburg Concerto #5 is playing in the background. His accent is a thick Yorkshire accent, and on the walls are old hunting trophies from his earlier years when he would hunt foxes on horseback and go on safari in the jungles of Africa. This is a comforting leather scent, not the normal sexy scent. I'm not saying that this isn't sexy, it just is in a totally different way. I love this one a lot! I think I'm going to need a bigger bottle!
  11. TheDarkMother


    Erk...lemon verbena. Uhoh. But I have a friend of mine that has the same affliction with lemon verbena as I do that simply bathes in this stuff, so I guess I shouldn't be too worried. Green Tea and honeysuckle smell divine on me so far. Here's to hoping! In the Bottle: Mmmm....smells like a sushi night! Green tea and the sweet and sour tang of honeysuckle, which is a little close to ginger. Ah! My beloved ginger!! LOVES ginger! On Me: OH! *faints and purrs* The lemon verbena is just barely noticeable but the green tea and honeysuckle are just heavenly!! I can see why ladyofdarkstar loves this so much! Its very faint and delicious, reminding me a lot of the green tea that I've been drinking here lately. So light and feminine, just begging to have someone's wrist nibbled and licked. *shiver* I LOVE this! I must have a big bottle! Must! My precious!!!!
  12. TheDarkMother


    More Egyptian scents! Yay!! Of course, I need to be extra careful with this, because the last Egyptian scent that I tried was Khepra, and I loved it SO much, but the inside of the imp cap broke off entirely, leaving a small hole in it and I couldn't cap it fully. I tried taping it, but it didn't work, and it leaked all over the place. Luckily I will get a 5mL to replace it in my next order, but still...must not molest the precious! In the Bottle: Very light and resiny. This isn't what I expected at all, and I am very pleasantly surprised. On Me: Wow. Stumped! Its sweet, yet spicy and completely resiny. Its like citrus, a slight lemon or orange tang to it on the wrist, but in the air its more musky. The wrist is decidedly lemon actually, but its a nice, normal lemon scent that isn't too overpowering. A great change from the Pledge smell of lemon verbena. But it is very light, and like I said, not at all like I was expecting. This was a great surprise actually, and the lemon scent isn't overpowering enough for me to turn up my nose. Especially now that the musk scent is now in charge. I think I really like this one. So far all of the Egyptian scents that I have tried I have really liked, even though this isn't spicy enough. I'll still get a big bottle of this one though, simply because it was a step away from my ideal.
  13. TheDarkMother


    In the Bottle: Sweet berries and musk. Delicious! On Me: Slightly peppery and musky, the amber is actually coming through on me more than the berries when I smell my wrist. Off of the wrist is a sweet sugary berry scent that is just gorgeous. It reminds me of cranberries dipped in powdered sugar and frozen like that. Very gorgeous and well blended. I need a big bottle of this one too when the imp runs out. Yum!
  14. TheDarkMother


    In the Bottle: Moss and patchouli mostly, with the hint of sweetness from the berries in the background. It reminds me of Darkswan's Witches Brew. On Me: Delicious and mossy, very nearly with a black pepper scent to it. Heady and earthen and spicy all at once. A lovely fragrance that is sensual and unisex, not too mossy to be feminine and not too berry to be masculine. I must have a bottle of this! Must Must Must!
  15. TheDarkMother


    In the Bottle: Very light and airy with a slight scent of flowers. Very pretty. On Me: Sharp and ozone, like a dryer sheet, but with a beautiful floral fragrance as well. I adore this! Its so fresh and clean and springtime! Must get a big bottle of this one as well!