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BPAL Madness!

Honey, Mahogany, and Incense Smoke

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Wet: Intense, sticky honey.


Drydown: The honey disappears into a blandly perfumey scent that hangs very close to my skin.


Later: After about half an hour, I started smelling this wonderful intensely sticky honey incense smoke, and wasn't entirely sure where it was coming from. If I put my nose to my wrist, I still get something almost stereotypically oriental-perfumey, but the throw is SO FREAKING AMAZING. The mahogany lends a woody dryness to the incense, the honey gives it an intense sweetness, and the whole thing hovers on the edge of gourmand but doesn't quite fall into it.


This one is so beautiful!

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A gorgeous, mature smoky mahogany comes out on me first, when freshly applied. A medium-dark honey sweetens the mahogany smoke, but honey doesn't stand out as the strongest note to me.


This is lovely. When I tried it among a million other blends, from the pooled decants of two people, this perfume didn't stand out as much. But this particular honey is such an elegant match to the mahogany smoke that it is getting a lot of attention from me now.


Sometime after drydown, I don't really pick up the honey anymore, but the smoky mahogany lingers in a delightful way. This does fade quite a bit later, but traces remain, in a skin-soft way.

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