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    Patchouli, vanilla, vetiver, jasmine, rose with a heavier base note so it's not overpowering, apparently lily (Evening Star is a favorite), all the Moons I've tried I liked, resins, apples, dry leaves, smoke, cocoa and chocolate, herbs,


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  1. Anne M.69

    Lover's Parodies of Sumo Holds

    Wafting summery florals and tangerine on my skin. As others have mentioned, very light but lovely for the hot weather .
  2. Anne M.69

    Black Phoenix

    In the bottle: sweet cherries and bitter almond. Not my favorite notes but I'm trying to work out if I want to swap it or not. Wet: very similar to what it is in the bottle. Dry after 30 minutes: powdery rose, I wish I can smell spices or resins in this but there are none. 60 minutes: faint powdery rose. It's a lovely concept but it just doesn't work on me.
  3. Anne M.69

    In Templum Dei

    About 15 minutes after I put this on the throw started to smell just like these sweets we have in Australia called pink musk sticks, then a little later it has the fuzziness of frankincense over the top but still with the sweetness of pink musk sticks.
  4. Anne M.69


    Weirdly I get no rum or leather out of this, wet the top note on my skin is pure almond kernel with vanilla and patchouli underneath, after 3 hours it's perfumey patch, and now after 8 hours it's faint vanillaish patchouli. Hopefully it will age into something closer to the description.
  5. Anne M.69


    Wet it's black, almost gritty leather, and I'm almost put off by it, which is almost immediately pushed out of the way by the fougere. I amp fougeres so I should have expected it, luckily I also like them.. I can smell the rosin and sandalwood now though, there is a sweet woodiness coming through under the fougere but it fades in and out like a distant, half-heard scrap of music. Very evocative, Adam is true poetry in scent form. (Ironically if I type Adam on my phone one of the auto complete suggestions is Lambert, and the scent does remind me of him.)
  6. Anne M.69

    Funnel of Love

    Spicy patchouli and black leather, with a strengthening perfume of black pepper over the top. Like most of the OLLA scents this should age really well, and I can't wait to see what they smell like.
  7. Anne M.69

    Spooky Action at a Distance

    I bought this more as a science geek (I love the whole idea of quantum physics) than for the scent, which is why I tested it today when I only have to go to school to pick up my daughter. Ok, rose, violets, more rose and a slight resinous note. No elemi or sandalwood evident.
  8. Anne M.69

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    The Lab sells the wand caps that most people use so I don't know if anyone will be able to answer your question. ETA: Back on topic, I just use the nub in the lid, or the wand cap if it came with one. I sometimes use my finger to dab it on if it seems to be a light scent.
  9. Anne M.69

    All about plum!

    I like Purple Phoenix and Purple Snowballs (both LEs ) for plum.
  10. This is the first year I've ever paid attention to the Yules, and I'm finding a lot of them are suitable for our weather. I've worn Almond Blossom, Purple Snowballs, The Mahogany Tree, and Lick It in the last week and they all have a snow note that cools me down in this weather.
  11. Anne M.69

    The Mahogany Tree

    Very well blended, it's mainly woods and amber on my skin, but I amp amber and woods so I was expecting that, all the other notes are there in the background, with the snow showing up as a realistic chill in my nose and running down my back. I'm glad I tried this today, I thought it might be a bit heavy for our summer weather, but it's actually cooling me and amplifying the effect of the fan. ETA: I just realized the combination reminds me of going to wineries to taste their wine, because it has wood, Tonka, fruit, and wine notes.
  12. Anne M.69

    Mother, Mother Ocean

    Mary Celeste is another salty one, it has perfumey notes and wood in the bottom.
  13. Anne M.69

    How long do bottles & imps last?

    Hi, I have some bottles from 2005 that smell devine. Much of my collection is from 2006 & 2007. Alcohol sours, but like a fine wine Beth's oils just get better with age. I wore Harvest Moon '05 today and it's still gorgeous
  14. Anne M.69

    BPAL scents appropriate for very young children?

    I used Tweedledee on my daughter today and it smells so much better on her than me. It's now dried down to a pleasant book-like skin scent, and it was really orangey earlier. She didn't seem to get any of the black pepper, which I think is what went strange on my skin.
  15. Anne M.69

    BPAL scents appropriate for very young children?

    My 5yo daughter loves wearing whatever I wear, and she really like the foodie ones like Strawberry Moon, Purple and Velvet Phoenix, PP V, etc. I just told her I'm going to try Tweedledee on her tomorrow as it starts out nice on me but goes really weird on the dry down, so hopefully it's better on her.