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This is a very pretty musk! In the bottle and when first applied I get a lot of red musk, but once on skin it blends fairly evenly with the skin musk. The effect to my nose is almost of an Egyptian musk. The pop of pink peppercorn (it’s definitely pink, and not super pepper-y, just gives the scent a little kick) meshes nicely with the sweet, clean orange blossom. There’s a grounding base of dry sandalwood holding everything together. 

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I was a little wary of this. The lab's red musk can be nice sometimes, but sometimes it's very overpowering on me and drowns out everything else. On initial application that seems like it might be an issue here too. I am getting a very strong presence from the red musk and very little else, maybe a very faint hint of the sandalwood and orange blossom behind it. They do seem to be tempering the red musk slightly (or maybe that's the skin musk just quieting it down), so it's not quite as sharp or aggressive as I've had it go in the past. It's definitely still the dominant note by far, and this is very much a red musk centered scent on my skin at least. That's leaving my brain a little confused I think, because it does sort of smell nice, but I've had so many scents feel overwhelming with this note that I keep expecting it to be too much or unpleasant, when really it's a much smoother take on the red musk scent. Definitely feeling a bit torn on this one.

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Love this one. I have come back to this decant most of all the 2020 Liliths I have tried. It's on my full-size shopping list now.

First test I was like, ‘ok where is it tho.’ Tried again the next day, and realized this one takes a bit of patience for me. But when it comes around, it is love. ☺️

Reminds me of a precious-to-me bottle of sandalwood oil I got at a foo-foo hippie shop in Antigua years ago and use so sparingly. Solved Mysteries is that kinda sandalwood juiced up with pepper and skin musk. It wafts nicely - doesn’t have to be too close to enjoy. Warm, clean, light wood, really nice. Like a carved wood box. Worth the wait. 😉

This would be an excellent work-appropriate scent. Wearing it today to feel cozy & calm at home but still dressed up a bit. Much as I love work-from-home in tights and a hoodie all day every day, sometimes one wants to feel like one tries. Feeling sophisticated in my insulated track pants, yes, but also Solved Mysteries and, what the heck, a lip tint to boot.

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