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BPAL Madness!

Libidinous Encounter During the Rice Harvest

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This smells a little funky at first.  Sort of fermented.  Pretty quickly though, the florals emerge.  Champaca first, but after a few minutes, the frangipani takes over.  This smells exotic, with the florals overlaying sort of a woody, earthy base.  I'm guessing that's the fossilized amber at play.  The rice note peaks out in the dry down, but is subtle to my nose, hiding behind the florals. 


This is a heady, voluptuous floral, with the other notes keeping things from being too sweet.  Both the champaca and the frangipani are beautiful, so if you're a fan of those two notes, I'd check this one out.  The rice notes don't stand out much on me.  

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Rice milk can turn me into a drooling idiot, and that starts to happen here.  At first, this is such a creamy and dreamy white-grain milk with perhaps also that gorgeous rice flower from Castitas bath oil, and there's only a hint of golden champaca and amber.


Then fortunes reverse, and mighty champaca takes the lead, with tropical frangipani soon to follow. From then on, this is a full, queenly, heady blend, and the delicate rice notes get a bit lost in the grandeur. 


The blend is lovely but, after the first few seconds, it mostly misses the rice notes I sought. I'd recommend it for those seeking big tropical florals with supporting creamy rice-ness.


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An incensey champaca takes over and takes no prisoners! No rice afternote, as I'd hoped there might be.

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