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  1. muined

    Government Officials at an Orgy

    I love black tea, so I wanted to love this so badly (the name, for another thing, is hilarious) but I'm afraid it does the handsoap thing that Corey Shea described on me, too. (EDIT: A month later and it's grown on me immeasurably. I wasn't expecting it to smell as clean and almost aquatic as it does, but now I love the cologney freshness and spiciness, because I know what to expect. Still has poor stay, but I'm okay with that. Keepin' it!)
  2. muined

    Poor Monkey

    Swapped for it because I wanted a figgy scent, was not disappointed. I'm not a huge fan of the fir note, but thankfully it dissipates quickly, while the fig and vanilla cling. Weirdly, maybe, it smells to me like the edible moonflesh from Italo Calvino's "The Distance of the Moon" might. Lotus?
  3. muined

    Lady MacBeth

    Bag o' fruit snacks left out in the sun. Not complaining.
  4. muined


    This was the imp from my initial waters-testing order that made me fall in love with BPAL, and I still think of it as my scent. I get very little myrrh or musk from it either in the bottle or on my skin. Just, like, a bearclaw. But last week a girl in my Paleontology class asked if I was the one who smelt like incense (and sniffed my neck; thank you, BPAL!). As it dries it gets a little baby powder-y, but I like that; maybe a colloidal oatmeal lotion from a childhood memory. I put Hecate on after showering, or on cold mornings, but there is an aspect of nighttime to it. I first tried it on while reading Nabokov's Laughter in the Dark, and it reminds me of the (original) ending of that novel: “Everything was as before–dark, velvety dark–and someone’s hands, many hands, grabbed him from all sides.”