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Too butch, too femme, too sexy, not sexy enough, too smart, too big, too loud, too angry.

Sugar and bile, leather and blood, honey and rum, shredded patchouli and vetiver, tobacco and lime.

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Whoa, the first?


This is a weird one for sure. Freshly applied, there's the bitter tang of the blood, like a handful of pennies, salty and sharp and metallic. At the same time, the heavy-handed sugar/honey note coats it in boozy, syrupy-sweet. Behind it there's a salty, granulated sugar base. Like Swedish black licorice candy. The combo of the bitter and the sweet fighting each other actually has a nauseous effect to it. That's the bile I guess, and the effect is pretty accurate. Definitely bile. It's weird that it's not terrible, despite being a little woozy and sure, pukey. A little. Cheers to the lab for nailing the idea. 


Once it dries down, the leather and lime peek out at the edges, but it's still prominently a peppery-sweet patchouli with a shot of spiced booze (maybe rum). There's a nice smoky black incense waving at the back, and something that is delightfully reminding me of a lit match. 


This one's a morpher. Each note stands and is accounted for. The leather was great here, not pushing or bullying too much, but still there, underneath the klaxon of other stuff going on.


The lasting note is gorgeous. A lovely, smooth, smoky, spicy-sweet patchouli that leans into masculine. And it chills there, largely inoffensively, as if it wasn't just bile 20 minutes ago. 


I am really a huge fan of where this lands and stays. This kind of sweet spiced patchouli is absolutely stunning. 


This was a wild ride and I liked the trip, but I'm not sure I want to slog through the weird bile part for the ending. But hey, maybe that's the point -- it don't care what you want. NC!


Edit: I just tried The Emperor's Beard and Ian, and the similarities between these three are striking. The tobacco, sweet patch, and that boozy note read the same to me as in NC. I'd say NC is sweeter and has a brief citrus kick. But these guys all sorta land in that same sweet patch/boozy neighborhood. 

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Hello, ladies. 

Look at yourself. Now back to me.

Now back at yourself. Now back to me.

Sadly, you're not me. But if you stopped using lady scented body wash....and switched to Non-Compliant,  you could smell like me.

Look down. Back up. Where are you?

You're on a motorcycle. You own a leather jacket. You own combat boots. Your face is painted in black ash, because its war. 

What's in your hand? Back at me.

I have it. It's a lime that isn't a lime. You bite it and it tastes like licorice and herbs.

Look again. It's a rum bottle that isn't rum or a bottle.  You take a swig, and it has the metallic taste of blood and the tang of cigarettes.

You smell like death and life, and everything in between. You are the wolf that howls and the bird that sings. You are vengeance and righteousness. 

Anything is possible when you smell like Non-Compliant and not like a lady.

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Okay so, my initial though about Non-Compliant was "Tank Girl". Then I realized this scent really reminded me of someone. After an hour or 2 it clicked that it was a lady I work with. I told her this today and she told me she wears "Love Spell", she's also a smoker. So there you have it, a bad bitch who sprays on some Love Spell and smokes ciggs, that's what I get from Non-Compliant. 

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In the decant, there's a lot going on. I get the rum and tobacco, something not quite right, and tinges of lime and honey.

On my skin, the rum is the first note that I get, with touches of honey, tobacco, and what I think must be the bile note. Because... yeah, it actually DOES smell puke-y and is unsettling. :ack: Then the lime joins in and takes it out of bile territory. But then the coppery, spice-tinged blood note emerges. And I'll take that over the bile. :lol: Then, the bile threatens to make a comeback, but after a few hours, it's mainly this sugary, dark scent (getting sugar and lime over leather, tobacco, and a bit of patchouli and smoky vetiver). And by that point, it's actually pretty nice.

But would I want to go through the beginning again to get to that point? Not really, no. Too bad it's not possible to skip the early stages and just be able to wear the final one. (A scent locket wouldn't work, because it also smells different in the vial.)

This is one of those scents that you should try just for the experience. Bravo to Beth for nailing the concept behind this one.

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So uh... Non Compliant is quite compliant with my chemistry, which was a pleasant surprise.  I tested this one without reading the notes, but I was aware that one of the Bitch Planet scents had "bile" listed, and from the initial smell, I suspected it was this one.  I think it's the sharpness of the vetiver mixing with the bite of the lime and the sweetness of the honey/rum.  Before the notes start settling, there's this acrid sweet tangy thing that is... uh... evocative.   


BUT, it starts settling down on me within seconds.  It becomes earthy, musky honeyed patchouli, with sweet threads of lime wafting in and out, like honey with lemon, but lime instead.  Very well blended, but I'm pretty sure I can pick out all the notes if I really go looking.  Its rather nice and different from other patch blends I have.   It's also fairly gentle, which again, a pleasant surprise.  So... if these notes generally work on you, don't let the "bile" scare you.  I'm glad I happened upon this one and swapped for a bottle.  :heart: 

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This is what I get… 


1. Dark, smokey leather (I left my old leather jacket over the back of a chair in a smokey club and this is how it smelled when I got home). 
2. Dark, soft smokey leather, a hint of rum, and warm patchouli (I loaned my leather jacket to my friend - a pipe-smoking grizzly bear - who slept on it for three days after too many hot rum toddies, and this is how it smelled when I got it back). 
3. Sweet, dry, golden tobacco with warm patchouli and leather (I discovered that the bear left a pouch of his pipe tobacco in the pocket of my leather jacket, and this is how it smelled when I opened it up). 
4. Golden tobacco, warm patchouli, soft earthy vetiver, snuggly leather and a hint of lime and sweet honey (I had a sleepover at my friend the bear’s place and we rolled our own smokes, drank margaritas, then laid my leather jacket on the forest floor and slept on it all snuggled up together, and this is how we smelled when we woke up). 
5. Soft sweet patchouli and a faint memory of leather, soft smokey vetiver, warm golden tobacco and a dash of lime (a year has passed, I just pulled my old leather jacket out of the closet and I smile as I’m reminded of that night in the forest with my friend the pipe-smoking margarita drinking bear). 

I kinda love this. A lot. And thank you, skin chemistry, for not giving me any bile, puke or blood as neither I - nor my friend the bear (whose name is Sherman, by the way) - like either of those things. We’re just all about the warm snuggles. 

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I'm not a huge expert on what bile should smell like? From the decant I immediately get the lime and tobacco and rum. I put it on and I'm feeling 50% butch, 50% femme. On my skin the metallic-ness comes out with some leather (but thankfully not too much leather because honestly new car smell and leather shops make me so nauseous). As it dries I'm getting more of the biker, expensive butch feel, even though the honey begins to come through. It started so sharp and now it's so sweet! It's kind of crazy how I can still pick out all of the notes. It's fun and interesting, and a bit more masculine than I usually go for.

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