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  1. ReineDeVampire

    Italianate Landscape with a Goat and Sheep Hair Gloss

    Just realized I didn't rave about this scent on here yet! For me this is like spicy, leathery, Antique Lace(2017). It's just leathery, spicy, vanilla and I love it. I wasn't originally interested in this based solely on the scent description, but my friend went to the November LA Lunacy with me and tested it in her hair and got a bottle. It smelled so amazing on her that about a month later I couldn't hold out any longer and I ordered my own bottle.
  2. ReineDeVampire

    The Red Snowman

    This one is interesting...I can't directly place the notes but it's a super nostalgic scent for me...brings to mind the Skelanimals Marci Monkey spray....or possibly one of those cheap "Body Fantasies" sprays....but it's not quite any of those....also kind of reminds me of this cupboard in my grandmother's house growing up where she kept her nail polish and extra soaps and cleaning supplies and a few like Avon body sprays.... This one is super bizarre on me, but I think I like it.
  3. ReineDeVampire

    The White Snowman

    I'm getting a fresh, slightly minty, sweet lemon. This is really nice.
  4. ReineDeVampire

    The Black Snowman

    Wow...I really hope this one morphs over time... Decant only arrived today and I've had this on for only a few minutes but woah... wet it smelled like...holding a stalk of celery to your nose while walking through a hoarder's musty house full of stale cat pee.........terrible description I know... Based on the above review I'm going to guess that's also the black magnolia on me, as I haven't had this issue with the "snow", tobacco, or oudh notes with bpal before. It's actually settling down now... kind of a light floral, like sticking your nose in a grocery store mixed flower bouquet, with a sort of "maple syrup" kind of smell in the background....this one is odd... I'll have to try it a few more times to decide how I feel about it... Edit: Okay, so I tried this again today. Wearing as my full scent of the day and I'm happy to say that horrible scent only lasts for about 5 minutes or so (I rub it into my skin when not just testing, so it gets past the wet stage faster...) before turning into a lovely soft floral. Reminds me a little of Hades or Eostre of the Dawn. I do like this!
  5. ReineDeVampire

    The Pale Snowman

    Okay, I've juuuust put this on, and my decant only arrived today, but this one I really like. It reminds me a little bit of Nuclear Winter, but a bit sweeter, spicier, and with a hint of a pine scent in the background.
  6. ReineDeVampire

    Svarta Fönix Bókaflóð

    So, I love this scent. I've only been wearing for about an hour now and I cannot stop sniffing my wrist - which is weird because I'm now at work having to hide doing this! I keep coming back to this being the masculine counterpart to Jólabókaflóðið. That being said, it's no so masculine that I feel like I'm wearing a man's cologne (but I actually really tend to love bpal's masculine scents on myself, so *shrug*). The scent description doesn't mention leather or vetiver but swear I detect a touch of vetiver and something in this reminds me of Jareth (which is why I'm leaning toward a semi-sweet leathery smell). This is slightly spicy, and a bit sweet on me and I just love it all around. I'm likely going to wear this for a few more days and come back with a more thought collected description. I agree that it's likely only going to get better with age! Also, I received Fevre Dream by George R. R. Martin! Coming back here about 2ish weeks later to say, please don't give up on this scent after only a couple of days! Two weeks later it's almost a completely different scent for me that it was fresh from the mail. This is now much less "masculine cologne" and has a lot more of the warm spicy fur...it reminds me of another scent I have...I'm thinking I need to dig out my American Gods decants, as it may be the Buffalo Man it's reminding me off...not positive. Still an absolutely lovely scent!
  7. ReineDeVampire

    Dead Leaves and Red Carnations

    Years ago I was gifted a decant of a carnation scent from a different company, and by the time I realized how much I loved it, it was a long gone LE scent. I've been looking for a BPAL to replace that since. I had a feeling Dead Leaves and Carnations might be able to fill that hole, and lucky for me, it does! This is such a beautiful spicy, slightly smokey, carnation scent, I have considered wearing it daily. Only downside so far is that it seems to fade so quickly on me. Though I have my monthly visitor, so I'm hoping that has something to do with the short staying power.