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BPAL Madness!

Snakes in the Last Snows of Winter

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Ice-rimmed minted-slushed Snake Oil and winter’s last snowdrops swimming in a small pool of melted sleet.


This is so... very different.


Wet, I get a very gravelly ice, just like Black Ice's sleet and slush note.  I don't know what I'm getting as a rocky scent.  It's not a very sweet mint, for those concerned this is a Yule-bright peppermint.  It's quite dark, muddy, in fact.  There's a bit of a gray-blue coldness to this.  Distant, and I'm not getting a lot of Snake Oil's general sultry red-ness.  I wonder if maybe the snowdrop is adding a bit of a strange, waxy petal-ness over the slushy snake, but it's an intriguing combination.  If there's some salt in it, I'm getting some of what BPAL's salty note does to me, which is a touch of tortilla-corn.  


Very odd.  I'll keep at wearing it.  It's not quite what I envisioned it to be.

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Slushy, soapy snow drowns anything else in it. If there is a hint of Snake Oil, I don't pick it up. In fact, I'm a bit surprised by how much the snow note seems to amp on my skin.

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Super-slushy sweet vanilla mint.


And, yeah. More of that.


After a while, a hint of Snek woods. But mostly the slush.

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