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BPAL Madness!

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Vanilla bourbon, fossilized amber resin, bitter almond, labdanum, and tobacco absolute.


In The Bottle: DAY-um! Almond, an edge of resin-y labdanum and vanilla bourbon. I am allllllll about this!


Wet On Skin: The amber resin is starting to come to the front as the oil warms on my skin. it's a great addition to the party. The almond is starting to hang back a little. I hope it doesn't disappear completely, it's a really good note in here.


Dry Down: The amber resin is acting slightly weird, shifting between being itself and becoming a wee bit pine-ish. The labdanum keeps it from becoming more than a hint though, and that's good, I don't do pine notes generally. I suspect the pine might *also* be the tobacco poking in at the end, and the two devilish notes combine to keep the amber and vanilla from reading as gourmand. The almond, alas, has left the building. My hope is that with age it'll return for a longer stint, but I can also layer it with Fortune Cookie to add a dollop of almond if need be. 


I predict this is going to be sought-after later on.

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Labdanum and vanilla mix on my skin to come out as COLA. Yup, I get cola, amber and a brush of tobacco. But yes, this is a smoky cola. Good throw and wear length.

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