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  1. AirimirOfGondor

    Skin Musk, Cream, & Honey Dust

    Very sweet, fairly bright, a little powdery, with an almost-sour note while wet. There's also something that reminds me of grocery-store muffins. It fades super, super, super fast; the honey and cream kind of linger the longest, but they fade a lot too. In the end, it is insanely close to the skin, and you have to try very hard to actually smell it, but it is a verrrry delicate, light, warm fragrance. This would be perfect for when you want to smell nice but need something inoffensive. :D
  2. AirimirOfGondor

    Cardamom & Coconut

    So much yum! This is more cardamom-heavy on me - the coconut is more of a supporting note, but they blend so nicely! The cardamom is very true to the real thing - rich, warm, and smoky with a subtle earthy quality; and the coconut is a middle of the road kind of coconut - it is not too fresh/green, nor does it smell like a bag of sweetened shredded coconut. Combining them, it is definitely more of a foodie kind of fragrance, but it is not overwhelmingly sweet. It's soft yet spicy, comforting yet bold. Definitely a unique fragrance!
  3. AirimirOfGondor

    Black Fig, Oak Bark, & Brown Sugar

    I wish I could say I loved this, but sadly, I'm ambivalent at best. This is a dark, cool fragrance. The fig is deep, earthy, and chewy, with a kind of syrupy quality. This is the big hitter at first, which blends with the oak bark. I think it is more of the oakmoss-type of oak note, as the blend is a little sharper and astringent, like with fougere-family perfumes. I don't really get any of the brown sugar at all; there's no warmth, nothing like molasses, or other sweet notes, it's all the fig, with a slight cologne-y quality. I was hoping for a much warmer fragrance, maybe with a warm-spicy-wood note (like sniffing fresh-cut hardwood), but that's not quite what it is. It's still very nice, of course, just not quite what I was expecting.
  4. AirimirOfGondor

    Tahitian Vanilla, Mysore Sandalwood, & Bergamot

    In the bottle, this is just bright and sweet. Applied, it starts out nice and even; sweet, without being too sweet. Strangely, there is a foreign-to-me floral note. I almost want to say jasmine? But that would be the bergamot, I suppose - but not the bergamot I am familiar with from my beloved Earl Grey tea, though I can definitely place the orange-blossom-esque scent. But then if I smell it through my sleeve, it does come across as more of the familiar bergamot. The sandalwood keeps it a little on the dry side, and the vanilla comes out a bit more as it dries, while the bergamot fades to the background. Ultimately, I end up with a sweet, dusty (but not powdery), delicate scent, which -I kid you not- smells like Breyer's Vanilla Bean ice cream. It doesn't have much throw, sadly; even while wearing it I only get faint whiffs of it, and it seems to escape my sniffer a bit even when I'm huffing my own wrists.
  5. AirimirOfGondor

    Low-Hanging Junk

    Wet, I immediately get a sweet (but not too-sweet) almond. As it dries down, the tobacco and labdanum come out a bit -- at this stage I get whiffs tnat are reminiscent of clove and pine, with a cool, deep syrupy-spices note, and some astringency (which I normally equate to conifer notes). And the almond disappears completely. On my skin, more dried, it's a very nice, even, skin-close, soft, sweet fragrance. I'm mostly reminded of root or birch beer (rather than cola like other reviews), with hints of powdery vanilla and something that is almost (but not quite) grain-like. Unfortunately, I do keep getting a champagne-y type note, which typically gives me headaches. :( Hopefully, if applied lightly enough, I will still be able to wear it. :)
  6. AirimirOfGondor

    Cock Cage

    Just tested this~ I want to say I like it, because it is definitely lightly earthy, and kind of sweet, which is typically stuff I like. But, wet, directly on my skin, there's definitely a weird, stanky BO quality. It does fade a little bit, and I get hints of golden fruits and the amber, as well as something almost....pine-y, or minty, but it's really overshadowed by the stank. In a scent locket, or through my sleeve, it is very different! It's more of an astringent scent; sharp and green, with hints of spring flowers. But alas, the stank does still linger a little bit. After about a half an hour or so, it's more manageable for me - it's more subtle and smooth, with a hint of woodsiness/smokiness, but I don't know that I like dealing with the wet stages enough to wear more .
  7. AirimirOfGondor

    Milk Moon 2020

    I totally agree with everyone calling this 'cozy' - it is so incredibly comforting! In the bottle, I'm immediately reminded of Obatala - it is sweet, creamy, and almost-tropical, and I am tricked into smelling the tiniest hint of coconut. Freshly applied, the fig and dates come out - I'm reminded of snacking on dried figs, or those sugar-coated date chunks you use in baking. It's a slightly earthy sweetness; a bit syrupy, which you might think would clash with the airy, creamy first stages, but it melds together surprisingly well. There is the very slightest sour touch for a bit, but that fades pretty quickly. As it dries, the olive leaf, and cedarwood add a more of an earthy, almost-musky quality, which ultimately dries to a very nice dry-woodsy note. The Lab's milk note is very recognizable to me these days - porridge-like and almost powdery, and it, with the honey, is a big star by the end. All together, it is a light, sweet, summertime kind of fragrance. Not entirely tropical at the end, but perhaps more like summertime in the mountains, enjoying exotic fruits and honey with home made whipped cream, as a cool breeze blows through nearby coniferous trees.
  8. AirimirOfGondor

    Fragment 38

    Surprised with this! To me, it's completely different between the bottle and on skin. In the bottle, and wet on skin, it's a strange mix of sweet & juicy orange, and pine, with a hint of bittersweet bubblegum (like Bazooka Joe or bubblegum balls from a quarter machine). Honestly it reminds me of some of those wayyyyy too strong bathroom air fresheners (the cone type ones XD). If it stayed like this I probably wouldn't like it much. But! When it dries out, it is amazing! As it mellows, the woody notes come out more, and it blooms into this wonderful earthy, lightly sweet fragrance, with a very slight hint of something incense-y, or spices. The combination of notes do give it the teensiest bit of a man's cologne kind of feel, so I do find it to be a more masculine-leaning fragrance. But it's very wearable, very close-to-the-skin, great for all-season wear! :D
  9. AirimirOfGondor

    Thirteen (13): March 2020

    Seconding this interpretation! When wet, it is very fruity to me. As it dries, it gets dark ; very molasses-y, a little caramel-y, and kind of too thick for me. It picks up an almost bakery quality, reminiscent of cakes soaked in dark syrup. There are a lot of similarities to Sugar Skull, I think, minus the spice notes and more prominent fruit notes. It is very nice when applied lightly, but something is a little off on my skin. It has like, a bittersweet that makes me wrinkle my nose. Perhaps a scent locket may be better. If I continue to use it, it will be very sparingly!
  10. AirimirOfGondor

    A Vision of the Courtesan

    Ugh this is going to age so well! At first sniff for this, I get deep, rich, reddishy tobacco - juicy, sweet, cherryish, and almond-like, and chewy. SO CHEWY. As it dries, the rice milk starts to shine, adding a delicately pale note. I think the frankincense comes out more too, with a hint of powder. In final form, everything combines into a kind of different, but very lovely blend. Rich juicy tobacco and warm incense, with subdued smoky notes, and a creamy rice porridge-y quality. Gotta get me a full bottle!
  11. AirimirOfGondor

    Couple Reading Erotic Scroll

    I wasn't expecting this one! From the notes, I thought it would be pale and, sharp, with a few notes of blackberry/citrus. When I sniffed it in the bottle, it was BLACKBERRY. When I applied it, it really bloomed - it was almost like a handful of jelly beans at first, bright and sweet and fruity. Then it morphed a little, and stayed fruity/juicy, but gained the faintest, faintest hint of a bittersweet citrus, and a bit of the rice note poked out. It has this really specific quality, that I associate with 'oriental' family perfumes (like, spa-type, bamboo-type stuff), but with a young, modern feel. I really, really like it - it smells amazing in all stages, and lasts forever! I put it on yesterday, and it was still on my inner elbows and wrists this morning!
  12. AirimirOfGondor

    Rendezvous With Her Lover Behind the Rice Straws

    I unfortunately wasn't too keen on this one. :( I tried to give it a shot, but I just got kind of a thin, reedy, stale/mildew-y hay, with a cloying, almost fuzzy sweetness. There was a touch of like, a warm, grainy note, but it was almost completely covered by the greenish hay. It's possible it could be better after it fades on skin for a bit, but I sadly had to wash it off pretty quickly.
  13. AirimirOfGondor


    I was worried I wouldn't like Monk, because this is my first blend with ti leaf so I didn't know what to expect, but I love it! At first sniff it is weirdly aquatic and green at the same time, with a...kind-of creamy sweet note. As it dries down the honey is more distinguishable, and the sandalwood is also a bit stronger. The ti leaf keeps it all green and fresh, without having one of those OMG-greenery! kinds of feelings (not at all like your oakmosses, or grass, or flower greens). It's almost like a bamboo kind of note, with a shade of eucalyptus. I can't really pinpoint the saffron, but the oil does have the most miniscule bit of an earthy quality, so I would chalk that up to the saffron. :) All in all this one is awesome! It feels like a nice fresh spring/summer scent, or exactly the kind of fragrance you'd expect to smell at a spa~
  14. AirimirOfGondor


    This was a little odd for me (which could be because I tested it when I barely let it rest a few hours). Wet, it is warm and earthy and sweet, but I get a very, very strong fizz or champagne note from it, which almost smells like bubblegum to me. Possibly the ginger. I think I smell the ginger and amber most prominently, but that bubblegum-y aspect does of gives me a bit of a headache. But luckily for me, as it dries down, it mellows out a bit. The champagne-y note is still there, but significantly less so. Towards the end of the dry-down, the patchouli, apricot, and I thiiiiink the amber, are the more prominent notes. I think the yam pokes out a bit as well - there's a sweet, earthy, kind of starchy smell that is really unique and interesting. It's an overall patchouli fragrance, warm and earthy, with a soft-and-fuzzy kind of sweetness. I thought I wasn't going to like it at first application, but it is already growing on me a lot!
  15. AirimirOfGondor

    Songs of Autumn IV

    This was the big hopeful for me this year. I'm not 100% sure if it will be a regular-use fragrance for me, but it is very nice! It's a lighter, fresher, warm-and-sunny feeling kind of fall fragrance - the kind that evokes picnics and hay rides and playing in leaves. It is brightly golden and sweet, the apricot and apple are tied for the strongest notes to my nose. The honey is a close second. As it dries down, the oak adds a subtle, dry grounded quality. I think the apricot and honey stand out a little more as well, which mayyyybe makes it a little too sweet for me (though I haven't decided!). It is a little syrupy, but still countered by the oak (and hay, I suppose). I can't really pinpoint the chrysasthemum and amber, but when it has fully dried on my skin it is a bright, sweet, lightly woody fragrance. The syrupy note does linger, and is wierdly bittersweet, but it does blend very nicey.