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  1. AirimirOfGondor

    Ghost Milk

    I think I like this, but as my husband said, "it's like....85% good." 😂 Wet, and in the bottle, it was too-sweet, and very creamy, with a bit of a slightly sour note from the goat's milk. When applied, the sour quality came to the forefront, with the honey and white chocolate kind of....a cacophony of notes clashing at first. When it was fully dry, the goat's milk calmed down, as did the honey, leaving a creamy, sweet, lightly powdery fragrance. I'd say the white chocolate, honey, and marshmallow were the main stars, with the goat's milk brightening up everything. It was a teensy bit muddled and fuzzy for me at the end, but overall very nice. I have a bottle of Skin Musk, Cream, & Honey Dust, which I find very similar to Ghost Milk. I do think Skin Musk et all is a softer, more delicate fragrance; while the marshmallow, white chocolate, and goat's milk offer a sweeter, sharper, slightly more energetic fragrance to Ghost Milk. 😊
  2. AirimirOfGondor


    2020 release; I like it! 😄 Wet and in the bottle, it was VERY smoky, and very leathery. Applied, and drying, the smoky note was overpowering for a while, but with a hint of sweetness poking out. Fully dry, it is a mix of leather and sweet tobacco, with a slight hint of smoke. It all blends really really well. Some kinds of leather give me headaches, but this one is like...a golden-red leather, not too sharp or heavy. The tobacco has a teensy bit of a syrupy quality, which I like, as it balances the smoke and leather. I don't necessarily think I get the cherry wood specifically, but there is a warm, dry note there, which I associate with dried wood, so I assume that's it. And while the smoke is super-heavy at first, it just kind of floats over the rest of the scent. Definitely glad I finally got a chance to test this one! 😊
  3. AirimirOfGondor

    Last Tavern at the Town Gate

    Wet, my first observation is bubblegum! Like, very strong, almost-bitter bubblegum! 😅 There's an antiseptic quality to it as well. As it dries down, it turns more to a slightly-smoky, super-piney quality. I am getting a hint of citrus that grows the more it dries, but definitely not as much as the pine. Which is strange, as pine isn't a listed note. It kind of reminds me of an older Yule, The Second Morning after Christmas (which was woodsmoke, pipe smoke, and snow), so here's hoping it will age better! I'm afraid I get no red musk, no amber, and no whiskey from this one at the moment.
  4. AirimirOfGondor

    Partridges in the Snow

    This past Christmas, I tried fresh roasted chestnuts for the first time ever. I then proceeded to buy 4 pounds and freeze them for later use. 😆 So when I saw this oil, I realllllly wanted to try it~ Wet, it is rich, sweet, and syrupy. It feels more like a thick caramel to me, and most other listed notes are overpowered by it. As it dries though, the sweetness tones down a little, and the chestnut really starts to shine. It doesn't 100% smell like real chestnut, but it is as close as I can envision (without just huffing produce). The other notes are mild. I definitely get a dusty-woody quality, and a hint of buttery warmth, while the sweeness lingers. Overall, I'm really thrilled! This is a warm, comforting, cozy scent; grounding, and sweet without being too overly foodie.
  5. AirimirOfGondor

    The Bear Prince

    I was really hoping to love this one! 😣 When wet, freshly applied, I got a needle-sharp note, that was almost citrusy. While I got a great rose note from it, the sharp note just kept giving me the start of a headache every time I smelled it. I assume that note is the snow-note. I did put it on immediately before bed last night; as it dried, the sharpness did kind of die down a little, but it did linger for a long time. It wasn't until I woke up this morning and sniffed my sleeve, that I got a different scent. The rose was still there, but mostly overpowered by a sweet, very powdery note. It's still just a little too dry, and a litle too heady for me to fully enjoy it 😔
  6. AirimirOfGondor

    Oak Moon

    I was looking to try this for so long, and I finally got a bottle! 😍 I realize I'm testing this super-aged, but I can say that I love how it aged! 😁 In the bottle and wet, it's overwhelmingly oakmoss-y-greens and camphory-fern fougere, with a vague hint of something sweet. As it begins to dry, the greens fade a bit, and I start getting beautifully warm, spicy, dry wood notes. A resinous note also begins to peek out; something almost tobacco-like? The camphor note does still linger, but is countered by the other notes, as well as a verrrrry slight nutty nuance. As it dries more, the warm spicy wood is the star player, with a rich, sweet, almost brown sugar-like note, lingering in the background. There is a bit of a muddled, fuzzy, sickly-sweet-yet-sour quality that I don't 100% enjoy, and I can't exactly pinpoint what's making it, but luckily it doesn't last long. When fully dry, it is a very ethereal wood fragrance, without being too fresh-green or caustic-sappy or sharp/herbal. It's so woodsy, and warm, and softly sweet, with an almost-vanilla note, as sharper spices and teensy bits of green continue to weave in and out. When much more faded, it reminds me very strongly of Antique Lace~~ I have to say, overall it feels as though you've walked into a wood workshop, or freshly-build wooden structure, or as if you've jammed your face into a pile of dried hardwood, warmed from sitting in the sun. But also there's some vanilla. 😄 This is actually exactly what I was hoping to get from Black Fig, Brown Sugar, and Oak Bark! (Which I didn't like, as it was too harsh, too astringent, and too green) But this is grounding, and comforting; while also being bold and strong - definitely something that speaks to me on a deep level! 💚
  7. AirimirOfGondor

    The Witch/Strega

    In the bottle and wet, the teak and patchouli hit me first -- it's rich and slightly sweet, with a chewy feel to it, but also a fair deal of astringency. It almost reminds me of Ad Montes Oculos Levavi, but a bit more complicated than that. When applied, I get vaaaague shades of Banshee Beat, but it's lighter, much more dry, and way less sweet. As it continues to dry, I get hints of smoke, and a whiff of sticky beeswax, as the teak continues to be the main star. I cannot smell any rose, cream, amber or tonka. I keep thinking I can smell them ever so slightly as it continues to dry, but I tend to amp earthier notes so the teak and patch and smoke keep vying for first place. So I may have to wait a bit and see. :D
  8. AirimirOfGondor

    From Sunset to Star Rise

    In the bottle, I agree wholeheartedly with @torischroeder9; it smells like if I had prepped some lime simple syrup for cocktails. There is an additional, deeper sweet note, which I can't 100% pin down. I will say, I have only just recently discovered that oudh and I don't always get along. 😅 So I was nervous to actually test it on skin. But that being said, I did apply it! 😆 It does mellow out a little and lose the sweetness a bit as it dries. The floral notes are very hard to pick out as well. What I'm left with is a fairly deep scent, with a nice amount of a salty note. It is still sweet, but it's also very earthy, with a slightly sharp note that pokes in and out, and hints of dried wood. I'm not sure how often I'd wear this one, but for once I have an oudh that doesn't hate me! 😂
  9. AirimirOfGondor

    Liquid Gold is in the Air

    In the bottle, this is light and fresh and golden, kind of apple-y, with a hint of something powdery, and a teensy bit of sharpness. As it dries on my skin, a bit of a greenish note comes out, and I think I smell the saffron a bit more. It does keep a bit of the sharpness at first, and I do get whiffs of something almost-menthol, or maybe licorice? Once it dries a bit more, I think the oudh doesn't agree with me. 😥 It has a bit of a stanky quality, which I don't like very much. The wet stages are amazing, all autumny golden goodness, but as soon as it dries too much, it's completely different, and all I get is licorice BO. 😭 (and I love to eat licorice candy, but I dislike it as a fragrance note)
  10. AirimirOfGondor

    Rickety Staircase

    In the bottle, this was mild, kind of...nondescriptly-sweet, and soapy. When I applied it, a resinous quality kind of came out, some notes reminiscent of bitter citrus oils, and something almost-creamy(?). But, the big star bloomed as well - dry, dry wood. Honestly, it actually reminds me of an old instrument cleaner/polish I used to use on my cello back in high school! <3 I can't remember the brand anymore, but I definitely remember the same kinds of fragrances after I had used it - wood, something creamy, something citrusy, and a kind of sharp quality. It's a little too-sharp for me to wear all the time, but I definitely still like it! :)
  11. AirimirOfGondor

    Mors Syphilitica

    The oudh done me dirty! 😭 I typically love saffron and sandalwood, so I had high hopes for this when I got it secondhand. When wet, it has a musky, kind of salty-spicy quality, but as soon as I applied it, it went full-stank on me, and even though I tried to power through to the dry stage, I just couldn't do it. The BO note lingered and kept catching me off guard, and in the end I had to wash it off. 😢 Such a shame though, I really, really wanted to like it!
  12. AirimirOfGondor

    Skin Musk, Cream & Honey Dust

    Very sweet, fairly bright, a little powdery, with an almost-sour note while wet. There's also something that reminds me of grocery-store muffins. It fades super, super, super fast; the honey and cream kind of linger the longest, but they fade a lot too. In the end, it is insanely close to the skin, and you have to try very hard to actually smell it, but it is a verrrry delicate, light, warm fragrance. This would be perfect for when you want to smell nice but need something inoffensive. :D
  13. AirimirOfGondor

    Cardamom & Coconut

    So much yum! This is more cardamom-heavy on me - the coconut is more of a supporting note, but they blend so nicely! The cardamom is very true to the real thing - rich, warm, and smoky with a subtle earthy quality; and the coconut is a middle of the road kind of coconut - it is not too fresh/green, nor does it smell like a bag of sweetened shredded coconut. Combining them, it is definitely more of a foodie kind of fragrance, but it is not overwhelmingly sweet. It's soft yet spicy, comforting yet bold. Definitely a unique fragrance!
  14. AirimirOfGondor

    Black Fig, Oak Bark, & Brown Sugar

    I wish I could say I loved this, but sadly, I'm ambivalent at best. This is a dark, cool fragrance. The fig is deep, earthy, and chewy, with a kind of syrupy quality. This is the big hitter at first, which blends with the oak bark. I think it is more of the oakmoss-type of oak note, as the blend is a little sharper and astringent, like with fougere-family perfumes. I don't really get any of the brown sugar at all; there's no warmth, nothing like molasses, or other sweet notes, it's all the fig, with a slight cologne-y quality. I was hoping for a much warmer fragrance, maybe with a warm-spicy-wood note (like sniffing fresh-cut hardwood), but that's not quite what it is. It's still very nice, of course, just not quite what I was expecting.
  15. AirimirOfGondor

    Tahitian Vanilla, Mysore Sandalwood & Bergamot

    In the bottle, this is just bright and sweet. Applied, it starts out nice and even; sweet, without being too sweet. Strangely, there is a foreign-to-me floral note. I almost want to say jasmine? But that would be the bergamot, I suppose - but not the bergamot I am familiar with from my beloved Earl Grey tea, though I can definitely place the orange-blossom-esque scent. But then if I smell it through my sleeve, it does come across as more of the familiar bergamot. The sandalwood keeps it a little on the dry side, and the vanilla comes out a bit more as it dries, while the bergamot fades to the background. Ultimately, I end up with a sweet, dusty (but not powdery), delicate scent, which -I kid you not- smells like Breyer's Vanilla Bean ice cream. It doesn't have much throw, sadly; even while wearing it I only get faint whiffs of it, and it seems to escape my sniffer a bit even when I'm huffing my own wrists.