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  1. AirimirOfGondor

    Honeyed Champaca Blossom and Basmati Rice

    This smells like a lovely rice pudding to me! I'm quite surprised actually, most gourmand scents go way too heavy on me. But on my skin, it's a very thick rice fragrance at first; very rich and almost soft and fluffy. The unique basmati fragrance is exactly like I was expecting (I love to eat basmati rice 😄). The honey is very nice, it is warm, but not overpowering like some honeys. And the champaca adds a very nice extra layer; it's also sweet, and kind of floral, which blends really, really nicely with the honey. I particularly like it dried in a scent locket - it's a very soft, exotic scent; sweet, a bit chewy, and a bit buttery, and has turned out unexpectedly for me!
  2. AirimirOfGondor

    Smoke and Lace

    This Lace was a surprise for me! I wasn't sure about it; I was worried that it would either be too sweet, or that the smoke note would be too strong. But, on my skin, this is a very nice happy medium for me! It is very leather heavy, and the incense/clove/tobacco are a very nice underlying layer. The smoke note itself is perfect - not too sharp, and just subtle enough to be noticeable, but not overpowering. I feel like this lace is pretty close to Lycan Lace, actually; it feels cool and wet, and slightly dangerous. The smoke really gives it an awesome quality. I am not 100% sure if this one is definitely a keeper or not yet (I only tested it once so far), but I do know I quite like it 😊.
  3. AirimirOfGondor

    Crinoline and Lace

    Crinoline is SO SWEET. To be honest I thought it would be too much for me, but I love it! Wet, it is all sugar and vanilla, with the coconut and rose blending together behind it. I know it's not there, but I could swear I smelled marshmallow. When dry, it goes a bit one-note on me - it is still incredibly sweet, and focuses mainly on the vanilla, but it is also airy and light, with a very few dry notes. The coconut and rose go very subtle, so much so, that I can barely smell them. But I don't even care, I love how it turns out! Like others have noted, Crinoline feels like a younger sister to Antique Lace to me as well. Comparing the two - they are in the same family, and smell very similar to boot, but Antique feels like a more mature, stoic, dry scent. Crinoline, on the other hand, feels cheerful, friendly, and poofy-sweet. Kind of like comparing a sensible grey wool cardigan with an equally sensible pink cashmere cardigan. 😂
  4. AirimirOfGondor

    Rubber Chicken

    Definitely banana runts. 😄 Generally, I actually hate gourmand scents, and citrus just goes sour on me, but I like this one. It fades realy nicely on me; it kind of reminds me of Fruity Pebbles, with a touch more lemon. There is a bit of a champagney note (champagne gives me massive headaches), so we'll see if it likes me. 😊
  5. AirimirOfGondor

    Frostbitten Dandelions & Concrete

    I got a lovely fairy to snag a bottle of this for me. 😊 That being said, I have no idea what to make of this! 😅 Wet, its almost citrusy for me, but also kind of fresh and green. Something about it is very familiar to me, though I can't quite place it, nor even begin to describe it. I'd say overall, is a pretty neutral scent; slightly fresh and cool, with touches of cologne-y and floral notes. I did test it cold, fresh out of the mail, and I thought I liked it, but I put some more on a bit later, and now I'm not sure. It turns really heady on me, which is unfortunate. I may test it again later in hopes that it's just my skin today, but so far it is giving me a headache, and making my stomach turn. 😟
  6. AirimirOfGondor

    Antique Lace

    Nostalgia encapsulated. A soft, wistful blend of dry flowers, aged linens, and the faint breath of long-faded perfumes. Antique Lace 2017 was my first introduction to Laces. 😊 And I actually hate most vanilla scents - they are always so cloyingly artificial, and tootootoo sweet, and give me headaches. But, Antique Lace is incredibly sweet, and warm, almost cloudy-fluffy. I wasn't actually on board at first, because I was so distracted by the initial extreme sweetness. But as it dries, it's just lovely and warm and cuddly and sweet - the sweetness dries up and mellows out, so it isnt overwhelmingly strong. Which is excellent for me! 😊 I'm so glad I gave it a chance!
  7. AirimirOfGondor

    Lycan Lace

    Oooof I love this! I feel like it's like Antique Lace's way more badass sibling. Wet, and on early application, it's the Lace base, with oddly green (celery-like?? 😞) notes. But when it dries, hoooo boy, is it awesome! It's still very Lace-y, with a dark, dangerous quality. The tobacco is dry and warm, but is cooled down a bit by the dirt and pine notes. The rose is a nice 50/50 of fresh green rose and, y'know, ROSE-rose, so it blends with both the tobaco and pine very well. I think it's the musk and incense that give it the dangerous quality, and I love it all! 😄 I may put this Lace in my top 3 or 4 faves~
  8. AirimirOfGondor

    Krampus Lace

    Ffffff this is my one that got away! 😢 I planned to buy a bottle when I got paid, but it was already sold out by the time I was ready. However, I got a freebie decant of this from a very generous person to test, and I. LOVE. IT. SO. MUCH. It's definitely my favorite Lace - it is that sweet vanilla Lace base, but the red musk and leather and honey give it this sexy quality; the pepper and tobacco give it a spicy, tough feel, and the sandalwood gives it a warm, comforting touch. I don't get the cognac specifically, but I don't really think I need to smell it that much. 😋 I will always love this, and forever kick myself that I didn't just buy a bottle immediately and put it on my credit card. 😂😂
  9. AirimirOfGondor

    Mourning Lace

    My decant of Mourning Lace smells basically like the Lace base, but also maybe like old parchment paper, or candle wax? It could just be how old my decant is, but it fades quickly, and the other notes are really hard to pick out. I do quite like it, it is subtle, and something I would indeed consider wearing to a funeral, but probably not for everyday use.
  10. AirimirOfGondor

    Pink Lace

    I only tested a decant of this, and I'm not sure what conditions it was kept in, but I really don't know what to make of this scent. It is really sour. Like, annoyingly tart. When it's dry it isn't really that sour anymore, but I barely get the actual Lace notes. It's really just a kind of mishmash of something vaguely sweet and floral. I dont smell any specific rose, and I definitely don't smell any strawberry. I'd love to try from another source one day, just to see if my decant is just a fluke.
  11. AirimirOfGondor

    Vampire Lace

    I sadly am not a fan of Vampire Lace. 😔 Which is a bummer, since I love clove, and all the other earthy/wood/resin notes it has. When wet, I just get a serious sour stank. That note does remind me of Hexennacht, which I love, but Hexennacht dries out to a beautiful smoky, foresty, herbal scent, and the sour stank dies off. For VL, the sour stank does die off. But it unfortunately dries out to just a bunch of lily on me. Like, a vaguely musky, lilylilylily for days. Now, if you like lily, or even floral notes in general, you would probably love it. But I don't really like many floral notes, so I can't really work with this one. It's probably my skin chemistry that's making it turn out like this, and I suppose it would probably age to better fit my tastes, but I'm not sure if I want to keep it around long enough for it to get there. 😅
  12. AirimirOfGondor

    Absinthe and Lace

    Absinthe and Lace is a kind of nondescript Lace for me. It's definitely dark and Lace-y, but most of the notes are pretty muted. Honestly it smells super close to the Black Lace (res) that I also had. That was sweet, dark, cologne-y, musky, and clean, but basically just kind of boring. Absinthe and Lace is basically all that, with a subtle hint of licorice. And that note fades pretty quickly when I'm wearing it, so it really seems like a different batch variant of BL to me. So, if you are totally in love with Black Lace, Absinthe might be a good substitute in a pinch! 😃
  13. AirimirOfGondor

    Black Lace

    I liked Black Lace (the resurrected version), but I didn't exactly get all the hype. It is very nice; the Lace note is a star - I get the kind of apple-y quality, but it isn't exactly true apple to me. The other notes are just knd of...there... It's sweet, and kind of dark, and a bit musky, and a little cologne-y, but clean, and sadly, just kind of boring. 😔 It's possible it was just my skin, but I didn't love this one enough to keep it, and have since moved it on to a happy new home.
  14. AirimirOfGondor

    Solstice Lace

    😊 I absolutely love wearing Solstice Lace in late summer/early autumn. When wet, it's all cheerful, golden, sweet apple wine, without being too gourmand. As it dries out, the sweetness melds with the Lace notes, and the tobacco and St. John's wort give it a bit of a fresh herbal edge. But the apple is still there, and the resins keep the bright golden notes going strong. Fully dried, it's a great blend; all of the notes are there, and none of them really overpowers the other. It has a pretty long wear time for me - it usually fades by the end of a day, but even I can usually still catch the faintest whiff.
  15. AirimirOfGondor

    Lavender Lace

    I got this Lace, even though I knew lavender is one of my death notes. I should have known better, I actively dread wearing it. 😅 It's nothing against the Lace blend, lavender in general just gives me bad headaches (which is bad for me, because I amp the heck out of it!). For me, the lavender overpowers the other notes, though the sweet vanilla is there. I think I get a bit of the smoke and tobacco, but it's not enough to counteract just HOW MUCH lavender I get. But hey, if you're like me and amp lavender, but also like lavender, you'd definitely like this!