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BPAL Madness!

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Brian: “It’s something we always do when we’re on a trip, ever since she was really little. She complains constantly about how Beth brushes her hair, and I honestly enjoy the challenge of brushing her mop. It’s like that knot Alexander had to undo, except on my niece’s head, and I don’t have the option to cut it. Plus, her hair looks really nice when it’s done right.”


Lilith: “Every time we’re on a trip together, Unkie brushes my hair for me. I hate brushing my hair. Also cuz mom says I don’t do it thoroughly and I miss parts in the middle. I think there are pictures of him brushing my hair in every city we’ve ever been together. He brushes my hair way better than mom does.”


A warm scent, mahogany-dark: spiced teakwood, coffee bean, bourbon vetiver, styrax, tobacco, and oakmoss.

I get teak, coffee, styrax, tobacco and a whiff of oakmoss. This one is darker, fun, and sort of playful? If you have a favorite uncle, this is what it smells like - caring, fun, and a little high strung maybe? Good throw and wear length.

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There's coffee and tobacco fighting for the top spot immediately. The teak starts to come into play as soon as the oil warms up on my skin and makes it surprisingly masculine. Honestly? I kind of imagine this is what Don Draper would smell like: a damn sexy man's man. Dark, alluring and up to no good.


I would NOT want my uncle to smell like this but I would absolutely be okay with a special friend smelling like this ;) 

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