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BPAL Madness!
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All Hallows Chaos: Dead Leaves

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Every leaf tells a story.


Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of void, but out of chaos.

― Mary Shelley, 1831

I have bottles #25 and #20. They just arrived, but I am an impatient person, so I opened them up.

#20 Is just incredible. The dead leaves note is the strongest, and it's bolstered by what smells like lemon and orchids with a little autumn frost. A keeper!

#25 is a bit less polite. It smells fruity--cherries, perhaps? Something red and juicy. It's really the first perfume I've ever had that turned to stale urine on me! Sickly sweet and acrid. I'll let it calm down before trying again, but I have a feeling this will be swapped for another blend or sold.

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I received bottles 3 & 12. Have not tried 3 yet because 12 is my favorite number and I started there....



a very very sexy floral for a woman who doesn't like florals... feminine for sure... but a sexy woman of 35-55... not something brash and juvenile, or innocent and youthful... and neither is this the bouquet of an old lady... no mildewy roses or lilies or whatever scent it is that old women like to wear to make themselves smell like old women.

waaaaay underneath there is a spice... like someone sliced fresh, green jalapeños


I'm seriously in love. This blend is near perfect, while smelling like absolutely nothing I own. I cannot stop huffing my wrists.


I wish I could buy another bottle of it!!!!!!!!!


I'll report on 3 later when I've had time to test it.


ETA: Gods this is good!!!!!!!

sooooooooooooooooo good


this is what a floral perfume should be.

I wish sex was this amazing.

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My bottle is #4. I am in love! This is my first ever Chaos Theory, after buying BPAL for 12 1/2 years, and it's a winner! These are the slightly sweet, dry, warm red leaves. I'm not good at picking out the other notes, but it seems like a smooth musk and maybe a bit of myrrh. I can't wait for my friends to test this when we see each other next weekend, and get their take on the notes. I can't stop sniffing my wrist.

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I don't see this anywhere else, so here goes!

I got #79. Starts out as almost a DL single note, from what I can tell from previous blends. It's got a sharper note when wet, but dries down to warm and smooth and fuzzy. I'm thinking musk and/or tobacco. A perfect fall scent!

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This is super soft, light, dead leaves and pretty aquatic, slightly sweet, just very clear.  There might be a touch of ivy.  It's spring-like and reminds me of a pale sea green color.  This will be great in early spring, or whenever I want something clean!

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I have #27

In the bottle and wet on skin, it is very strongly dead leaves, but also something very tart...fruity tart. Too strong.


But as it dries, this totally morphs into something unusual and exquisite. The tartness is definitely from a fruit, i'm thinking orange or grapefruit here, but I could be way off. The DL stays strong but is kept in check by this fruity element, which goes from sharp and pungent to a soft and sweet. Within an hour, the blend is basically sweetened DL with what seems like a sugared grapefruit, with perhaps a little vanilla and something fuzzy and warm thrown in, like myrrh. It sounds like an odd mix, but it works!

EDIT: I don't know if my nose was "off" or if this has really changed since settling more, but now that I've had htis about a week, it opens up with what I can only describe as something very peppery. Almost a green pepper (a little bitter) but spicier than that, like black or pink pepper as well. The tarty fruit is less tart-y now, and this dries to a powdery, peppery, sweet pile of dead leaves. I am not sure I like it as much anymore, but going to test it a couple more times.

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