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BPAL Madness!

The Lion

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The dry, glorious warmth of the Savannah. A golden, spiced amber, proud, regal and ferocious.

This was unexpectedly lovely on me. I picture a portly, carefree lion lazily rolling about in the shade of a tree. Typically I am not interested in ambers for no reason other than that they just....don't interest me lol. The Lion plays so tenderly on my skin, however, that I may have to rethink that stance. I'm glad I don't get any spice - cinnamon or otherwise - from this, because I feel that would make it less remarkable somehow. I'd wear this if I planned on getting close with someone, as it's very coy, almost teasing.

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I'm a HUGE amber fan, in fact 90% of all the perfumes I buy now are resin (and wood) based, I'm totally off florals and never really got into fresh/ aquatic/ ozone/ citrus notes; however I'm not a huge fan of this amber.


I'm smelling just too much synthetic musk (which gives it that dry sweetness) and very definitely CASSIA, which is much more 'dusty' and less biting than real cinnamon.


For some reason The Lion has an odd note that reminds me so much of red Thai curry paste (lemongrass?? galangal?) and which I find offputting. That and the syn musk prevent this from being the amber one for me. The synthetic musk just takes over on my skin and dries down to a weird dusty nothingness, very much like Wicked. I prefer a higher percentage of benzoin in my amber, or for it to be darker and more mysterious like Alkemia'natural amber 'single note' or Solstice Scents resin blends like Conjure Dark.


I'll probably layer it with some of the Lutens middle eastern inspired scents like Fumerie Turque/ Chergui and Arabie, none of which I like as much as Solstice scents/Alkemia but which would probably layer really nicely with this.

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Caveat: this imp may be really old, the label is starting to yellow and there's only a few applications' worth in it. It's a soft clover honey color rather than dark though.


In the imp: I get the impression of dusty, sun-warmed fur.


Wet: This is a very dry scent, the spices dominating over the amber at first. Cinnamon/cassia and cardamom mostly. I'd color this tan rather than golden. There's a hint of sweetness. Despite using more than I typically would to test a scent, there is basically no throw to speak of.


Dry: 10 minutes after application the sweetness is developing into vanilla, and the spices are dying down to let the amber shine. At 30 minutes it's a gently-spiced vanilla amber. Still no throw, and worse, it's getting fainter. It's still there after an hour, but only barely, and the amber has retreated behind the spices again.


I might order a fresh imp because I'm an amber junkie and am hoping my experience is just due to aging, but this test hasn't convinced me it's worth investing in a bottle. I'd have to commit to making it my daily scent and get through it in a year, and I don't love it enough for that.

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Somewhat aged imp, maybe 4 years old.


Wet: I adore this. I love the scent of Amber, and this is totally it. 100% amber. It brings back such lovely memories of a lump of amber resin I used to have in a little carved soapstone box.


After about 10 minutes, cinnamon and something incensey - sandalwood? - have come out to overpower, but not annihilate, the amber. I am surprised by how much I love this! I usually enjoy, but don't love, unisex perfumes like this one. Florals and such, very feminine scents, are more my thing. It must be the amber.


After about 30 minutes, the cinnamon, sandalwood, and amber are perfectly balanced.


After an hour, the sweetness of the amber predominates again, with sandalwood a bit behind it, and a faint tingle of cinnamon in the background.


After several hours, the cinnamon and most of the sandalwood is gone and it's a soft, very sweet - even vanilla-ish - amber. The sweetness gives it a more feminine feel.


The Lion is beautiful in all of its stages!


So, apparently golden amber is the one for me.


I should wear this in the scent locket, to maintain that beautiful 100% amber. But I also love the complexity and interest that the lower notes give. Maybe I should wear it both on my skin and in the locket, even at the same time sometimes.


I never would have thought to try this, thank you, labbies! I'm thrilled to discover a unisex/spice/incense blend I love as much as my usual florals!


My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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This amber isn't a bad one at all, but it was very mild on me.. not very apparent, more like a skin amber. I mostly get a sweet-leaning spice mix, I want to say clove and a sweet cinnamon, and a dusty musk.


Not at all bad, but it didn't really wow me. I prefer my amber a bit stronger.

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Bubblegum. Almost entirely bubblegum to me, unfortunately. There is an aspect of something warm, like someone ate a spoonful of spices, then chewed some bubblegum that had been warming in their pocket for a while. There is nothing I actually recognize as amber, though.

It is actually quite nice in its own way, but not at all what I was hoping for.

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