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    Just got an imp of this recently. Honestly, it smells mostly like orange with spices to me. I'm not picking up anything at all I can identify as patchouli, which is disappointing. The best I can smell of what I'm assuming is the rose note is something that seems to make the orange scent go soft and powdery as it rises, to the edge of floral, but doesn't really rise to being recognizable for itself; no part of this actually smells like rose to me. There might be some sandalwood intermingled in the spices. It doesn't come off as incense-y to me. It reminds me a little bit of a drink I used to have that was made with orange Tang, instant tea, and various spices. Powdery orange with spices. It's possible that I'm just overly sensitive to citrus scents and the like (they always smell strong to me, often too strong), so that this orange aspect is just overwhelming and covering up the other aspects of the scent for me personally. It is pleasant overall (a nice summer scent, I think), but not what I was expecting from the description.
  2. silverbottle


    Got this as a free imp. I am not a fan of fruity scents in general, so even though I've never smelled a pomegranate, I was wary. The rose (which I usually like) softens it well, though. A nice surprise. When I opened the bottle and dabbed this on, it initially smell very strongly like some kind of fruity lip balm for children, and I thought I would have to wash it off right away. I'm glad I didn't, though, because the rose welled up within a couple of minutes. It actually took over and buried the pomegranate for a bit. It is a very pleasant rose, and surprisingly strong. By the time I'd worn it for a couple of hours, the two notes had blended well, and without me noticing right away. The pomegranate then smelled more naturally fruity rather than fake-fruit-scent (though I have no idea if it is accurate to pomegranate specifically), and was couched in lots of lovely rose. I was surprised by how well they fit together. Four hours in, it had faded a lot, but was still noticeable on my wrist. The pomegranate had moved to the foreground, but it was still couched in rose, so that was okay. While there is a softness to it, it does smell wet to me, not powdery. It is nice. Not my thing, but wearable for me even with my dislike of fruity scents. I would definitely recommend it to someone who likes both fruit and rose.
  3. silverbottle

    Unsettling Portraits

    The first, primary thing I get out of this is actually something very sharp and spearmint-like. So far, that aspect doesn't go away with time entirely, but does die down and mix well. It turns medicinal for me for a little while after that, but other notes that are less sharp rise up within 10 or 15 minutes, rounding it out and making it more complex. Hints of amber and sandalwood might be the next things I smell, and then something that I can't place, but makes it powdery and slightly chemical-y (nicely so, to me, rather than acrid). Over the next half hour, something warm, dusty, and ash-like continues to rise. What might be amber and sandalwood continue to grow, while that spearmint-like scent melts well into the mix (instead of standing out like the sharp end of a needle), giving it a cold, ghostly feel. I have difficulty picking out different parts, but I enjoy the scent. It's unsettling in a really fun way. Somehow, it's a scent that is more than what notes make it up, I think; I don't know that I'll ever be able to pick apart what all I'm smelling, exactly, but it does smell how I would expect a hall of haunted art in a old, ill-kept or abandoned house to smell. It also smells a bit like a shared art studio where people have just put away their various projects and gone away, leaving it abandoned for now, with the fumes still hanging in the air... but haunted. It's definitely an unusual fragrance. I can certainly see where it would not be most people's cup of tea. It's one I will gladly wear just to please myself, rather than trying to smell nice to others. I think it's a fragrance that's particularly nice for fall and winter.
  4. silverbottle


    Got this as an imp in 2018. It is lovely. Neutral really is neutral. It's very pleasant, and very present, and very hard for me to pin down. It's just there, nicely. Almost soothingly. A hint of warmth without being what I would call warm. I'm not even sure whether I'd call it just-this-side-of-sweet or not-quite-sweet. A trace of something floral, like the wind carrying it from a field. Everything about it is a gentle suggestion. I know this doesn't have a scent, but it smells like a bit of shade on a not-quite-hot day. Maybe clean, dry skin that has just had time to start warming in the morning sun, while the air is still a little cool.
  5. silverbottle


    I got an imp of this in 2017. It smells almost exactly like a bird call I had many years ago that used rosin powder. Somewhat powdery without smelling like baby powder. Soft, but with a strong throw. I don't get much in the way of leather from it, but I love this scent.
  6. silverbottle

    Van Van

    A little soapy-floral, a little sweet-lemony? The initial scent actually reminded me of lemon drops. As time passes, it keeps that softly sweet, sort-of-lemon smell, but goes more floral and faintly soapy (in a pleasant way). It genuinely reminds me of something like expensive scented hand soap. Light, comforting, clean, and uplifting. Not quite my thing, but pleasant.
  7. silverbottle

    The Lion

    Bubblegum. Almost entirely bubblegum to me, unfortunately. There is an aspect of something warm, like someone ate a spoonful of spices, then chewed some bubblegum that had been warming in their pocket for a while. There is nothing I actually recognize as amber, though. It is actually quite nice in its own way, but not at all what I was hoping for.
  8. silverbottle

    In Dubiis Libertas

    At the risk of sounding like I'm exaggerating, this is my favorite fragrance I have ever smelled. If I had to pick one fragrance to wear every day for the rest of my life, this would be it for me. Now, my experience is limited, so that might not mean much, but I can't stop sniffing my wrists and sighing whenever I wear it (which is not nearly as much as I would like to, as I really dread the day I run out). It's hard to pick out the particular notes because I get so wrapped up in how wonderful the whole thing smells to me, but there is definitely amber. I get the cypress note as well. I don't actually get that much vanilla from it, but I do pick up on some smoke. There's something perfectly balanced about it, to me: not too warm or too cool, not too sweet, smoky but not too smoky, soft but not too soft... Everything is just right. It doesn't last too long on me, but that may be me wishing it wouldn't fade at all. It isn't very strong, but it's not disappointingly weak, either. I really wish I could buy a full bottle of this.
  9. silverbottle

    In Omnibus Caritas

    I am picky about sweet scents. A lot of sweet scents, especially with honey, smell sickening to me. Something cloying and acidic and fake about them that makes me feel ill. This one is completely different. It's actually sugar-sweet and delightful. Something similar to the smell of marshmallows, but softer and very pleasant. It's like the scent equivalent of super soft, delicate, pastel-colored yarn woven into something loose. "Hazy," "Delicate" and "fluffy," as other reviewers have said, seem right in a lovely way.
  10. silverbottle

    Escape from the Autumn Carnival

    I've had my bottle since 2019, and I'm glad it's had the time to sit. When I first got it, I was disappointed, because it was entirely a really acrid leather. It smelled the way heartburn feels. Almost unwearable unless I layered it with other scents. (I do wonder if that was supposed to be the smoke, but if so, it was smoke from something chemical-y that shouldn't have been burned!) After time, it lost a lot of the acrid aspect and gained a strong cinnamon-like quality, but that was so strong that it obscured a lot of the leather. Now, fortunately, the different aspects have melded together very nicely. I still get leather, but not acrid heartburn; the cinnamon-like scent has died down to a nice warmth; a new aspect, a bit like pumpkin pie, has come out and rounded out the scent nicely without pushing it too far into "foody" territory. Unfortunately, I don't recognize anything like hay in it, and I wouldn't say I smell smoke, but the current scent is comfortably warm and pleasant. It lasts a long time, which is nice, and is strong without seeming to be overwhelming.
  11. silverbottle

    De Sade - Resurrected

    I've never smelled the original to compare, but it does smell exactly like what I expect when I expect to smell leather. That might sound like an underwhelming response, but "leather, and only leather" was what I was hoping to get, and I was not disappointed. I wouldn't say it smells soft, but it doesn't smell chemical-y to me. It is, unfortunately, very faint to me, and does not last long at all. A shame, because I find it pleasant. The scent does not seem to change over time as I wear it.
  12. silverbottle

    Pumpkin Musk and Black Oudh

    Bought a bottle back in 2018. I can't say it smells distinctly pumpkin-y to me, but I think I can see where others are coming from with that. It does smell wonderfully dark, warm, and delicious without being too 'foody' for me. It's almost cozy, but not quite that. Or, not just that. It makes me think of something like resting in front of a fire in an otherwise dark room on an autumn night, after baking earlier, with a loyal dog that is actually a loyal hellhound. I find that I have to moisturize well before wearing it or else my skin "eats" a lot of the scent, leaving mostly something similar to vanilla (but not quite vanilla) behind. It seems to last a decent amount of time, and the smell can be strong.
  13. silverbottle

    Socius Beard Oil

    From what I recall, I ordered this not long after it was first available. I am surprised to see how different the other reviews are from my experience. Unfortunately, this beard oil smelled very strongly of Play-Doh to me. The closest I came to the scent notes was there being something almost musty about it (not strong enough to be recognizable to me as any of the notes in the description), but it was almost entirely Play-Doh for me, and strong enough for people around me to notice and comment even if I tried to use only a small amount. Time never seemed to make a difference to the character and strength of the scent. The oil was nice on my hair and skin, however, even though my skin tends to be sensitive! It was also packaged well, as the review above stated.