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Got this as an imp in 2018. It is lovely.

Neutral really is neutral. It's very pleasant, and very present, and very hard for me to pin down. It's just there, nicely. Almost soothingly. A hint of warmth without being what I would call warm. I'm not even sure whether I'd call it just-this-side-of-sweet or not-quite-sweet. A trace of something floral, like the wind carrying it from a field. Everything about it is a gentle suggestion.

I know this doesn't have a scent, but it smells like a bit of shade on a not-quite-hot day. Maybe clean, dry skin that has just had time to start warming in the morning sun, while the air is still a little cool.

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In the imp: A beautiful, slightly aquatic scent that reminds me of something from my childhood - either a candy, or some candy-scented stationery, I think.


Wet: Minimal application, for which I'm grateful, since this amped A LOT. It's strangely aquatic and floral, and a wee bit headache-inducing. Similar in some ways to a Chloe perfume that one of my coworkers wears.


Dry: Sticks close to the skin after it dries down, but is still very noticeable given how much I am this. The synthetic musks that proliferate the commercial market are clearly emulating this musk - which is not my favourite musk, I have to say, others have behaved better. I'll keep this for now to see how it ages and whether I can layer it successfully, but I'm going to have to use something a) overpowering or b) that I amp equally with this. (Or c) both...) Short-lived compared to others, thank goodness, and overall, a miss on me.


Stars: ★★½

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received this as a frimp, and i have to say this is absolutely gorgeous. reminds me of some of the "perfect" line of fragrances from sarah horowitz. 


beautiful fruity, floral, aquatic (hehe) and clean skin musk. this is nice for layering, although i love it on its own. i kind of wish this was a spray format. this is a more intimate and girly blend, perfect for a romp in the spring time. does NOT morph on me at all.

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