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Smell sanctified! A blend of pure, pious frankincense and graceful myrrh.

Yesss. Dry, resinous, slightly smoky frankincense and myrrh. To me, this is an ‘ultimate incense’ scent. Like if you want to smell like a pack of lightly sweet, run of the mill incense, this is perfect. I got a sample to make sure, but I’ll most definitely be buying a bottle.

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In the imp: Frankincense and myrrh. They're blended, but I can pick out each note distinctly. 


On my skin:


Yep. Still the light, powdery resinous-ness (resinence? no, spell check does not like that) of frankincense and myrrh. Dry, it's powdery myrrh first with a slight hint of lemon -- I'm guessing from the frankincense -- just a beat afterward. This settles down to be a top note of bright frankincense with a base of powdery myrrh.


I'm amazed by this blend. I have a few blends where the myrrh is prominent on my skin and where the myrrh is one note that helps make it a "sexy" perfume. While this blend isn't demure or chaste on me, necessarily, it is more subdued and cerebral. It might make a nice meditation blend. And while I'm not sure how much I love it for a perfume, it definitely is a nice scent on me. I'll probably keep this imp but won't feel the need to purchase additional quantities. 

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It's the same insence as in hymn on me! Actually, it's that, without the strong white rose and something a little more dusty...maybe spicy? I should give this another try very soon, I've actually been quite stuffy for a few weeks, but I'm really intrigued. It's got something 1001 nights about it. 

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