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    ~Umbra- Sin- Damnation~ Ambers, Patchouli, Cinnamon, Vetiver, Clove Resins, Sandlewood, Frankincense.

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    music, spirituality, poetry, nature, dolls, charms..
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    8*16* Fire/Fire(Leo/Sagitarius(moon) rising Scorpio with no star. (Madonna's birthdate is also 8/16((she has no lucky star!)) as well as Elvis's deathdate 8/16)
  1. stitch of bloodh

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    Jolly Roger is my boyfriends signature scent. If you are looking for a Beach oil, Jolly Roger is the perfect blend. It smells like sweet bay rum reverberating from the salty waves crashing into air pockets in the sand, stewed by the hot sun. Definitly sweet, sandy and happy! (i could never pull this scent off) The closest to a beach smell that i like is Baron Samedi, which is another suggestion to you. The bay rum in Baron Samedi is so sweet it reminds me of oranges. Definitly another "Beachy" smell. 1. Jolly Roger 2. Baron Samedi 3. Tarot: The Sun
  2. stitch of bloodh


    Smell sanctified! A blend of pure, pious frankincense and graceful myrrh. Penitence- A good signature for a Male Fragrance. murky, musty and dry. Sandlewood and Frankincense with an interesting dirt (burial) smell behind it. On my skin: Strong sandlewood with a chemically clean scent and an up-turned dirt linger. I must have a bottle! As far as layering this blend to enhance it: (may mix well with or be destroyed by, Burial) (mixes beautifully with Cathedral) (mixes Perfectly with Sin or Umbra) EDIT: Added Lab's description --Shollin
  3. stitch of bloodh


    after smelling then wearing, i felt like i should be eaten alive by someone or something.
  4. stitch of bloodh


    Sin should be a signature scent of BPAL. It is absolutly FLAWLESS. Thats right, FLAWLESS.
  5. stitch of bloodh

    Gourmand - Foody Scents - General Recommendations

    Jack has a food scent to it.
  6. stitch of bloodh

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    Thats good to know, now i can sleep knowing that my order is definitly not on it's way.
  7. stitch of bloodh

    Input, please!

    name: Cornelius url: http://public.fotki.com/deathseer/ photo: http://public.fotki.com/deathseer/dystopia/may09271.html sin of choice: greed virtue: honesty astrological info: Leo-sun,+ Sag.-moon= FIRE/FIRE how i found B.P.A.L.: google.com searching for perfumes and oils. comments: i'v always had an oil collection, but none as spiritual as Black Phoenix.
  8. stitch of bloodh


    this is one of my favorites . Masculine, mysterious, needle sharp linger to it. Once this scent is picked up by the admirer, it sticks likes spikes into the nasal tract. In conjuction with Sin, the feeling it grants is euphoric. There's no single note that jumps out about Umbra. The Patchouli and sandlewood jump at the same time, the spikes of vetiver follow like a backlash. I cherish and adore this blend.
  9. stitch of bloodh

    Three Witches

    Three Witches is very powerful. Fiery cinnamon burning your fear, and sharp clove awakening your senses. This is the best to wear to sleep, events or parties at night. This is a very comforting smell. *who will give you, mother's smile who will give you back the soul of the earth*
  10. stitch of bloodh


    Cathedral - i love it. It smells like an abandoned temple, very resinous and sweet. There's something desirable about it. It reminds me of searching through an abandoned asylum, dripping water from rusty pipes, dark walls and hallways, spirals of dust swirling behind. This is a good summer scent for a *happy go lucky chap always dressed in black*.
  11. stitch of bloodh

    Jolly Roger

    Jolly Roger reminds me of Disney World resort hotels. Which is a clean happy scent. Salt glidding the air with the humidity, sweet bay rum being kicked up from the beach, and that over-all sexy masculine scent. i LOVE this one, on my boyfriend.
  12. stitch of bloodh


    entropy: the blend has solid earth to it and castes a strong dose of patchouli, with a friendly Rose waiting for a friend to lift her veil. i'm not friends with any Rose or Musk notes. With out the Rose, this would be one of my favorites.
  13. stitch of bloodh

    Shipping Update

    What consideration! Its slim to impossible to find such thorough customer service, especially online. I started breathing again, once i saw the "shipped" status on my order today. This will be the last rainy day without essence to make the gloom and doom worthy of a stroll through a muddy forest. CXRNXLXXS igive:myself:up tothe:driving:rain